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Tips for Buying EarthBound

October 19th, 2012 | Events, Images

About five years ago, I helped organize the PK Siege Japan thing with the other Starmen.Net guys. I’ve already gone over details about it before, so I won’t rehash them here. But I was cleaning out old stuff from closets recently and stumbled upon this relic:

This was the cost of shipping the entire gigantic PK Siege Japan package to Japan!

The reason it cost so much was because our contact at the King of Games in Japan let us know that there was going to be a party to celebrate the release of some new MOTHER 3 t-shirts or some other MOTHER-related thing they made, I forget. Hirokazu Tanaka was going to be there, and Itoi had been sent an invitation too but it wasn’t clear if he was going to be able to attend or not. Lots of other people involved in the games were invited too, I think.

But the party was going to be in just a few days, so we had to ramp everything up to turbo speed and then have everything shipped super-fast to the King of Games in Japan. That, plus the size of the packages resulted in the crazy shipping prices above:

Actually, it cost like $1500 to have the books professionally translated into Japanese, hundreds of dollars to have the books priority printed up, and lots more money for all the other things we included too. So in the end, the whole thing wound up costing thousands of dollars. Which was only possible thanks to everyone who donated back then. So thanks again to everyone who helped!

Off the top of my head I do recall the King of Games guy saying that Tanaka was super-impressed, and they even played the DVD we included during the event. I think they got a kick out of the EarthBound Saga episodes I had subbed into Japanese, which you can see here if you’re interested:

I don’t know if Itoi’s ever seen them, but I hope he has.

Okay, well, I better end this now before I wind up rehashing everything yet again 😛


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3 Comments to PK Siege Japan Shipping

Halloween said on Oct. 19, 2012

Express shipping to Japan: $488
English to Japanese translation: $1500
Being able to express your crazy love of Earthbound to the creators: priceless

Gooptek said on Oct. 19, 2012

Huh, I thought that stuff costed a LOT cheaper.
Guess I was wrong.

ShadowX said on May. 13, 2013

I forgot all the quick effort that had gone into that and its expense. X_X

Totally worth it though. If I remember correctly, it lead to bigger things down the road even if it wasn’t what we intended…


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