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September 11th, 2012 | EarthBound 64, Videos

A few years back, before MOTHER 3 was released, I updated the EarthBound 64 section of Starmen.Net with everything I could find, including all the videos I could find. You can see them here.

Apparently there was some EarthBound 64 video stuff during a video shown at E3 in 1998. It’s only like four seconds long, but I’d never seen it before so I thought I’d share it!

In it, we see:

  • Another desert scene that looks like some of the screenshots that were released
  • Flint running from something – a boar?
  • The multi-headed sea monster that didn’t make it into MOTHER 3 but seemed to play a big part in EarthBound 64

If anyone knows where to find a better quality version of this video, let me know!


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13 Comments to EarthBound 64 Video Clip

2Sang said on Sep. 11, 2012

cool never saw that before, even if it’s only 3 seconds

Leeaux said on Sep. 11, 2012

I always wanted to play this version of the game, but it sounds like from what Itoi’s mentioned that we got the better version.

Still I always wanted Flint to be a bigger character like he seemed to be in Earthbound 64.

Tamers12345 said on Sep. 11, 2012

Cool beans! I never saw that before! 😀

sTARMEN said on Sep. 11, 2012

I saw this a while back. So its nothing realy new to me… 😛

Nesskid said on Sep. 11, 2012

I know that eventually we’ll find some sort of cartridge or disk that has EB64 data on it and someone will be able to cobble together a very rough, yet playable version from it.

Apple Kid said on Sep. 11, 2012

Hmmm. I looked at this but the sea monster isn’t new to me. Still good to find stuff after so long.
Nesskid ” I know that eventually we’ll find a cartdrige or disk that has EB64 data on it…” Unfortunately it cost a kindey, large intestine, 3 apendexes, and most of our bank accounts combined. But seriously I want to play this game too but its unlikely. Unless A. We become Itoi’s best friend and he lets us borrow the disks or B. We break into HAL Labs and steal the beta disks.

DD said on Sep. 12, 2012

Interesting I remember seeing those images of the monsters that were cut out. I wonder what kind of role the sea monster had in the story.

Gilbert Smith said on Sep. 12, 2012

I don’t think we’ll ever see the actual cartridge made accessible, but it would be fun to see somebody fake it. The models and maps wouldn’t be hard to approximate in Unity 3D or the Half Life 2 engine.

Nesskid said on Sep. 12, 2012

I never said that we would get a functioning cartridge but there’s been leaks before (anyone remember the blue disk saga?) also I don’t think Itoi has copies of EB64. Our best bet would be some programmer or game tester that may still have some sort of data, be it disk or otherwise.

KikomoV said on Sep. 13, 2012

Wow, so that’s why the views went up so fast! :0

Haha, it’s pretty cool to see most people haven’t seen this! 😀 It really makes me wonder what other unseen EarthBound 64 stuff might be roaming the internet.

Retro Girl said on Sep. 21, 2012

I’ve seen Japanese trailers before & they’re cool. The clip I saw had Ness in it. It also had Mr. Saturn on top of the N64 logo. Try YouTube, guys!

Anonymous said on Mar. 12, 2013

It’s been taken down, I think.

refat17 said on May. 25, 2013

Nooo, it’s been taken down!


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