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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 1st, 2012 | EarthBound, Rumors, Uncommon Knowledge

A few years ago I made a post explaining that legal issues were the cause of why EarthBound isn’t on the Virtual Console (see here). The quick summary is that NOA wanted to make some changes to the game to avoid legal issues, but NCL didn’t want to make those changes.

At the time I made the post, I was asked by our source not to mention specifics. After some prodding recently, though, I was finally given the OK to list the specific issues, which are:

  1. The Sky Runner song needs to be changed
  2. The Chuck Berry battle song needs to be changed
  3. The Dali’s Clock enemy name needs to be changed

The Chuck Berry song is easily replaced with one of the other dozen or so battle songs, so that’s not a big problem. The Dali’s Clock sprite is apparently fine, just the name needs to be changed. The show-stopper is the Sky Runner song, which was made specifically for the Sky Runner scenes. They feel a new song would need to be made, and apparently NCL or someone else on the Japanese side of things isn’t happy with that or finds it too much of a bother, so the game has been in limbo for the past five years.

For some more background info, see here:

As I hear it, EarthBound was basically ready to be released on the Virtual Console, even the VC game instructions for it were apparently ready. Only at the last second did this situation arise.

Will this ever get resolved? I hope so, but after five years of this, I’m not expecting it to happen anytime soon.


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255 Comments to EarthBound’s Specific Legal Issues

blizzardjesus said on Jul. 1, 2012

That’s it? Wow. This is pretty silly. At Most this work could cost between $500-$1000 and be done in a week.

Poe said on Jul. 1, 2012

For those who don’t know, the Sky Runner song bears a resemblance to the intro to “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHhrZgojY1Q

Undrentide said on Jul. 1, 2012

I was just about to ask about that Poe. It sucks that NoA is scared and America is sue happy. I’d love for Earthbound to be able to be re-released.

RKSS said on Jul. 1, 2012

…one song?
One song is the difference between paying $8 for the game and paying $145 for the game.
Nintendo sucks sometimes.

nem said on Jul. 1, 2012

WoW, this is sad. One song?

JamesBond007 said on Jul. 1, 2012

I found a reason why these songs don’t need to be changed – YouTube and it’s Content ID system.

If Content ID system will find third-party content in the video, then usually the copyright owner will place ads on it.

I newer saw any ads on EarthBound playthrough videos.

September said on Jul. 1, 2012

This is indeed sad. I mean, while you can change the enemy name of the Dali’s Clock, plus the “Chuck Berry” battle theme… the Sky Runner theme needs to be changed. I wonder why they haven’t at least tried to come up with a different tune if that’s the only thing that needs proper work done.

Well, as an EarthBound fan since a few years back, I’ve learnt not to expect things, and like you, Mato – I’m not expecting EarthBound to be released on VC anytime soon. If ever.

2Sang said on Jul. 1, 2012

Why don’t WE the earthbound fans remove all the copyrighted material and put in some of our top fan-made material and send the file to NOA?

1. Make a new song for the retro hippie
2. Name the dali’s clock twisted time
3. Make a contest to make a new original song for the sky runner

2Sang said on Jul. 1, 2012

Eventually, they’re gonna run out of VC titles, so they’re going to be forced to either put out Earthbound or nothing. Most likely the Wii U will launch with the same eshop with all the same titles, so with time, as every old game gets released on the VC, we get a slightly higher chance of Earthbound being released. 5 years from now, there probably won’t even be 10 SNES games left.

Mato said on Jul. 1, 2012

A while ago I actually made a patch that fixes all the problems. It took me like five or ten minutes at most. Granted, the issue data is still technically in the ROM, but it’s not accessible.

I don’t think NCL can just change it like that, though. I imagine they’d have to go through various red tape (especially with Itoi and Hirokazu Tanaka involved), not to mention technical things like going through lot check again, playtesting the new build, and stuff like that.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 1, 2012

This makes me hate NCL even More. Glad it’s not a lot of issues, BUT WHY ON EARTHBOUND CAN JEFF’S MACHINE CAUSE THE GAME TO NOT BE RELEASED???

They can edit the song a little, replace it with another epic song, I don’t care, NCL NEEDS TO LET NOA MAKE THE STUPID CHANGE!

Maybe we could have operation Rainfall or someone new start a campaign to tell NCL that said changes will be OK, and that it won’t ruin the series. (Doesn’t Itoi have a blog, also?) This actually makes it seem easier to put it on VC since it’s not a lot.

MegaZon said on Jul. 1, 2012

No offense, but i think the point is being missed here is the cost it would take. People do not realize record companies need to be paid to put their song onto console, depending on how popular the artist and band have been the more money has to be paid to get clearence(Permission) to use the songs on the game. For example i think the Beatles music would be somewhere between 250k to 1.2million for a song and it also varies with how popular the song is.

There still is controversial sides to how much of a beat or a song can be used before it is considered not called “Fair Use”, and it is then illegal and taking a song to use for their purpose.

But to be honest that is the Beatles, for the who i think it would be a little bit less than the beatles but i can see why Nintendo would need a lot of money from the fans in order to accomplish this. As for the names of the enemies i think there could be a clever way of getting past them, but it would take a lot of creativity and effort. It’s not impossible, it is just an example of how much of a roadblock this could be to get Earthbound over.

I really like the post Mato, I think the songs can be changes slightly to sound like it’s original counterparts without looking like it is ripping off the beatles etc. It will take quite some work for Nintendo but i know this, if they have the money they may just be able to pull it off without taking much out at all.

Mato said on Jul. 1, 2012

The Beatles aren’t anywhere in this post…?

resetsurvivor said on Jul. 1, 2012

So … why hasn’t it been released in Japan (on Virtual Console) ? I know they got 1+2 on GBA, but was it released on VC? Do they have the same issue(s)?

Leeaux said on Jul. 1, 2012

I’m sure this is a stupid idea, and I know people have said it before. But it has been a long time since one of our sieges.

Maybe its time we gave another huge push for this? If those are all the changes it would take, I kinda feel like we should give it another strong push. Seems like it might be a waste if not.

Mesousa said on Jul. 1, 2012

The Dali’s Clock should be renamed Persistent Clock.

Miles of SmashWiki said on Jul. 1, 2012

No offense meant, Mato, and I understand why they probably can’t be public with it, but without knowing who that source is it’s hard to believe this is exactly what’s going on.

yani said on Jul. 1, 2012

…that’s it? ONE song. Come on NoA..

Let’s start an operation.

Ostricho said on Jul. 1, 2012

Wow, that’s sad. THREE issues. Get off your duffs and just change them, NCL!
Rename the Dali’s Clock the Melting Timekeeper or something!

Sun Braid said on Jul. 1, 2012

Just kinda wondering about one thing. If the Hippie battle theme is an issue, then how did this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-98LFPTjlwA make it to SSBB?

thomas1up said on Jul. 1, 2012

I find it annoying how everyone blames Reggie for the game not being released when it’s actually NCL, not NOA at all, who actually WANT to release it.

Sometimes mother fanboys annoy me.

Mato said on Jul. 1, 2012

Miles of SmashWiki: I understand that, I’d be skeptical if I were in your position too.

gBev said on Jul. 1, 2012

MegaZon, you mention how much creativity and effort would be needed to change the names of the enemies, but I think you’re forgetting that only one name actually needs to be changed. The new name would probably be boring but one changed name doesn’t make a big difference in the game.

I really think the Sky Runner song would be the only real issue, but I feel like the cost of making one new song couldn’t possibly make the game unprofitable. Maybe someone in Japan just really doesn’t want the game changed.

Chasmang said on Jul. 1, 2012

I think the Skyrunner-esque song that plays in MOTHER 3 (for the flying fridge I think) would be a pretty suitable replacement.

Schlupi said on Jul. 1, 2012

Interesting… So Mato, these are the confirmed reasons as to why it never saw the VC re-release? I really wish that this would all be sorted out… *sigh* maybe one day at least MOTHER might see the light of day elsewhere.

