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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 2nd, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound

Once a month I manually update the EarthBound price info on buyearthbound.com so fans can get good deals and avoid spending too much money. Here are the latest prices:

Average Prices:

  • EarthBound cart: $180 (up from $175, lowest: $80 / highest: $255)
  • EarthBound guide: $97 (up from $95, lowest: $59.99) / highest: $147.50)
  • EarthBound complete set: $615 (down from $708, lowest: $407.52 / highest: $945)

So we see the trend of cart prices continuing to rise as the holidays approach. I wouldn’t be surprised if cart prices make a big jump during this month. I was also again shocked by the sheer number of carts sold this past month – more than I’ve ever seen before!

There were suddenly a lot more guide-only sales this past month too. Guides can really vary in price, so keep an eye out and try not to buy the ones that cost over $100 unless they’re in ultra-pristine condition or something.

Complete set prices are down a bit, but I think this is only because there weren’t any super-mega-like-new copies that sold for thousands of dollars this time. Similarly to the carts and guides, a lot more complete sets were sold this past month than normal too.

One thing that I laughed out loud at was how this complete set of EarthBound sold for more than this huge Super NES lot, which ALSO included EarthBound! I guess sometimes you just gotta have that complete set, though…

Anyway, for more info tips on how to get EarthBound stuff without having to resort to Nigerian prince scams, definitely check out buyearthbound.com!


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14 Comments to EarthBound Price Update (Dec 2012)

EarthBound015 said on Dec. 2, 2012

Heh, I needed money fast so I ended up selling my EB cart for a whole helluva lot cheaper than I should have. I gave my cart up for $25.00. My guide I gave up for another $20.00. But man, I was between a rock and a hard place! :\ Glad I’m in the Air Force now XD

DD said on Dec. 3, 2012

Looks like they don’t want to give any christmas deals.

EarthBound015, I feel for you! It’s hard to get by sometimes. I might be joining national guard soon in order to pay for the rest of my college. ;/

Buster The Fox said on Dec. 3, 2012

I wonder if my luck would be better if I just looked for lots of games that happened to include Earthbound. Most of the time, they don’t really know what they have. xD Not that I have an SNES, or even an FC Twin. But it would still be nice to have one day.

Apple Kid said on Dec. 3, 2012

It’s true, if you bid for it you generally get a better price.
Mother 1+2 on ebay (buy it now):$90.00
What I paid for it: $56.70

NorthofOnett said on Dec. 3, 2012

Dude that’s still way too high
I got Mother 1+2 for 17 bucks
People shouldn’t have to pay more than 30 for it

Anonymous said on Dec. 3, 2012

I ended up getting M1+2 for like $30-some. But that was because it was a Value Selection I bought right after release.

As to that lot, that’s got a few decently expensive other games with a few pricey manuals as well (Mega Man X2, X3, Lufia II).

Chewy said on Dec. 3, 2012

Uggghhh the prices people have to pay is depressing. Release the thing on VC, already ;___;

Mato said on Dec. 3, 2012

Chewy: Shhh I saw multiple copies of EarthBound in the Fangamer officecam room I bet we could sell them and no one would know except people who read this so please don’t read this other people

Tayo said on Dec. 4, 2012

So glad I got it for $126 when I did…

Lorenzo said on Dec. 5, 2012

Damn, I’ve just seen two complete sets for a good price, but the sellers don’t ship internationally..Why every american seller i see don’t offer it a don’t agree to do it even if I offer to pay more?

Item Guy is a THIEF!!!! said on Dec. 5, 2012

This is sad. Greedy jerks bought up some carts and started jacking up the price. Guarantee that there’s a warehouse somewhere with crates of EB in mint condition.
EB should be available to anyone for a reasonable price. Find the ROM and give these charlatans the middle finger.

Joe1546 said on Dec. 9, 2012

Any one wanna trade a 3ds for an earthbound guide?

mr.sir said on Dec. 12, 2012

XD I got a steal for a mint copy of Earthbound in 2010. $100 for a mint set! Stupid Pawn Shop, they could’ve sold it for atleast $250 at the time!

Matteomax said on Dec. 25, 2012

Well, I got mine for $100 a while back, so…

I’m NOT selling it just yet.


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