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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 17th, 2012 | EarthBound, Videos

A while back I was watching Fangamer’s 2010 EarthBound Fanfest and I gotta say that one of my favorite parts was where the dad of the Ubseymovies guys played EarthBound. Being a generation older than most of us (and maybe even two generations at this point) it was a lot of fun seeing his affection and knowledge of EarthBound. He’s got most of us whippersnappers beat in terms of expertise, too!

(skip to 14:10 if you want to jump right to the gameplay)

So here’s a question – do you personally know any older gamers who play EarthBound? Or just video games in general?

Actually, I feel like pretty soon a lot of us will BE those older gamers, I can’t wait until we’re all in retirement homes playing Wheelchair DDR and Bubble Bobble 😛


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24 Comments to EarthBound Across Generations

Satsy said on Aug. 17, 2012

My grandmother was the one who bought the SNES, and my mum nabbed it quick to play Dr.Mario whenever she had time.

She also had a save on Link to the Past until my little brother began erasing save files (he wasn’t actually sure what he was doing back then).

My nan abandoned the field, but my mum’s currently enjoying whatever browser games she comes across, and did love her some Animal Crossing while she could still hold the DSLite.

I wonder if I could push her towards emulators…

(that aside, my step-dad owns a PS3, though he’s not really a big gamer. But it was the best DVD/Blu-Ray player around I recall).

Satsy said on Aug. 17, 2012

*Sorry, bought the NES initially. The SNES came from the parents as a “this or Legoland” deal back when the only one open was in Denmark.

Poe said on Aug. 17, 2012

SNES or Legoland? You made the right choice, Satsy 😉

Breeman said on Aug. 17, 2012

My Great Aunt had an NES and would come over and play mine whenever she would babysit me when I was young. I would watch her play Zelda for hours, and then later play myself using what I learned from watching her. I don’t know if she ever played Earthbound, but she did have an SNES as well. She was definitely the oldest person I knew who was a hardcore gamer.

TalonKhan said on Aug. 17, 2012

Well my father and mother are avid gamers though mom tends to prefer mmos and rpgs due to having a motion sickness issue my father play’s all kinds of games including earthbound once or twice though he isn’t as big a fan as me and my brother who also play’s all kinds of games I think he played the first two games maybe the third but alas not as big a fan as me :3

fentloozer said on Aug. 17, 2012

Im 31 so I kinds consider myself an old gamer. Yes, I was lucky enough to buy Earthbound when it was first released and loved it. If only the scratch and sniff stickers still worked. Ah how I miss those old gaming days of old.

Amy said on Aug. 17, 2012

I’m only seventeen (or at least, will be in five days) but I have liked Earthbound since I was seven as well as have been playing games since I was six, so I do consider myself to be an older gamer in a way. Of course, I wasn’t a gamer during the “retro gaming” era, but I blame that on age more than anything. Sometimes I think I was born a little too late, but ah well.

As for other people, my mom and dad are kind of old gamers. They used to play the Game & Watch when they were younger, and whenever my sister and I play Mario Kart, my dad joins in every once in a while. 🙂

boldtenda said on Aug. 17, 2012

My mom used to have dozens of NES games (her fave was Final Fantasy), but she never really liked the SNES. She said it was “too complicated” as in the graphics and the controller and games and what not. She really likes EarthBound, though. It kind of reminds her of where we live (small town in Wyoming) and she loves the weird humor and everything. My dad only likes FPSes, unfortunately.

DD said on Aug. 17, 2012

Hmm…I don’t know any older gamers to tell you the truth. Our parents were well aware of video games growing up (during the late 70s early 80’s), but they never really had an interest in it.

When the PS3 was released my Mom decided to buy him one for christmas thinking he was interested in games. He did play a few games, but he mostly uses it for a dvd player. :/

Wait…I just remembered something. The day after christmas I went to a store with him and he begged me to buy two games. He wanted Blazing Angels and Final Fantasy 12. I asked him if he was aware of what kind of games those were and he still wanted them.

In the end he hasn’t touched them once. Oh, I can’t forget about the time got him a game for his birthday. He hasn’t even looked at it since then. :/ *Face palm*

vessol said on Aug. 17, 2012

When I was young I often watched my dad play Earthbound, but that’s kind of how we did all our games. Sat and talked and watched each other, it was a lot of fun. He still gets some references, but for some reason he always calls it HomeBound.

