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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 25th, 2012 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos

This is probably old news to many fans, but there’s a well-known glitch that happens if you’re diamondized in EarthBound and the photo guy takes your picture:

Basically, for a split second you cease to be diamondized but then go back to it immediately afterward. It’s just a neat thing to do sometimes if you’ve played the game a million times before 😛


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11 Comments to EarthBound Photo Guy Glitch

Gabriel said on Aug. 25, 2012

I wouldn’t call this a glitch so much as an oversight really. Still, it is neat and humorous :3

DJMankiewicz said on Aug. 25, 2012

I like to think it’s not a bug, it’s a joke about how being told to smile for the camera is SO compelling that it’ll even soften diamonds for a split second.

Radic said on Aug. 25, 2012

That’s pretty cool. Does it work like in MOTHER 3 and you return with 1 HP so you can do the animation if you died? Because you don’t get cured of diamondization.

BlueStone said on Aug. 25, 2012

So, uh, where’s the camera sound effect? 😉

Pichu said on Aug. 25, 2012

Same thing is true for if your a ghost, I guess they didn’t make a sprite of him making the peace sign as a spirit.

Pichu said on Aug. 25, 2012

*if you’re a ghost

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Aug. 25, 2012

I guess the problem here is that the game loads Ness’s peace sign sprite, and then goes back to the diamondized sprite.

In other words…the devs forgot to make a diamondized version of the former sprite.

Opinionated Vector Chimera said on Aug. 25, 2012

Forget the “I guess” part. I watched the video after typing in the comment but before submitting it. :-/

angryrider said on Aug. 26, 2012

Re: DJMankiewicz
It would be cool if the cameraman could make Ness back to normal because of that anecdote.

Ness said on Aug. 26, 2012

How did Ness and party get to summers if Ness couldn’t use teleportation? There’s no enemies that can diamondize you in Summers.

SSBMaster11 said on Aug. 27, 2012

Does it only work on ness, because he has a different sprite when the cameraman shows up? or would it happen with anyone?


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