Timothy said on Jul. 1, 2012

I know just the thing to solve the Dali Clock problem!!! Call it by it’s original Mother 2 name!!! THAT’S RIGHT, guys, “Dali’s Clock” is NOT what the enemy was called in the original Japanese release!! It was THE LOCALIZERS who made it be called “Dali’s Clock”, NOT Itoi!!! The original Mother 2 name for the clock enemy is Lost memory, which still sound pretty fitting for such a weird enemy!!! 😀

Starjar said on Jul. 1, 2012

…I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how this is an issue?

1# Change the Sky Runner theme to the Flying Watchamacallit song from Mother 3. That or The Bus theme from EarthBound.

2# Change Dali’s Clock name to it’s original Mother 2 name, or give it something creative like Distorted Clock (something along those lines)

3# Frankly I do not understand how this is an issue when Rockin’ K.K. is closer to the Chuck Berry track than the Hippie battle tune.

EarthBoundfanman said on Jul. 1, 2012

Like a few other people have already suggested, I think another siege should take place. If we do another petition or write in campign saying we don’t care if the games changed, maybe that would help convince NCL to allow the changes to be made. The games gettingway to expensive for people to afford. This fall by the way things look, the game will probably be around $200 on average for a cart only copy. Something should be done, it would be worth trying.

ninten said on Jul. 1, 2012

I have a question why can Animal crossiong use Johnny B Goode Song and not get sued but Earthboud can’t use the song? If you don’t know Rockin K.K.

DD said on Jul. 1, 2012

Hmm…Well it’s good to know exactly what it was keeping Earthbound from VC. I like the ideas that some others made for fixing those issues.

Anonymous said on Jul. 1, 2012

Wait, all made and ready-to-go? Now, what NES game does this remind me of?

ben said on Jul. 1, 2012

I can’t believe the Moonside music isn’t one of the offenders. it’s a flat out sample of a Ric Ocasek song

Anonymous said on Jul. 1, 2012

@Earthboundfanman I’m with you on this I know we’ve been burned quite a few times but perhaps with this information we can work something out.

TalonKhan said on Jul. 1, 2012

^ Woops sorry forgot to put my name back on.

Disciple of Midna said on Jul. 1, 2012

I’ve recently found something more-or-less related to all this music business, that really irks me…

The following is a track from the recently released Pokemon Black 2/White 2, start at 1:22: http://youtu.be/7pTFLxeg6tg

Now listen to THIS starting at 3:52: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXdFr5c_EKE

Considering that Utada Hikaru isn’t exactly low profile, I’d like to know just what is going on here…. why is this acceptable, but the Sky Runner or Hippie Battle theme aren’t?

MANSTA8 said on Jul. 1, 2012

What I don’t understand is that the music is not an exact copy of these songs, unless the songs are in the original form I don’t see the problem.

Disciple of Midna said on Jul. 1, 2012

Aaaand it looks like the video with the Utada Hikaru song has been taken down… lovely. Well, the song title is WINGS if anyone really wants to hear it….

theawesomepossum777 said on Jul. 1, 2012

I still don’t get why NCL is being so anal about changing these things. Does this one person have this much emotional resonance with the Sky Runner? Really?!

johnr754 said on Jul. 1, 2012

I don’t mind the Dali’s Clock and NARH music change, but REALLY?! Just because of one track by a band, THEY CAN’T CHANGE IT?! And Rockin’ KK sounds closer to Johnny B. Goode than the NARH theme! And Sky Runner…A FLYIN’ WATCHMACALIT! Nintendo irks me…

Buster The Fox said on Jul. 1, 2012

If I knew how to get it done, I would go start the petition on Starmen right now… This is just stupid. The fans of any other series would have an outcry.

And, whoever said it, why would it take $500-$1000 to replace the Skyrunner song? All they have to do is replace a couple of songs with existing ones and rename an enemy. I personally don’t care if we lose the Skyrunner song or the NARH song. I don’t have any particular attachment to Dali’s Clock, either. If enough people feel the same, we should at least TRY to petition them…

Buster The Fox said on Jul. 1, 2012

P.S.: I think that’s a lot of people, too. This was just posted today, and look at all of the comments! Most of the time there’s a new article on EBC, it get’s around 5 comments on the first day. :/ We should totally do something about this.

Midna said on Jul. 1, 2012

I think the legal folks are making the NARH and the Dali’s Clock into bigger kerfluffles than they should be. Animal Crossing features a similar knock-off of Chuck Berry’s musical style, and there’s no copyright on Salvador Dali’s name. Or at least, there SHOULDN’T be.

The Sky Runner music, though… that’s gonna be a bit of a problem.

KyoZaber said on Jul. 1, 2012

Wowzers. If that’s the accurate to-do list, it is somewhat aggravating that 3 problems, 2 of which are easy to address, are preventing EarthBound from being re-released.

I admit though, I’d hate to see the default Sky Runner theme be replaced. It’s one of my favorite tunes from the game. However, for the greater good I’d let it go.

I can see the wrinkle though of what to replace it with. Getting the original composer to come back & make a kosher song would definitely cost something if he’s willing to do it. Followed by the programmer’s time stuffing it into the game & making sure nothing gets borked from the tinkering.

There’s no other song I can currently think of from the EarthBound soundtrack that’d fit the Sky Runner scene. Tessie comes close, however the song is too short. Also, it doesn’t fit as well with the other 2 Sky Runner scenes in the game.

EarthBoundfanman said on Jul. 1, 2012

Thinking about what Buster The Fox posted above about how many comments this post is getting. If a petition were to get started I honestly think it would get more signatures than the Mother 3 petition.

EarthBoundfanman said on Jul. 1, 2012

Since the EarthBound fan base has grown greatly since 2003.

Riley said on Jul. 1, 2012

I believe a petition to make necessary changes to the game in order to re-release it should be started.

David B. said on Jul. 1, 2012

Here’s a random suggestion, up the price for EB/M2 to cover any potential legal fees…

luvz2fart said on Jul. 1, 2012

Who will start the petition?

supermattster said on Jul. 1, 2012

you guys are awesome! earthbound fans think alike I guess? I had the exact same idea as @2sang… i just didnt get around to posting it! we should totally do something…. another siege? petition? operation rainfall?

Ninten said on Jul. 1, 2012

I actully think we should start a petition the Mother/Earthbound fanbase has grown since the last petition and/or another siege.

Douglas said on Jul. 1, 2012

NOA is a joke.

SamuelTurn said on Jul. 1, 2012

You have my sig. Ninten.

Hyperstar96 said on Jul. 1, 2012

THAT’S IT?!?!?!

Those are VERY minor issues that can be easily changed! Just replace the Sky Runner song with the Runaway Five song (this one, not the concert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmTs4ZFXvlM) or something else that’s fitting, problem solved! WTF, NoA?!?!

We'reAllBrothersUnitingThroughMother said on Jul. 1, 2012

I think another petition/siege would be an awesome idea. With the way social networking has exploded and the amount of attention the series has garnered, I think it would be great.

However, it would be good to have some sort of direct contact to people who matter. Iwata, Itoi, Miyamoto. Six degrees of separation, right? There’s got to be a way.

2Sang said on Jul. 1, 2012

Amen. Now that the fan base has grown substantially larger, we should have a larger presence and maybe nintendo will pay more attention.

PK Rockin said on Jul. 1, 2012

Finally I know exactly what things need to be changed in order for EarthBound to see a Virtual Console release.

Bucky said on Jul. 1, 2012

The Chuck Berry song should be fine. The Beach Boys, Hall and Oates, and many other bands took that opening lick and riff and used them without credit. Guitar licks aren’t covered by copyright. Chord progressions aren’t either, which is why Chuck got away with taking basic blues riffs, just like thousands of other artists.

Come on, Mato.

Jungyin said on Jul. 1, 2012

Great, now were getting people that are confusing NOA and NCL. Maybe it’s because NOA is the first acronym in the post or it’s the one they’re more familiar with.

RaveFury said on Jul. 1, 2012

I don’t even think the Sky Runner song is such a big deal. The bus song, the Runaway Five song, heck, Tessie’s song even, could be used in place of it. There’s no need to spend more money and time on a new song. Same with the Chuck Berry-like tune. And a name is a few bytes of text in the ROM, easily changed in a few seconds.

I write for a living. My editors over the years have changed words and cut out entire paragraphs of my articles before they’re printed. Sometimes those changes annoy me, but it’s much more important that the article reaches the audience. The same concept applies here: There’s a significant audience for Earthbound on the VC and if people involved with the original production aren’t thrilled with the proposed changes, I understand. But it’s better to get most of your idea across (and earn heaps of cash) than to do nothing at all.

