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November 22nd, 2012 | MOTHER 1

The other day I lamented the lack of attention MOTHER 1 gets in reviews in general – and then shortly after J Chastain posted this lengthy and interesting essay/analysis/review of it!

There are some really interesting observations in there, such as:

Not examined at all in this game: its near deification of women. The enshrinement of women in sacred spaces–Mom in the idyllic space of home, Maria in Magicant’s throne room, Ana in church with stained glass and a giant cross on the walls. The weird gendered split between the kinds of agency granted George, who works in physical reality and can build giant robots, and Maria, who lives in an imaginary cloud castle, and writes songs. There’s the fact that Itoi chose to project all the warmth, safety, and nostalgia the game represents onto an entire gender, rather than any specific person the title “Mother” might refer to.

If you’re not filled with pie and turkey today, give it a read and share what you think!


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8 Comments to MOTHER 1 Review / Analysis / Essay

Darien said on Nov. 22, 2012

It’s a true fact: I’m full of pie *every* day.

Nesskid said on Nov. 22, 2012

Earthbound Central Q&A #6 Why doesn’t this site have a search function?

Mato said on Nov. 23, 2012

It does, it’s just not very good and it’s far down on the right side. That’s another reason I’d like to redesign the site sometime.

Nesskid said on Nov. 23, 2012

Whoa holy crap I never saw that before!

PSIcicle said on Nov. 23, 2012

Why do articles like this never appear when I search the game on Bing?

It’s a very good article. 😀

Buster The Fox said on Nov. 23, 2012

Just the little excerpt you posted got me really interested. I really never noticed anything like that. Well, maybe I did, but not on THAT level. Add one more thing to the list of things I want to get done. x’D

The Great Morgil said on Nov. 24, 2012

When i saw the phrase “deification of women”, at first i didn’t see the first letter i in the word deification. I was wondering what the heck he was talking about until i looked closer and realized i misread it.

Harry said on Dec. 10, 2013

There was actually a sort of “sequel” post, dealing with the COTP and mother 3. It’s quite hostile towards 3, and goes on a few, emotionally-charged rants, but overall, it’s a good read that shows the other, more negative opinions on the third game in the series.


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