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Tips for Buying EarthBound

September 2nd, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound

About once a month I update the EarthBound price info on buyearthbound.com so fans can get the best deals and avoid getting ripped off. Here are the latest prices if you’re interested:

Average Prices:

  • EarthBound cart: $156 (up from $146, lowest: $85 / highest: $220)
  • EarthBound guide: $62 (down from $98, lowest: $20 / highest: $162.50)
  • EarthBound complete set: $572 (down from $802, lowest: $399 / highest: $734.30)

So cartridge prices have crept up slightly again, but guide and complete set prices have dropped down to less insane levels. There were a lot fewer VGA-graded and like-new complete sets this past month too, so that’s why the average price for complete sets are down so much compared to the previous month.

What’s interesting is that the EarthBound cartridge that went for $85 just went up for sale again a few days later by a different seller:

Anyway, as always, I have lots of tips and info on buying EarthBound at buyearthbound.com, so check it out if you’re planning to buy any of the above anytime soon – you could save lots of money!


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18 Comments to EarthBound Price Update (Sep 2012)

RKSS said on Sep. 2, 2012

I like how they consider a cartridge with half of the label torn off to be in “Acceptable” condition

Ness is the best said on Sep. 2, 2012

Awesome. Earthbound fans might be lucky.

Poe said on Sep. 2, 2012

RKSS – I think “acceptable” is the lowest possible condition that eBay lets you pick for games.

Nintendork said on Sep. 2, 2012

I’m glad everything’s going down. I think I put 400-500 into my Complete in Box set. But I’m a little mad, paid 150 for a near mint guide, but it is in nice condition.

It’s funny, I’ve only been part of the fan base for a year and a half, but man, I’ve seen a ton of change in price. I remember begging my parents for a BIN cart with a new save battery that was 125… Seems like a good price now.

Confused said on Sep. 2, 2012

The math seems a bit off to me; how is the highest complete set at $734.30, while the average for this month was down from $802? Shouldn’t the highest be at least $802 then?

kal said on Sep. 2, 2012

Looks like someone is trying to make a 70$ profit…

Jason said on Sep. 2, 2012

Confused – The “Highest” and “Lowest” are the highest and lowest prices for this month; not the highest or lowest it ever gets.

Jason said on Sep. 2, 2012

Additionally, on the eBay seller flipping this deal, you’ll notice that the $85 one offers free expedited shipping, while the $159.99 offers free ECONOMY shipping. What an (choose word of your choice here).

Mato said on Sep. 2, 2012

Confused: $802 was the average from the month before.

Jungyin said on Sep. 2, 2012

That’s capitalism baby. Still sucks, though.

MkidTrigun said on Sep. 2, 2012

Is there a similar price guide available for any of the GBA carts of Mother 1+2 or 3? Just trying to see whether I got a good deal for both boxed and complete or if I payed way too much for the usual going rate. Any input would be helpful, thanks!

Mato said on Sep. 2, 2012

I’ve been considering making a guide for those too, but just haven’t gotten around to it. You can get a rough idea of what they’re selling for here.

MkidTrigun said on Sep. 2, 2012

Awesome, that link helped me out a lot and put my mind at ease a bit. Thanks, Mato! For reference, I had picked up M1+2 for $50 and M3 for $75.

Tayo said on Sep. 2, 2012

I recently bought an Earthbound cartridge (after hunting down one that wouldn’t cost me more than $130) for $126 on Ebay. It may seem like a lot… but the price is just going to start going much higher during the holiday season according to you, so I think it’s a fair price. Mine’s in nearly mint condition, so I’m not complaining. I’ve only started playing it for the first time, but I feel like a kid again getting a new SNES game to play on my little old TV.

asdf said on Sep. 2, 2012

Tomato, you should make an “EarthBound Selling Guide” to accompany the buying guide. Thinking about selling my copy and all I can tell is that selling it around the holidays will give me the highest price. Any other tips? Thanks.

Tayo said on Sep. 3, 2012

@asdf: I’d probably just take the opposite advice he gives about the ones that go for the highest prices. (Like having an actual picture of it, and putting *mint* or *rare* in the title).

sTARMEN said on Sep. 3, 2012

I cant believe someone is selling earthbound(ripped sticker) for 159 bucks… Whats even more sad is that someone WILL buy that soon.

Gimme Earthbound said on Nov. 3, 2012

Please, Please, just gimme Earthbound…


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