KA Gamer said on Jul. 1, 2012

^ Like he says, it’s not NoA’s fault, it’s NCL (aka, it’s NINTENDO OF JAPAN’S FAULT!!!!)

I can see why they want to change the Sky Runner song, and even though it’s a cool part of the game, I agree with others who said they’d be OK to part with it. I would too.

I do think we need to start another EB Seige up because this is crazy. Now that we know what the deal is, we can target NCL. They won’t ignore us, obviously NoA didn’t or EB wouldn’t be on the list for VC games.

Additionally, Itoi WILL hear us. He’s already mentioned us at MOTHER related events before, even ones we weren’t apart of.

We can certainly do something about this!!!

KA Gamer said on Jul. 1, 2012

^ I meant like Jungyin says, Rave jumped in and Ninja’d me.

KA Gamer said on Jul. 1, 2012

Also, how do we know the source is legit?

Mato said on Jul. 1, 2012

See the Starmen.Net article I linked to for more info. The source also provided us with the Brawl info well ahead of time. Reid and some of the Starmen crew even visited the individual at NOA (and no, it wasn’t a Nintendo Power person).

Ness said on Jul. 1, 2012

So will we do the siege or not?

Mato said on Jul. 1, 2012

You keep talking about siege this and siege that, but the thing is, we already did that, almost immediately after we learned of these specific issues. It’s in the article I linked to: http://starmen.net/ebvc/

Besides, if you want to complain, you’d need to complain to NCL. That’s why I made this post several years ago: http://earthboundcentral.com/2010/02/postcards-for-earthbound/

North said on Jul. 1, 2012

Yeah, I’m afraid there’s really nothing much we can do, folks. I really do wish they could sort out these few, very minor issues, but the fact is: it’s low priority for both NOA and NCL. I really don’t think they’d listen even if we did gather 30k signatures..

supermattster said on Jul. 1, 2012

i get that you already tried a siege but the thing is we can always try again right? i mean its not like we’ve got anything to lose…

Anonymous said on Jul. 1, 2012

Does this explain why the game was rated by the ESRB that one time?

Ninten=ness said on Jul. 1, 2012

No new age retro hippie theme? Oh well.. Just for Earthbound Just three simple things, and we were so worried about the entire game having to be changed! Oh my gosh… Well i can keep waiting, so basically they have all the good titles except earthbound, i mean they’ll eventually get to it, they only have 649 titles in the US left(But there’s a lot of bad third party games,minus other good games) on the SNES, so Ness is the only Nintendo character who has yet to have his game released. What a relief.

PKEmeraldian said on Jul. 1, 2012

I think we should repeat the petitions. I think most of us wouldn’t care if ONE song was changed to get EarthBound on VC…I know it might lose some of its nostalgia for certain fans, but the song wouldn’t have to be completely different. Plus, some of us who can’t get the SNES game and don’t feel right about emulating it can play it. Nintendo would probably profit a LOT if they did this, considering the size of the fanbase…
I see way too many benefits for them to NEVER re-release EarthBound. :/

Disciple of Midna said on Jul. 2, 2012

I think Operation Postcard Storm sounds kinda catchy… but maybe that’s just me…

Esper said on Jul. 2, 2012

Does this remind anyone else of MOTHER 1’s American release?

Being ready to go but in limbo for so long until eventually… nothin’.

Anonymous said on Jul. 2, 2012

I saw the post from a few years ago about mailing postcards in to NCL, but some sort of mailing in post cards siege should still be started. If something like that were to get started it would get more attention than the old post, and more post cards would be mailed in because of it. Also I think a siege or some sort of mail in campign would make more people willing to mail in post cards becuase they know other people are doing it, and theres a actully a chance of it getting NCL’s attention.

Satsy said on Jul. 2, 2012

I like how people keep bringing up petitions. Have they worked in the past? I mean it wasn’t petitions that got Xenoblade and Last Story over to the states.

As for sieges, I still shudder when I think back to the last one. It started respectable, but as things go it didn’t stay that way. We gained a reputation as crazed for the over-sell of efforts (and even some verbal abuse of the reps), and nothing got achieved. We’re still a fall-back joke in certain game media to this day because of that.

We are a known audience, by NoA and NCL. We are acknowledged for our passion. They know we would buy the game. No amount of specific numbers are going to change that.

OKeijiDragon said on Jul. 2, 2012

Can’t just bombard @Nintendo (https://twitter.com/Nintendo) & @NintendoAmerica (https://twitter.com/NintendoAmerica) on Twitter with Tweets that show our enthusiasm for EarthBound?

Yomie said on Jul. 2, 2012

I think we’ve crossed a line here. Get over it. After like 5 years wouldn’t you get the message. It’s not coming out. It’s time to move on.

Poe said on Jul. 2, 2012

Yes, calm down and have a sundae, everyone! 🙂

Arekussu said on Jul. 2, 2012


Giving up already, you can get over it, but I won’t.

TakeADumpOnMePlz said on Jul. 2, 2012

lets start another siege.

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 2, 2012

Good to hear their internal logic, but I still fail to see what the big deal is. As near as I can tell, ALL of this clearly falls under fair use. All those songs are significantly different enough to qualify as their own.

I can sorta understand the “Dali’s Clock” thing, in that it’s giving improper credit and using a real person’s name and all, but again, the one thing that escapes me more than anything else is the simple fact that no one ever got sued in the first place for the original release. How can something about copyright be perfectly legal in 199X but illegal now?

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 2, 2012

Doing it like operation rainfall CAN do something. Remember how a petition was made for a Mother 3 port on GBA? Look what happened. If we send this one to NcL/itoi, they may do the change. It’s worth a try!

Yomie said on Jul. 2, 2012

‘Remember how a petition was made for a Mother 3 port on GBA? Look what happened.’
Yeah nothing
Rainfall worked because the games were already made and translated no big deal. Mother 3 and earthbound won’t because they would not change the legal issue or localize 3
We’ve all played the games. Is playing earthbound on a wii really worth all the time and effort protesting is it really worth it to play a version of mother 3 with all the names you know and like changed?

Rash said on Jul. 2, 2012

It’s not just about “playing Earthbound on a Wii.” Yes, I got rid of my SNES and original Earthbound game and guide long ago, and would like to actually own the game in digital form. But, as someone who considers EB to be a unique experience and one of Nintendo’s SNES masterpieces, I think the game deserves to be released to a large audience. It would be great if more people could appreciate the game that we fans have appreciated for years. Wanting a VC release is about the love for EB and the desire to share the experience, not about merely owning it.

The three legal issues are much less severe than I’d previously thought. If anything, they seem like quick fixes, unless someone had to make a completely new Skyrunner theme. Considering that EB is a digital game, and not a retail game like those of Operation Rainfall (which require far greater distribution costs), I actually see it as an easy buck in comparison.

I don’t believe that another Siege is necessary, though. The first one was pretty ridiculous, if you remember. Nintendo definitely got the message. That said, I’m left wondering what is truly keeping NCL from changing EB to make it releasable. Is it because they already have Mother 1+2 as well as Mother 3 and don’t really care to do anything more with the series?

johnr754 said on Jul. 2, 2012

Also, KK Rockin from Animal Crossing and Smash Bros. sounds similar to the New Age Retro Hippie theme, and sounds MORE similar to Johnny B. Goode than the New Age Retro Hippie theme itself, yet it goes out perfectly fine, but not New Age Retro Hippie theme itself.

Tulips said on Jul. 2, 2012

I think any new petitions or sieges would only serve to further damage our reputation. Earthbound fans have done these things for many many years, going to great lengths to get our point across to Nintendo. They know we’re here. They know how badly we want Earthbound on the VC. They also knew we wanted Mother 3 badly enough to translate it ourselves and did next to nothing to stop the translation.

You never have to give up hope that Earthbound will be rereleased in some form, but what you must realize is that Nintendo sees in profit. If they don’t think they will make enough money from Earthbound even after all we’ve done (or change these few things to make it legally attainable) it’s just not gonna happen.

