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July 28th, 2012 | MOTHER 3

A common question I get to this day is “Hey, how many downloads has the MOTHER 3 translation patch had?” So I thought I’d post an answer here for easy reference.

The quick answer has almost always been: “Nobody knows anymore.”

Just before we released the patch we were worried the sudden spike in traffic would kill the translation site, so we decided to mirror the site in a few places, the main one being on Amazon’s S3 storage system.

It turned out, though, that S3’s logging data reset itself every few days (at least that’s how it worked back then, I don’t know about now), so we only had any real data for the first couple days/first week or so. The last accurate number we had within that short timeframe was over 100,000 downloads, all download stats after that are completely unknown, only the universe knows. Also, immediately after the patch went live people everywhere mirrored it elsewhere, so we have no way of tallying those numbers either.

So in the end we know it’s a big number, but there’s no way to know an exact number anymore.


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11 Comments to MOTHER 3 Patch Downloads

NorthofOnett said on Jul. 28, 2012

So basically, many more downloads than the number of copies of EarthBound sold.
Just goes to show that Mother 3 could have sold pretty well in the states.

Mato said on Jul. 28, 2012

I dunno, I personally think only a fraction of downloaders would’ve bought a full-price version. I bet it’d have sold better than EarthBound did, though, at least.

Anonymous said on Jul. 28, 2012

NorthofOnett: Considering a good majority of people who downloaded the patch were Mother fans already, do you really think the estimated number of downloads translates to the sales this game might’ve gotten had NOA released it? Also, I’m certain EarthBound has still sold somewhat more.

AOL_USER_100 said on Jul. 28, 2012

I’m sure its somewhere in the low millions by now.

Mato said on Jul. 28, 2012

Nah, I really doubt that. Probably just a couple hundred thousand, at most.

man said on Jul. 28, 2012

I personally think the 3DS’s E-shop would be great to release it on.

Anonymous said on Jul. 28, 2012

You’re being modest. 100% guarantee that it passed the one million mark. Personally though, I think it’s at least double that.

Robert said on Jul. 29, 2012

Hey Mato don’t you mean only the “unverse” knows ;D

SSBMaster11 said on Jul. 30, 2012

I think we should get everyone who’s ever downloaded it to post a comment here, and, judging by the number of comments, we can tell how many downloads there were.

Anonymous said on Jul. 30, 2012

That’s ridiculous

Ness said on Aug. 9, 2012

It’s not a bad idea. We should get Starmen.net to get something together so we can take a “census” so to speak. The numbers wouldn’t be completely accurate, but if it got posted on IGN or something, over the course of a year, we might get a rough estimation.


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