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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 5th, 2012 | EarthBound, Images

A few people have written in to let me know that some EarthBound-based stuff was recently on Comedy Central as part of a show called “Mash Up”. Here’s how snoopthedrew describes it:

Hi there! I was on comedy central tonight watching a show called mashup which is a sketch show that’s very heavily influenced by video games and pop culture and this interesting character named Reggie Watts came on. His sketch video was an abstract music video of him in sprite form. What makes it so interesting is that he had the exact same sprite as Ness as you can see in the attachment! Even his style resembles Earthbound so well; he’s wacky, but just so damn cool!!! Anyways, the video should be on the internet soon, so keep an eye out for it!!!

I don’t have a video link or anything to share, but here’s a screenshot for reference:

If anyone has more pics or video links, please share in the comments!


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14 Comments to EarthBound on Comedy Central

Happy Little Bush? said on Dec. 5, 2012

Wow. Ness really let himself go. He looks a lot like that PBS painter Bob Ross, you know, the guy who would paint happy little trees and bushes?
Only a true EB fan would recognize this. Nicely done.

AdelinaX said on Dec. 5, 2012

lol@Happy Little Bush?

I am always surprised when people take photos of an actual television.

Furball200x said on Dec. 5, 2012

I found the trailer On Demand and I filmed the Ness part with my video camera. The footage I have is a little crude, though. I’ll post it in a little bit.

Anonymous said on Dec. 5, 2012

Crude as in qualitywise, or in relation to the content? For anyone that isn’t aware, Reggie Watts is a comedian and musician from Brooklyn who, among other things, is popular for a song titled F*** S*** Stack. The fact that this was on Comedy Central should say enough, but just an extra bit of warning for anyone who might take offense to such material before they go seeking it out/check out what Furball posts.

phree said on Dec. 5, 2012

Several instances of the Reggie Watts/Earthbound sprite can be seen in the video here http://www.comedycentral.com/video-clips/y6pk4i/mash-up-mash-up-trailer
TOEPIPE: You can just skip the first half of the video

phree said on Dec. 5, 2012

I uploaded a handful of screencaps from aforementioned video:

Halloween said on Dec. 6, 2012

Look at those childish graphics, it’s like a Barney-esque romp through a McDonald’s playland.

Furball200x said on Dec. 6, 2012

@Anonymous: Crude as in qualitywise. I filmed my TV with a camcorder.
But I think Phree already found the trailer I was talking about anyway.

Buster The Fox said on Dec. 6, 2012

@Halloween: I understand that reference! 😀
@Anonymous: Oh my goodness, I know that song. O_o It’s a great parody of modern rap. xD

Always interesting to see something like this, especially in mainstream stuff. If only it could be more than just a fun thing every now and then. xD

Apple Kid said on Dec. 6, 2012

@Halloween Really, you really just made *that* reference. Quite humorous actually.

Alex said on Dec. 6, 2012

@Halloween: I have to admit, I laughed harder than I should have. 😀

kelim said on Jan. 22, 2013

@Halloween what is that from?

Frank said on Apr. 12, 2013

Now we just to get Earthbound footage on South Park.

mother_fan101 said on Jan. 3, 2014

hmnn, I wish some of you guys were on nowadays, it’s new year and all I can see is posts from last summer, somebody get on or I’ll go crazy I will, I need new posts so when you guys will have a good reason to put more of your awesomeness pack in supplies, so I can buy it.


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