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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 18th, 2012 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge

While looking through some old magazine scans, I stumbled upon this trick in MOTHER 2 that I never heard of before. I don’t know if it works in EarthBound, but I bet that it does.

It’s not much of a useful trick, just a glitch if anything. Basically, the game will pull the wrong item out of Tracy’s storage if you do things a certain way.


  1. Fill your party members’ inventories all the way up, except for Ness’s
  2. Go to Tracy’s room and ask her to give you an item out of her storage (don’t call Escargo Express, it doesn’t work)
  3. When you’re asked who to give the item to, select one of the people whose inventories are full
  4. The game won’t allow this, of course. So now select Ness as the person to give the item to
  5. Ness will be given an item, but not the one you chose. Instead, you’ll be given a different item from storage. What’s chosen depends on this:
    • If you chose Paula, you’ll get the item one slot over (to the right of the one you chose)
    • If you chose Jeff, you’ll get the item two slots over (one slot below the one you chose)
    • If you chose Poo, you’ll get the item three slots over (to the right and below the one you chose)

Now, is this actually useful at all? I don’t know, but new tricks and ways of playing the game are usually based on little, insignificant glitches like this, so maybe someone imaginative can figure out what to do with this!


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12 Comments to The Tracy Storage Glitch

Carl said on Jul. 18, 2012

How odd! I wonder what’s going on in the game’s code to cause it to behave this way?

Acedio said on Jul. 18, 2012

I’m interested in seeing what happens when you try and withdraw the last item in Tracy’s stock. I’m thinking that case could be extra glitchy.

John H. said on Jul. 18, 2012

Agree with Acedio. Anyway, this probably happens because a wrong pointer is added.

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 19, 2012

i think I’ll go and try what Acedio said right now! Be right back. Actually it may be a bit…

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 19, 2012

Ok! I got it! I asked Tracy for the Bicycle. I then tried to give it to Puala. She “gave” me the Key to the Tower… But the Key to the Tower wasn’t in her storage!!!! Interestingly enough the Key to the Tower WAS in the slot on the right. As I said it wasn’t in the storage. :p SO THAT MEANS THAT TRACY GAVE ME NOTHING!!! 😀 lol The whole time The Key to the Tower was with Ness.

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 19, 2012

sorry tcomment AGAIN but I was playing around with it and it turns out that Tracy will just “give” you the item that you checked out last. (she doesn’t really give Ness anything. Little jerk 🙁 )

Lillie Joe said on Jul. 19, 2012

Maybe it can duplicate item?

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 19, 2012

Ness already had the key to the tower. When I checked his inventory again he only had 1 key. Everything was the same as before. :/

anonymous said on Jul. 19, 2012

what i’m guessing is happening in the case where she gives you “nothing”, it’s zeroing out the slot it’s taking from and then adding that slot’s id to your inv. if that’s the case, it’s probably taking the item out of your inventory and then putting it back in. are there any items that have odd behaviour while in your inventory, like the fresh egg, that may interact in curious ways with this? what about if a situation is constructed where ness is not in the lead of the party?

SSBMaster11 said on Jul. 20, 2012

What happens if that 1/2/3 slots over doesn’t exist?

Mato said on Jul. 20, 2012

It sounds like other the commenters already tried it out.

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 20, 2012

As far as I know it just sais that Tracy gives you the last item you took out. Sorry if that sounds confusing. I’m not that good at explaining things. :p


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