Yomie also brings up a good point regarding Mother 3–who knows what they would change in the translation? I’m grateful that the Mother series has such a wonderful, dedicated fanbase that allows us to have such a flawless translation.

Sometimes you just have to learn to deal with the cards you’re dealt. We’ve done our part and now it’s in Nintendo’s hands. Take pride in the accomplishments Starmen.net and Mato have collectively made and know that we’ve done everything we could possibly do. Will Earthbound ever be rereleased? There’s no way to tell. All we can do now is be patient and hope for the future. Either way we’re gonna be alright.

mndxjvn said on Jul. 2, 2012

The clock of Dali is his property, and his relatives can complain if they use it.

supermattster said on Jul. 2, 2012

@Tulips… i guess you’re right… complaining prolly wont change anything… nintendo knows we want the game and if they want to give it to us, we might eventually get it… who knows.. they might release it on the Wii U virtual console (they gotta find SOME way to sell that thing) so i guess all we can do is wait and hope. 🙂

Uncle Optimus said on Jul. 2, 2012

Given this post’s revelaiton, it appears that ultimately one of two things is keeping Earthbound from western resurrection: Cost or Spite.

Seeing as Nintendo and its subsidiaries comprise a publicly owned corporation that is tasked with (admittedly simplifying here) enhancing shareholder value through the growth of revenue, NCL should be basing its decisions on whether or not the resulting product will drive profit.
A release like Mother 2 and/or 3 in the West would likely not drive the overall annual profit-o-meter very much but it would very likely be decently profitable given a)digital distribution removes production cost and the risk of inventory and b)the game(s) would benefit from massive grassroots publicity driven by a passionate group of fans and the story popping up on every video game-related media website. Nintendo would also receive an un-quantifiable asset: an enhancement of their brand image in some small way among a specific customer segment (not a huge bonus, but nice to have right?)

And yet the rewards do not outweigh the costs of: making a few phone calls to the relevant creative parties (like Mr. Itoi), spotting a sound engineer a lunch break to alter the tracks (throw in a bento-box too for the solid chap), sending the rom through lot-chex and such (labour cost?), paying the necessary rating fees (ESRB) and token marketing (press release writer, and the dude who runs the official twitter and facebook accounts).

I’m not privy to how these costs add up…but maybe it is Spite after all :\

Uncle Optimus said on Jul. 2, 2012

I sure love OC-Remix. I have heard some seriously toe-tappin’ tunes from that wonderful site, created by talented, passionate and generous fandividuals.

I wonder if Nintendo (or even a Starmen.net for example) challenged those maestros for cool remixed and legally-safe versions of the offending songs, could Nintendo use these tracks and write off any resulting token expenses (compensation/prizes for “winning” tracks, though I wouldn’t be surprised if OC-Remixers would do it just for the cred and the fans) as a marketing expense?
Because this would be a majorly cool way to both make fans happy and get relatively cheap and effective technical fixes… and throw in a near-free marketing campaign to boot.
Who doesn’t win here?

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012


If we want to siege, we need to direct it to NCL. The issue is out of NoA’s hands. It’s NCL (that is, the Nintendo people in Japan) that are causing the problems.

@Mato: Why not do another siege, but directed to NCL?

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

Additionally, I personally think the last siege worked. I mean, NoA decided to begin plans to release EarthBound on the VC, and I think they would especially do so with our pleas. But like I said, NCL is stopping them. I think if we try to siege NCL, then MAYBE it’ll work out!

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

Uncle Optimus: ERSB already rated it, and who says that NoA needs to call other parties to make changes to the game? A newspaper makes changes to someone’s article, even when they don’t ask the person that writes it.

BOX said on Jul. 2, 2012

Hmm . . . very disappointing. If this really is the complete list of reasons stopping the release, then it makes me wonder, “Who refused the changes?” Was it Itoi or someone else?

Like many others, I’ve (mostly) given up on EB for VC. I’ve already shelled out the somewhat big bucks for an SNES cartridge, but on some level this void on VC still bothers me.

Chris Highwind said on Jul. 2, 2012

I agree, this seems to be a phenomenally stupid reason not to release EB on VC, especially since songs that are closer to Johnny B. Goode than the Hippie song (Rockin’ K.K.) never had a problem. To me, it sounds like NCL’s just making excuses to keep NoA from releasing any more Mother/Earthbound games.

theawesomepossum777 said on Jul. 2, 2012

Can’t we just start a petition to send to NCL to show that it doesn’t matter if NOA changes these things? Changing these little things aren’t going to affect the game AT ALL. I still don’t get why they are being so stubborn about this.

Ness said on Jul. 2, 2012

Guys if we agree to do ANOTHER petition than lets not focus on NOA it’s not their fault it’s NCL they don’t want the changes so it can’t be released.

HornyCowShit said on Jul. 2, 2012

Or we can just send it to both 😛 let’s do it!!

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 2, 2012

I mean in 2000, when the 64 game was cancelled. After a petition, that mother 1+ 2 ad came, remember?

Regardless, a petition could still work now. Itoi has an email, we know the issue, and we don’t need to bother NOA *Sticks tounge out at spammers on facebook*, why not start one, reach the goal (This story is almost everywhere now), and send it to NCL and Itoi? It’s worth a shot, I mean. At least we have a bigger chance than we thought we did.

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

@HornyCowShit: (nice name :P)

We shouldn’t send it to both. NoA will just be annoyed, and there’s no reason to annoy them.

Mill said on Jul. 2, 2012

Could they just alter the pitches of the offending songs so that they no longer resemble what they’re based on? This would maintain the same beat and fix the issue without too much hassle.

Anonymous said on Jul. 2, 2012

I think that source had a good idea in not going over the specific issuses back then. Because look at this mess now that they’ve been released.

Ninten=ness said on Jul. 2, 2012

I have a feeling that a petition will crash and burn. Name one petition that we did that was successful. But if someone is crazy enough to do so, than it’d have to be about as larger than the mother 3 petition, 31,338 names might be hard to miss, but that means only 31,388 people would most likely buy the game, and it’s smaller than Earthbound’s sales! Even if Miyamoto said the mother fans are solid, that doesn’t mean we’ll get it on the virtual console.. As much as i hate to admit it, we have a slim chance of getting earthbound re-released..

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

Although we don’t know if petitions and siege’s have been successful, I think it’s fair to say that they have. After a petition, MOTHER 1+2 came out. Also, after a siege, I think Nintendo of America at least have taken actions to releasing EarthBound, I just think NCL has stood in there way.

Also, I think we can get more that 30,000 signatures. I must say though, that “…30,000 signatures is hard to ignore,” and that not a lot of money has to be put out to put a game on VC.

Mato said on Jul. 2, 2012

I’m almost 100% certain none of the petitions had anything to do with Mother 1+2’s release.

Riley said on Jul. 2, 2012

@Mato coincedentally, the day one of the petitions was sent out the MOTHER 1+2 commercials began airing on television.

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

^ What I was talking about.

Mato said on Jul. 2, 2012

The petition was not in any way connected to the release, though. The port had been in production for months by then, the business deals had been worked out, everything else was already set in stone. I helped concoct said petition, if that means anything 😛

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

… Yeah this is true.

Mato, I’ve always wondered, why isn’t MOTHER 2 ported to the VC on the Wii in Japan? I always figured they’d do that, even more now because the GBA is an “old system.” Is it the same reasons that EB isn’t on VC? (Japan is subject to international copyright law).

SU-Team8 said on Jul. 2, 2012

I just want Mother 3 in America.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 2, 2012

Just make a petition. It’s worth a shot, and it may at least stop the hate toward NoA. We have to try it somehow, like operation rainfall!

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 2, 2012

And think about it, The Wii U shares the VC catalog with the wii, so we have at least 6 years for the game to be released. Mother 3 was at the end of the GBA life cycle,
But the VC could be revived when wii U comes.

We can do it!

Smellygarbage said on Jul. 2, 2012

There’s no reason not to have a petition, it’s not like it would hurt. And just think about how long it’s been since the mother 3 petition. The community has probably grown a lot since then. More signatures might mean a response.

2Sang said on Jul. 2, 2012

Hmm…seems like a subject like this brings earthbound fans together. Perhaps one last PK Siege a siege to end them all.