Furball200x said on Aug. 17, 2012

Hell, I wish my dad would play any games with us.

Ness1985 said on Aug. 17, 2012

Their dad is going to be me if I survive that long.

Xi said on Aug. 17, 2012

The man who lent me my first copy of Earthbound was about 35-40 years older than me (I was 8 when it came out). He was the father of a friend of mine, and when I would go over to his house he would always give me hints on how to get past the part I was stuck on. He later got arrested for being a predator. I don’t know if I caught him during the period of time before he was a predator, or if his motivations for lending/helping me with a SNES game were not pure. Either way, I got introduced to the best game of all time out of it, so he’ll always hold a special, odd place in my heart.

unnoticedninja said on Aug. 17, 2012

^ Whoa.
I’m 20 and apparently played and broke an atari around 2 years old, but don’t remember it, and didn’t even know consoles existed until 5th grade, where I got some pc games and became an avid gamer.

Earthbounder said on Aug. 17, 2012

I’m 21 and I first played earthbound when I was around 6. I remember my mom got it for me from target because it was on sale. I always asked my friends if they played earthbound but none of them knew about it. I always wondered what the average age group of earthbound players were. Im guessing most are near 30.

tintinophile691 said on Aug. 17, 2012

Actually, the SNES was pretty unpopular in my area in Australia. People preferred to play later MS-DOS games (no Lucasfilm adventures, unfortunately), NES games, and the Mega Drive. I don’t even have much to talk about to older generations about gaming.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the general unavailability of EarthBound especially in PAL regions.

Neko Knight said on Aug. 17, 2012

So Tomato, I know you’ve been asked before but…since we’re all on the topic of older gamers, just how old are you? OUR CURIOSITY MUST BE SATISFIED BECUASE WE ARE ALL WEIRD!

I’m 25 by the way. First played EB when I was around 11 back in 1998 I think.

Neko Knight said on Aug. 17, 2012

Whoops! Spelled “because” wrong.

babs said on Aug. 17, 2012

Are you sure you’re not already one of those older gamers? You think the younger generation is very likely to pick up on an old SNES game?

Neko Knight said on Aug. 17, 2012

I guess I consider anyone over the age of twenty to be an “older gamer” including myself. I don’t mean it to be derogatory in any way nor am I saying that we’re old. A lot of us don’t have time to play games anymore. But when it comes to a special game like Earthbound that really had an impact on your youth, it’s something you keep coming back too. And I wouldn’t count out the younger generation, I think that more than just a few of them have gotten into the MOTHER series now.

LakituAl said on Aug. 18, 2012

Well, I’m 21, and I know another guy who’s in his 30s and likes Earthbound too. Would that count?

Father isn’t very fond of videogames, though I do know for a fact he really liked Pepsi Man back in the day (And yet he prefers Coca-Cola, go figure…). Mother, on the other hand, was that kid driving your arcade out of business. She claims she even got to Pac-Man‘s kills screen, but I have a hard time believing that. These days she plays Super Smash Bros. Melee, Kirby’s Air Ride, Sonic Adventure 2 and Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine. Also, both of us used to be beast DDR-ers.

Kyle said on Aug. 18, 2012

You’re pretty lucky to have George Carlin reincarnated as your dad!

myoky said on Aug. 19, 2012

My grandmother is responsible for getting my brothers and I into video gaming at all. When I was young, she purchased an SNES for herself, and basically allowed my brothers and I to play our first video games. She was really into RPG games, mainly because she didn’t have quick enough fingers to play games like Mario or Donkey Kong. So, being that she liked RPGs, the games that she bought included Earthbound, Final Fantasy 2 and 3 (4 and 6), Chrono Trigger, Lufia, and several others. When we upgraded to the Playstation, she was also responsible for a lot of the RPGs that we bought for that console. Sadly, my grandmother passed away a few years ago, but I’m thankful that I had her for a large portion of my life.

2Sang said on Aug. 21, 2012

Speaking of fangamer, they’re having a kickstarter project right now. BUY some of their stuff!


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