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Tips for Buying EarthBound

September 21st, 2012 | EarthBound, Videos

mrff recently made a nice 3D animation featuring Ness and those evil walking mushrooms!

I don’t know anything about 3D animation, but this is pretty impressive! And it sounds like more could be on the way if there’s enough demand for it 😀


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17 Comments to Don’t Mess with Ness!

September said on Sep. 21, 2012

This was absolutely fantastic. I really hope they make more videos like this one! 🙂

Vows said on Sep. 21, 2012

More More more!!!! 😀 very impressive.

Kyosuke said on Sep. 21, 2012


mrff said on Sep. 21, 2012

Thanks! 🙂

I’ll start working on the next animation soon!

Pichu said on Sep. 21, 2012

That was so cute

Johnwalt said on Sep. 21, 2012

Lol I loved it!

sTARMEN said on Sep. 21, 2012

I dont realy see why it’s called dont mess with ness though. XD It seems more like ness got owned by a mushroom and then the mushroom girl takes it to make a quick buck off of it by selling it to mach pizza.

mrff said on Sep. 21, 2012


LOL! good point… I just liked the way it rhymes I guess

pklovetheme said on Sep. 21, 2012

God, I do adore this. The ending made my day.

MrMoarplz said on Sep. 21, 2012

Earthbound translates so well into 3D animation. I love seeing what can be done. It’s inspiring to say the least. Keep up the good work!

Apple Kid said on Sep. 21, 2012

I also agree with sTARMEN. I agree with Mato those mushrooms are evil in every way shape and form!

BusterTheFox said on Sep. 22, 2012

This was surprisingly funny. I was expecting something like that “Ness Vs. Everything” flash we saw a while ago. Funny thing, though, that irony. This is just the opposite of that. xD It’s not 2D, it’s 3D. Ness isn’t owning, he gets PWNt. And it’s not a collab by a bunch of different animators. As far as I know. I’m probably safe in saying that it’s not. Lol

Poe said on Sep. 22, 2012

I love this animation, great humor 😀

Vowswithin said on Sep. 22, 2012

Mrff, how long did this take to complete? I know that once you have a big collection of “Cast” it is a lot easier when all you have to do is make the environment and not create every character. Do you have many other earthbound characters modeled?

DD said on Sep. 22, 2012

The ending was pretty funny. I don’t think anyone would want Mach Pizza if they found out they were using parasitic mushrooms.

mrff said on Sep. 22, 2012

@ BusterTheFox: You guessed right. I’m a one-man band. Sometimes it’s hard work, but it’s also really enjoyable to make.

@Vowswithin: I did this animation on and off, but if I were to sit down and work 8 hours a day, I think it would take me around 2 weeks from concept to final animation. Hmm, give or take that is. I had 3 EB characters modelled before I did this animation: Ness and:

Burglin Pork said on Nov. 13, 2012

That was disappointing. One, Ness was messed with, and there were no consequences. Two, how is “mushroom” a flavor? Isn’t it a topping? And three, why was there a Mach Pizza where the entrance to Twoson should be?


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