2Sang said on Jul. 2, 2012

It seems like Mato doesn’t want to deal with further dissapointment from sieges, but sieges are fun, so even if we accomplish nothing, we still let nintendo that we’re still here.

PsiWolf674 said on Jul. 2, 2012

Funny, nobody’s mentioned that the two songs mentioned here (Hippie’s theme and Skyrunner’s theme) are actually two songs that aren’t in Mother 3, but instead have similar-sounding counterparts. The original article was posted in 2009, but I can’t help but think these were problems long before the whole VC fiasco started.

MOTHER4Ever said on Jul. 2, 2012

please do it i want earthbound so badly=[

EarthBoundfanman said on Jul. 2, 2012

I agree with 2Sang. We should do one last siege, to go out with a bang.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 2, 2012

Yes please. Reach the goal and mail it to NCL and itoi. They will at least know it exists

Unanimous said on Jul. 2, 2012

No matter how much you all Cry and complain, there isn’t gonna be a siege or petition because no one is going to start one from Starmen.net. Frankly, they don’t really care anymore.

Now if all of you (who are usually new to the series) want to go out and start a petition yourselves, THEN DO IT. But Starmen.net doesn’t want to get anymore bad rep by screaming for a new release ’til they’re blue in the face.
If you all really want to petition for a slim chance of it getting rereleased, then go make a site and start gathering signatures. Starmen.net is done with petitions.

Mato said on Jul. 2, 2012

Obviously I can’t speak for the other Starmen.Net higher-ups, but the above is definitely the case as things stand now. If you guys want to organize a thing, then do it. Don’t wait for Starmen.Net people – they/we’re all too old and busy with real life and getting kids off our lawns to do big things like that anymore.

Psychedelic.Ink said on Jul. 2, 2012

Does anybody know if Nintendo has gone trough the trouble of contacting The Who, who ever has the right to Chuck Berry’s and Salvador Dali’s work and worked out some kind of deal!?!
I mean wouldn’t releasing the game as is create more fans for each counterpart. They should be flattered to a degree.
Or this are copyright holders who are money hungry and like to sue anything and everything that resembles their property.

What a sad world we live in.

Neko Knight said on Jul. 2, 2012

Wasn’t there a music group called “EarthBound” or something? Could that be another possible factor in not releasing the game?

KA Gamer said on Jul. 2, 2012

NoA is able to change everything except the Sky Runner song. NCL won’t let them for no reason. This is the ONLY reason why EarthBound isn’t out.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 2, 2012

Because NCL is stupid.

But seriously, I want a petition started. But I am not starting it cuz there may be 10 if I did so. Someone do it!

Qwerps said on Jul. 2, 2012

I have my cartridge already, and I never cared about getting a VC version myself. But I’d be happy to sign a petition to get this game re-released. 🙂

Anonymous said on Jul. 2, 2012

I’m not trying to sound controling or tell people what to do. But only one petition should be done, and that petition should be hyped like the Mother 3 petition.

KA Gamer said on Jul. 3, 2012

Mato, the only reason we want the petition done through Mother 3 is so there’s not fifty-million different petitions.

KA Gamer said on Jul. 3, 2012

*Starmen.net, not Mother 3… Yeah, it’s late at night. This is what my 1am mind brings me.

Jondo said on Jul. 3, 2012

Lets face it; there won’t ANY petition at all if Starmen.net doesn’t do it. Saying there’d be “50 million other petitions” is stupid, because I can guarantee that NO ONE is going to take the liberty and do it themselves.
Since Starmen.net is not going to have a petition, there won’t be a petition period. Simple as that.

Lucas said on Jul. 3, 2012

We could make this the last siege since we know what has to be changed and who is responsible for it, Just saying

reidman said on Jul. 3, 2012

I wouldn’t waste time on a petition. When I finally accepted that Nintendo was far beyond our influence, I focused on the things that we as fans *could* control — projects like the Anthology, the fan translation, the Handbook, the forum, fanfests, etc.

Petitions are worthless unless they’re huge and well-documented, but community projects help establish and reinvigorate the fans. Do something worthwhile with your time 🙂

Ness1985 said on Jul. 3, 2012

I think the whole “Legal issues” is just an excuse to not wanna release the games because NoA is afraid on how a bigger audience might take them. They don’t want to show the strange, heartrending and scary things the series has to offer.

Satsy said on Jul. 3, 2012

I like how people think there’s no reason the changes aren’t being approved. I can think of several without even trying, from a business perspective, a nostalgia perspective, VC’s own goal, and that the current head honcho worked on the game himself.

There’s no point getting angry over it, and certainly no point trying to storm them as though we’re invisible. They’re well aware there are fans.

But here’s some homework for you, if this really gets at you:

Try to come up with new themes. The name’s easy to change, but clearly the two songs would need to change. See if you can compose something that could better replace it, with consideration to the sound font, the mood they portray, and keeping in line with the soundtrack of the rest of the game.

If you don’t know how: learn. Seriously it’d be a better way to spend your time and put it toward a far more likely goal at this juncture. More than that, it’d be far more effective at showing Nintendo how far we’d be willing to go to see these games really released.

The projects these sites embark on get far more attention than names written on paper or phonecalls from the clingy ex girlfriend/EB fans.

Anonymous said on Jul. 3, 2012

Satsy/others who an nay-saying right now:

I think your experiences are going to your head here. You did petitions. If other people want to do them, good on them. Trying to control them or stop them is just coming off as bossy and bitter.

We get it, yours didn’t work the way you wanted to. The real waste of time is sitting here telling everybody else what to do. If they want to make a petition, write letters, or whatever else appeases their fan hearts, let them. It is no skin off your back. Really, all of you are coming off in a bad light right now.

Satsy said on Jul. 3, 2012

Bearing in mind other naysayers include Tomato and Reidman, founders of both sm.net and this site, I’d like to point out that our discouragement isn’t baseless.

We’ve also seen where our good rep comes in, which is why I’m suggesting getting on board with projects more productive and more likely to pull in attention.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 3, 2012

Just do it. I don’t give a crud about if it didn’t work, just do it for crying out loud! At the very least, it will get rid of those stupid fake mother fans hating NOA on facebook. After all, operation rainfall worked for xenoblade. (But the people running it were as stupid as pokey)

NPC said on Jul. 3, 2012

While a petition is most likely out of the question, utilizing social networking would probably be the next logical step in bringing a lawyer-friendly EarthBound to the Wii, Wii U, and 3DS Virtual Console. Everyone has seen how social networking was the driving force behind bringing Xenoblade and The Last Story to the US. It is also worth noting that social networking led NBC to let Betty White host SNL. Anny Curry even used Twitter to convince the U.S. Air Force to land Doctors Without Borders planes in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. In short, social networking can be extremely powerful. Granted, Nintendo is notorious for not exactly listening to its fans’ concerns, but recently, they seem to be taking fan concerns and ideas way more seriously (e.g., Xenoblade and The Last Story in the US, patches for Skyward Sword and Mario Kart 7). Also, copyright changes are far from unprecedented for the Virtual Console, with necessary changes being made to The Revenge of Shinobi, Wave Race 64, Tecmo Bowl, and StarTropics.

Now, social networking must not be abused (i.e., unconstructive spamming of Facebook and Twitter), but it is probably the greatest chance that fans have at seeing something happen. In its heyday, starmen.net reached thousands of EarthBound fans, and their efforts left a permanent mark on both Nintendo and Itoi; there is no question in either Nintendo or Itoi’s mind of how much US fans love EarthBound. Nowadays, properly orchestrated social networking has the potential to reach millions of EarthBound fans, both casual and die-hard. It would take strong leadership and dedication, and the same people who orchestrated Operation Rainfall (the Xenoblade and The Last Story drive) may be willing to lend a hand in pushing for a slightly edited EarthBound. With the panoply of quality, fan-driven gaming sites that exist now (e.g., NintendoLife, TheSpeedGamers, etc.), getting the word out about a drive for a trouble-free EarthBound would be easier than ever. While starmen.net may not be interested in bringing it all together (and understandably so, considering the exhaustive amount of work they’ve done in the past!), there are people reading this right now that have the drive, passion, wisdom, and leadership to make it happen. So, to the best of our abilities, let’s make it happen!

