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Tips for Buying EarthBound

September 9th, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise

One of the rarest pieces of MOTHER series merchandise is the MOTHER 2 Zippo lighter, of which only 20 or so were made and given out to people who worked on MOTHER 2 in some manner.

Recently one of these showed up on Yahoo Auctions Japan:

It went unnoticed by most people (including me) and it wound up selling for only 910 yen 😯 You can see the auction page here.

A couple EarthBound Central readers actually did try to bid on it, but apparently Japan’s post office absolutely refuses to ship lighters overseas, so none of the auction deputy services would bid on it for them 🙁

As for the authenticity of the item, it’s hard to say anything for sure because only very vague details are known. We know “about 20 or so” were made, but not necessarily exactly 20. This one is apparently #21.

Each lighter also had the name of the person it was given to engraved on it. This one apparently had the name “NOBUYUKI MAKINO” on it, but I wasn’t able to find anyone with that name who worked directly on the game. For all I know, it could be the name of the guy who designed these lighters.

These things are shrouded in a deep dark mystery, so if anybody ever comes across more info about these lighters in the future, please let me know!


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22 Comments to MOTHER 2 Zippo Lighter Sold

Anonymous said on Sep. 9, 2012

A zippo lighter? It’s more likely than you think.

Apple Kid said on Sep. 9, 2012

Correct me if I’m wrong but the top left of the case says Usa for a Japanese product. So I’m suspicions.

Mato said on Sep. 9, 2012

Well, Zippo IS an American company. They’re pretty famous in Japan.

Apple Kid said on Sep. 9, 2012


2Sang said on Sep. 9, 2012

All of my want
I would probably pay $200 for one of those

Furball200x said on Sep. 9, 2012

…I could burn so many things with that lighter…

Pigmask Private said on Sep. 9, 2012

910 yen….

I’m gonna go vomit. brb.

Poe said on Sep. 9, 2012

Hmm. Would someone who lives in Japan be allowed to take a lighter with them on a plane ride to the United States? Or are all lighters banned on planes, too?

Hukky said on Sep. 9, 2012

I wonder if the winning bidder was even aware of the lighter’s incredible rarity?

Halloween said on Sep. 9, 2012

That price is crazy, I wonder who Nobuyuki is though.

Onion said on Sep. 9, 2012

Agreed. Who is Noboyuki and what does he want with us!??!?!

Vollnut-3 said on Sep. 9, 2012

Hmm…I wonder if it’s even possible to get a replica of the lighter, it’s caught m attention for a while..

MrKoopan said on Sep. 9, 2012

it be even cooler if it was red
and if I had it
and if it…well, it’s just plain cool

neonix said on Sep. 10, 2012

Wow, it’s actually pretty interesting to see how low the bid goes on a rare MOTHER piece when the overseas market is locked out from bidding.

neonix said on Sep. 10, 2012

And it’s somewhat ironic that a USA-made product is now locked within the confines of Japan. Heh.

And this thing about Japan’s post office, aren’t there third party shipping services, like UPS, over there? If it’s only their international P.O. that refuses to ship lighters–and that’s not a law enforced by customs–then another shipping service should be able to send a lighter over.

neonix said on Sep. 10, 2012

Oh, one last thing that occurs to me: the actual lighter can be removed from the outer case on any Zippo. And I’m sure the outer case is the only unique part on these, so it could be shipped as just a collectible Zippo CASE and the innards from any other Zippo can be replaced into it when it reaches the destination.

ShadowX said on Sep. 10, 2012

Only 910! Man, missed out on the deal of a century right there. I gotta start searching Yahoo Japan Auctions daily again.

Onion said on Sep. 10, 2012


Yes on the third party shippers. The problem is finding a proxy service that is willing to do this. Most of them do so much volume that they only ship JPost and aren’t willing to take the time to go to another shipper. If this item is unused (no fluid ever put in) then the shipper would only have to remove the flint assembly to ship it with JPost anyways.

You’re also right about the case. Zippos are all exactly the same on the inside.

Poe said on Sep. 11, 2012

Shoot, okay. I know two Americans who live in Japan right now. I wonderrrrr if I could convince them to bid on this if it ever goes up for sale again and then ship it through a third party…..

Xi said on Sep. 11, 2012

I have twice tried to take a lighter back from Japan in my luggage. Both times I was stopped by security and stood there while they opened by bag to find the offensive item. The second time they showed me what it looked like on the screen. Might as well be packing a grenade in your suitcase. As others have hinted at, you would need to disassemble the lighter (or at the very least somehow flush it of any and all traces of fluid) for it to pass through security.

On this September 11th, be sure to remember to curse the terrorists. Ultimately, they are why you couldn’t get your hands on this lighter.

Mato said on Sep. 11, 2012

Yeah, I got stopped at Narita Airport too because something on the x-ray thingy looked like a lighter but it was just my razor. Man, they really don’t like lighters on planes.

LucasTizma said on Sep. 14, 2012

Ugh, what a joke. So stupid. If I had known about this little item more than, like, 24 hours before the auction ended, I would have asked a favor of someone I know who could have probably bid on it and got it to me somehow.

Super lame.


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