Ostricho said on Jul. 3, 2012

It seems everyone’s really ticked off at Nintendo right now.
Nintendo, can’t you see your opportunity here? People, who have pirated this game left and right, STILL want to buy this game!!!
Just fix the issues and put it on the Virtual Console! What does it cost to put this game on VC?
But for some reason, they’d sooner put Zelda CD-i on Virtual Console than Mother!

Zuppermati97 said on Jul. 3, 2012

EarthBound on Wii U virtual console!!!

Spiteful Krow said on Jul. 3, 2012

So according to this source, “Johnny B. Good” is holding this game back from being released….and not the Ric Ocasek song that that Moonside is a direct sample of? That’s absurd. The Hippy Battle theme is not even a perfect replica of “Johnny B. Good”. But Moonside’s music IS “Keep On Laughin'” by Ric Ocasek.

Ostricho said on Jul. 3, 2012

It strikes me as ironic that Earthbound broke a bazillion copyrights, yet came with anti-piracy features to protect it from copyright infringement.

Jondo said on Jul. 3, 2012



Now you guys don’t even have to do any work. Go sign it.

Donkeykonglover said on Jul. 3, 2012

Signed! Let’s spread the word on forums/facebook/twitter.

Lucas said on Jul. 3, 2012

We should spread this around earthbound central.

Ostricho said on Jul. 3, 2012

But that petition is to NOA, which isn’t our target.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 3, 2012

I tried making one that would be better suited, but the site won’t let me open it. And now I can’t delete it!:(

Honestly, just have starmen.net make it. I don’t care if it does nothing, just TRY it! It’s not that hard.

Now if only change.org would let me delete the incomplete petition I made.:(

Ninten=ness said on Jul. 3, 2012

Sorry,but it needs to be directed to NCL. Despite over 1000 signatures, it has little chance. If someone made one to NCL, then I’d sign it. And it has no reason what they need to change. If i made this, I’d include more than one paragraph, some good reasons why we want it, how it could attract more fans, and asking NCL to make the changes.

ATalkingHorse said on Jul. 3, 2012

well since all of these “higher ups” won’t help because their attempts didn’t work we need a new fella to put together a really good one.

TheDreaminghawk said on Jul. 3, 2012

I actually made a good one on the same site, but I don’t know how to activate it.:(

reidman said on Jul. 3, 2012

I’m not speaking on behalf of the site or staff, I’m just trying to provide some guidance/advice since I’ve been doing this for 14 years.

Three major sites/networks have sprung up since Starmen.Net’s last major effort in 2008: Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit. If someone is going to attempt something, those three sites/networks offer your best chance of spreading the word.

Even if you gather lots of support on the latest social networks, however, you’ll find that Nintendo hasn’t changed. Every helpless, whimpering fanboy in existence has started/signed a petition for Nintendo to ignore; don’t lower yourselves to that.

You need something to remind fans of why they love the series, something great enough that virtually ANY fan will go out of their way to share it.

Inverse said on Jul. 4, 2012

I feel I should shed some light on people who don’t fully understand the implications of what’s going on.

This isn’t NoA’s fault. At all.

This is something that has been plaguing a lot of companies who licensed material from Japan, for a long time.

Japan’s bloated sense of stuck-up smugness and self-serving superiority.

Ask ANYONE who used to work at Sega Technical Institute during the Genesis era days, for their working relationship with Sega Of Japan and their outright refusal to compromise on any given issue at hand.

Ask the US developers of Sonic Xtreme, who, after, facing exhaustion and hospitalization for working long, full unpaid weekends, weeks, and months, moving their personal belongings into the studio for long stretches of grueling, 6-month work periods with little contact, dates of progress checking pushed back, double-talk, and two-faced lies about the approvals of certain aspects, were suddenly met with the demand to throw out the entire game engine and replace it with a new one, right before the game’s due date, leading to it’s infamous cancellation.

Ask any western-based video game developer in the last 15 years, including today actually, who work for Japanese company higher-ups that knowingly and purposefully sabotage projects by asking for major alternations or demanding impossible feats 2 days before a deadline in the hopes that they can write off the westerners failure to comply as “proof that they can’t be “trusted”

Like the western developer studio who was demanded by his Japanese team boss to “fax us our source code”, a straight-up impossibility, and admonish him for “not following instructions”.

Ask the American anime license and distributors who were given the assets for a DVD collection of Heat Guy J, full of errors, missing episodes, and 8th generation video tapes with film grain, deterioration and film burns, when they had original masters sitting around that they were unwilling to give.

Or ask other license companies who were refused materials like the original music, or not given voiceless tracks, and when asked for the proper materials they needed to do their job, were met with a “buyback demand” for their troubles.

Ask companies like TOEI where certain popular series like Sailor Moon in the US are today. And you’ll either be greeted by silence or the miserable story about how they feel that because TOEI wasn’t greeted with a million dollars overnight for a series, that they’ve locked the rights away in a massive 25 year embargo on the availability of the rights, in their pigheadded, and obstinate refusal to do feasible business with anyone else but their own people.

Because if you ask all of the hundreds of people that have had to work with the Japanese’s baffling, smug, holier than thou, nationalist supremacy attitude towards foreigners to the point where they think they understand international business relations far more than anyone else on the planet to the point where they’ll light a hay wagon on fire to complain about how unreasonable the hay farmer is, and it’ll start to shed a little light on why the NCL are acting the way they are, on this issue.

Take it from all of the people who know what it’s like to work with people whose passive-aggressive, childish grasp of international business relations won’t allow them to admit the existence of all the world’s forest for the sake of one tree.

The people in which, entering a mutual business agreement with, means cutting your own spleen out and signing a paper saying that it’s your own fault if you pass out, which sets them up to pat themselves on the back about how much better businessmen they are than those culturally unsavory Americans, after setting themselves up to fail in 30 different ways just to “test” you, instead of letting you get actual work done.

Perhaps the bitterness in dealing with the hell that is The “All-Important Arrogant Japanese Businessman” is sounding a little too raw with these words.

But ask someone know knows this hell, all too well, and I guarantee they’ll sympathize on at least SOME level.

RKPK said on Jul. 4, 2012

For the Chuck Berry song, like stated above, I would just use another battle song from the game. For the Dali’s Clock enemy, just think of another name (whoever mentioned Twisted Time, I like that very much). As for the Sky Runner, I think the song from the game’s opening credits would work well with it (the one that plays after the title Earthbound comes up on the screen). Sure, we’d be missing out on the song we love from the original, but if it means getting the game on VC, that’s a sacrifice we should all be willing to make.

Poe said on Jul. 4, 2012

Yikes, that’s a lot of scary and depressing insight, Inverse. 🙁

Mato said on Jul. 4, 2012

To add to reidman’s remarks: If you’re going to do anything, take this advice:

Make sure it’s target at NCL.



Anything else is a waste. After like five or six petitions, several sieges, and various other campaigns, NOA is well aware of the fanbase now. What’s more, the VC issue lies in NCL’s hands now, they’re the ones you should talk to.

I’d personally recommend something with a more personal, human touch than a soulless petitiononline.com thing. That’s why I suggested something like this before.

Herobrine said on Jul. 4, 2012

1.Change 3 songs in the game
2.Release on virtual console

Tulips said on Jul. 4, 2012

Man Inverse, that’s heavy stuff. Very informative dose of reality.

Ninten=ness said on Jul. 5, 2012

The postcards idea might work better than a petition. Instead of the clingy petition, let’s just write some friendly post cards, just a simple task. It’s easier than organizing a siege or some crazy convoluted thing like raiding Nintendo dressed up like ness. All we have to do is set up a date to send the postcards, and wait. Much more fun, unique and simpler.

boundearth said on Jul. 5, 2012

this is SO SAD… Im shaking my head in disbelief. ONE friggin song is keeping us from getting the game…

Namine207 said on Jul. 6, 2012

So… Do we have a new petition that’s aimed for NCL? Because if we do, I’ll make sure that I sign and share.

ninten said on Jul. 6, 2012

I think you will need more than 100 signatures of NCL to change their minds.

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 6, 2012

I have to say that personally I’d prefer this game get a release WITHOUT any changes.

At a certain point, you have to think about preserving history for the next generation. Books and movies get a certain level of protection for history’s sake even in cases of blatant violation of copyright. Earthbound hasn’t even been found to violate copyright, seeming to me to fall within fair use, and these “changes” are all justified as needed in order to keep Nintendo out of court to begin with.

Pragmatically, I can understand that, but at what point does this start to get in the way of preserving things, as they are, for future generations? It’s annoying enough when a game like Zelda 2 is altered to remove the flashing light effects on character death. Annoying, but understandable as greater care in handling the handicapped is a good thing generally. However, it lacks even a basic option to “flip” the lights back on for those who can handle the flashing lights with no problem.

With Earthbound, these changes remove a lot of the flavor that defined the game. Whatever music they replaced the Cloudrunner theme with would likely just be another song used at another point in the game, or something quickly hashed together. That moment just isn’t going to shine as brightely. Pragmatically, we’re all going to be glad the game in “some form” will be available to everyone instead of a limited few who either already have the game or are willing to pay overpriced amounts for a limited supply that will someday fail. However, how much more might be chipped away just to oblige future potentially tighter constraints by copyright lawyers?

At some point, you gotta say screw pragmatism, even if it’s something that’ll delay the release of the game for two more system generations. At some point, I think an idealistic attitude about what to expect from a historically accurate archival version of a game should be taken and demanded from publishers. It may be “too much” to ask, it may be “unrealistic”, but making such concerns heard now makes future fights a lot easier when they come. Believe me, if we cave on this, the position to remove the “wake up” good morning song, or the question about the Beetle’s song “xxxterday”, becomes stronger a few years down the line.

Riley said on Jul. 6, 2012

@Namine207 I’m glad that you’ve started a petition directed at NCL, however I think you should make a new one with a much higher signature goal. The MOTHER community has certainly grown since the last petition, and there probably thousands of people willing to sign.

Namine207 said on Jul. 6, 2012

@ninten @Riley Sorry about that, didn’t realize that there was a setting that needed to be changed for that. Fixed!

Qwerty said on Jul. 6, 2012

Why don’t we try sending postcards to NCL again? It could just be a simple message saying to change the dali’s clock enemy name, use a different battle song for the hippie, and… Well… I guess just change the Sky Runner song to the bus music or a extended version of the Tessie song.

XXMLGXXPROXX said on Jul. 6, 2012

start posting the petition everywhere guys!

Jondo said on Jul. 6, 2012

I find it somewhat sad that no one is listening to either reidman or Tomato… A petition isn’t going to change their mind, guys…

Namine207 said on Jul. 6, 2012

@Jondo And doing absolutely nothing will? The way I see it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. What do we have to lose?

Tulips said on Jul. 6, 2012

I agree with you DJMankiewicz. The Sky Runner scene is a very memorable part of the game–mostly because of the music itself. It’s these little things that make Earthbound what it is, like little pieces to a bigger puzzle. … Atrocious metaphor but I think it describes the situation well in this case.

Believe me, I understand the overwhelming desire for Earthbound on the VC. I would buy it three times over but having that song changed would feel strange indeed. Yes it’s “just one song,” but Earthbound is all about the experience and I feel that changing the Sky Runner theme would detract from that. (Nevertheless I would still buy it. I won’t lie.) I also take issue with Earthbound having to “conform” to some government standard just so it can legally exist but I won’t go there.

I suppose the reason I have such a problem with Earthbound petitions (online ones especially) is that Starmen.net and EBC fairly well-known at this point. Anyone at NOA, NCL and so on can just hop into the internet and visit. They could be reading these very comments for all we know and I fear that it’s no longer a matter of quantity (how many would purchase the game to make a profit.) This situation has possibly grown more complicated and beyond our control. Inverse’s post can attest to that.

There is technically nothing wrong with showing support via an online petiton. However like I stated previously there is the fan reputation to consider. We have done so much over the course of so many years that I personally think we all should step back, take a deep breath and have patience. Yes that patience is wearing quite thin but sometimes this is how life works.

I hate to come off so negative when in fact I do have faith that Mother fans will get… something in the future. I may be jaded but I will always hold on to that little bit of hope. I just feel as if we need to hang tight for a bit. Do some interesting things for the Mother community itself! Show your dedication in creative ways as opposed to invading NCL’s database with pitchforks.

Rash said on Jul. 7, 2012

I appreciate the “preserving history” argument, but at the same time I can’t really get behind it. Earthbound is already preserved in its original form, via the original carts (which will eventually die out anyway) and emulation. If it doesn’t get released in its original form, it’ll die off in the eyes of the masses anyway. Change a couple of things in the game that give it “flavor,” and the overall experience is still there for the masses to appreciate for years to come. Anyone who’s curious can learn the truth about the game, via Wikipedia articles, Starmen.net, and Earthbound Central that detail the changes (in the same way they document, for example, the differences between Mother 2 and Earthbound.

Lots of games are brought back for new audiences and have changes. Some of these are unfortunate, but some are passable enough to say “at least the game is out there for people to play it.” Look at Square’s RPGs. The original versions of Final Fantasy IV and Chrono Trigger are pretty much perfect as is, and luckily enough they were able to be re-released on VC without being touched. But even then, new versions do exist like the GBA/DS versions of FFIV which do injustice to the soundtrack and challenge (and original aesthetic, if you’re talking about the 3D remake), and the DS version of Chrono Trigger which adds a bunch of extra unnecessary bullshit. Point is, the core games are still brilliant and are still there for people to enjoy. I’d be willing to let Earthbound slide with a similar treatment. Not a perfect analogy, obviously.

Namine207 said on Jul. 7, 2012

One other question. What email should we put for Nintendo Co Ltd.? I can’t seem to find one on their site.

Mato said on Jul. 7, 2012

It’s probably on there somewhere, but that’s also just one reason why I keep pushing the postcard idea.

Namine207 said on Jul. 7, 2012

@Mato We should do postcards too! 🙂 How would you recommend we do it, Mato?

Mato said on Jul. 7, 2012
Namine207 said on Jul. 7, 2012

Thanks, Mato! I’ve started spreading the word about the postcards, and I’m going to find one today to send out! 🙂

Furball200x said on Jul. 7, 2012

The Wii is dying. If we all want to Eb on the Wii’s Virtual Console, we’ll have to go all out because this is our last chance before Wii U.

TyBlood13 said on Jul. 8, 2012

^ Now I feel slightly stupid for making my own petetion, now there are two to sign.

Ninten=ness said on Jul. 8, 2012

Why do people always want a petition? That’s what everyone does, the postcards thing seems more original.

Saturnome said on Jul. 8, 2012

Yep, don’t quickly throw some petitions, it’s not an urgent thing. People need to reunite, organize something good, and reddit/twitter/whatever it.

Alex said on Jul. 9, 2012

We should set up an official postcards event though, and try to get them all to Nintendo Japan at the same time.
I dunno, Project Rainfall originally worked so well because they all showed they were willing to put their money behind the games, preordering the games on Amazon and such.
But their petitions, sending stuff into Nintendo as a group to make sure it all arrived simultaneously seemed to push them over the line.
If we posted our idea, got some exposure as a group, ALL did those postcards to hit Japan at the same time, maybe we could show them how many of us still care.
We just need to find a way to pledge our money.
Some sort of kickstarter type thing would be good.
Like, in a way that Mato could set it up with some crazy high pledge goal & get people to pledge money for the amount of a copy, just to show the amount of copies they could sell, then ‘return’ those pledges when it ‘doesn’t reach its goal’ sometime after the postcards are recieved.
Showing that we all have interest and are willing to put down our money for this is the only way we’d ever get those changes.
I mean if they can localize a whole game due to these things, surely they can change some names and some music.
Just some of my thoughts.

Radiostorm said on Jul. 9, 2012

Honestly, the window of time that I cared about EarthBound or Mother 3 being released in North America has passed. I’ve been a EarthBound fan for 17 years now, and I’ve grown tired of being jerked around by Nintendo. The fan community will always ensure that the old games are translated and playable, and projects like the Mother 1 remake and Coil Snake will perpetuate the legacy of the series. That’s that.

Alex said on Jul. 9, 2012

I may sound crazy and stupidly pro-active, but today, for the first time, I held in my hands a complete boxed Earthbound.
All the way here in Australia.
Obviously it’s not mine, but it just made me think what a shame it is that I should even be that damn excited about an Earthbound cart, while other games I love almost just as much have nowhere near that effect.
And it came just a day after hearing a detailed speech about the Operation Rainfall.
I know in my heart it’s basically no use, but I feel like if we ever give up, then why did we ever bother in the first place? 😛

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 9, 2012

The reason I get on about “preserving history” is because of what’s happened to too many really good old games, losing a bit of their heritage. I’d love for video games as an art form to get to the point where preservation is one of the standard concerns a game developer considers, so that extraordinary steps aren’t needed just to get a copy in a public museum or library for future generations to enjoy. Consider when the movie industry cared so little about preservation that entire old film reels were just burnt up to save space, resulting in countless old movies just lost to history.

In recent years, a number of classic games have had some really odd things done to them in rerelease just so that they COULD release them.

Games like Konami’s X-Men Arcade game were almost perfectly ported from the arcade, but had all the voice acting redone for what I presume to be something regarding copyright on the original voice acting. There isn’t even an option available to pick the original voice acting, even though players can still pick between the Japanese or US version of the arcade game.

Earthworm Jim had an HD release with improved art assets, but didn’t bother to include additional content from the Sega CD version and also had completely redone voice acting.

Both Ninja Turtles arcade games were packed into a few of the newer Ninja Turtles games, but had their entire soundtracks rewritten just to avoid copyright issues.

Imagine Citizen Cain needing to dub over the original actor’s voices just to be released again today. Not that I’m saying Earthworm Jim is the Citizen Cain of gaming, but it’s a certain principle.

I love the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV. I really don’t mind entire remakes of old games if they turn out good. However, the original should be out there as an option.

The thing about this is, it’s not about the songs actually being illegal. Everything I’ve read seems to agree that no, they probably wouldn’t lose a court case at all. The argument for removing them isn’t that they are actually violating the law, it’s that Nintendo doesn’t want to end up in court at all and pay the legal expenses for defending themselves.

Part of that speaks to a need to reform copyright law so that if the prosecution loses a case they are forced to pay for the defense’s legal fees. That would certainly help a lot. It would also help if the game companies were a little more eager to stand behind and more actively promote their past. The VC is great, but there’s only a token effort there. Look at all those Super Gameboy games in the 3DS store that are emulated in black and white. That’s a shame there.

Ninten=ness said on Jul. 10, 2012

Tessie’s theme can be used for the yellow submarine( i mainly see it as a homage, or parody),Weak or Mobile Opponent can be used for Frank and The Hippie, and Snowman could work for the skyrunner. And of course Dali’s clock can be changed to it’s Japanese name. Also if you think about, the hippie’s theme and the skyrunner theme also kept mother 1 and 3 from a re-release. But it’s only two songs, and it’s a worthwhile sacrifice, as well as eight bucks and the money for a postcard and postage.

mr. jupiter said on Jul. 10, 2012

Does nintendo even realise how much profit they can make if they release it on VC? I mean, those copyright law-suits and their costs will be a mere percent of the total income they get by releasing this. :S

Alex said on Jul. 11, 2012

That’s why we need a way to show and guarantee Nintendo exactly how much money they’d make from this.
Virtual Console is already dead on Wii, but not on 3DS however…

DJMankiewicz said on Jul. 11, 2012

Virtual Console is “dead” on Wii? Are there numbers to back that up?

Here’s the thing, the “Virtual Console” isn’t just for Wii, all games that work on it will work perfectly fine on the Wii U as that system appears to be perfectly compatible with Wii games. The emulators won’t need to be updated. The 3DS on the other hand seems to require it’s own emulating code so porting games between the two would appear to need some time to confirm the emulation is good on both systems.

Alex said on Jul. 12, 2012

By dead, I mean practically no games are being released for it anymore.

Fayorei said on Jul. 13, 2012


I think this is the petition to keep going. I’ll definitely drop a post-card in the mail for this. I think everyone interested should take a look at this(was posted earlier):

And try to get something in before Fall rolls around. The WiiU is more than likely going to have a classic game VC anyways, so there’s still plenty of time to have a chance. These changes are minor, and there’s no harm in doing something that isn’t raunchy.

Adam said on Jul. 14, 2012

So it’s not NOA? It’s actually NCL? WHAT A TWIST! I think we all owe Reggie an apology. XD!

0m4r said on Jul. 14, 2012


IT’s like Darth-Vader being Luke’s father, except everybody knows THAT already. I actualy thought Reggie is a big wiener, but really, it’s the NCL.

gblock said on Jul. 15, 2012

two words:

Kickstarter campaign

Find out the damn cost for these three frickin songs (whoever’s responsible) and get fans involved. This game will get released in NO TIME! (better make sure there’s some good rewards for the higher-end donators though)

Mr. Nosy said on Jul. 16, 2012

I do not think that we can win. After all, if a modified, ‘copyright-friendly’ version of Mother 2 DOES get released, a lot of people will have an uproar over they not getting the ‘true and honest version,’ especially when the ‘true and honest version’ is already available in the Nipponese version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl (or ‘Great Melee Smash Brothers X,’ if I were to continue using the ‘original names’).

0m4r said on Jul. 16, 2012


Don’t be so pessimistic. We might win this time! If the ROM has to be altered just a little bit to be rereleased, the true fans will accept it. One little song change isn’t gonna ruin the entire game.

Anonymous said on Jul. 16, 2012

I’d rather have Earthbound on VC with a couple of my favorite songs missing then nothing at all.

This fanbase cannot afford to be very picky.

boldtenda said on Jul. 21, 2012

I always thought some good names for Dali’s Clock could be “Cooked Clock” or “Burnt Time.”

TANMAC43 said on Jul. 22, 2012

C’mon! The only way the Sky Runner song and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” sound the same is that their both played on an organ! Other than that, the music doesn’t even match up!

applewithasn said on Jul. 23, 2012

We need to spread news of this petition and postcards thing everywhere. The target amount of signatures is 10000 and right now its at a measly 88… so come on people we should work for this and get some support!!! Whether is the petition or the postcards, this could make a difference!

Hawk EB said on Jul. 24, 2012

The NCL is giygas and the fans are Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo. So let’s beat this boss!

loidonroids said on Jul. 25, 2012


Earthbounder said on Jul. 26, 2012

It’s hopeless

unnoticedninja said on Jul. 27, 2012

Sorry to post so late after the original, but did Nintendo ever think of flat out asking the original bands if they even care? I mean the game was released in the U.S. before, and if the bands didn’t know about it by now, and haven’t said anything, especially since the song is just a strong resemblance and not a direct copy, how is this even an issue when nintendo would obviously profit?

Keman said on Jul. 27, 2012

i’m asking about it on Gametrailers’ new show “Annoyed Gamer” and I’m hoping recognition will come.

Sparklesqueak said on Jul. 30, 2012

Never gonna give you up, MOTHER~

Still, it feels a little silly that three small things stopped EarthBound…

Spidey501 said on Jul. 30, 2012

Wow that has to be the most stupid reason ever, THEY ARENT RELEASING IT FOR SOME STUPID SONGS THAT THEY CAN CHANGE WTF NCL, ITOI SHOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS! After all there are people making Mother 4 so he will be able to play it, and should be grateful enough for that that he could help us at least bring it to the VC, but nope he wont convince the VC at all. Pfft, figures something so small stops EB from coming to Wii and 3DS.

Anonymous said on Jul. 31, 2012

Can we just please leave this alone. It’s been nothing but back and forth discussions that arn’t getting anywhere about petitions and sieges for about the past month, nothings really been done, and nothing probably will be. I would love to see EarthBound get a rerelease, and I love the Mother/Earthbound series. But these endless back and forth discussions that have been repeating themselves arn’t getting us anywhere. Nintendo is well aware of this fanbase, so it doesn’t seem like theres anything else we can do. If you want to send NCL a letter or something by all means do so, I’m not trying to stop anyone. I’m just saying endlessly going on about the same thing for almost a month is getting pretty old, and isn’t going anywhere.

neonix said on Jul. 31, 2012

The one thing I really can’t wrap my head around the issue with the name “Dali’s Clock”…

If the sprite is fine, then the issue is not regarding any copyright on Salvador Dali’s artwork.

neonix said on Jul. 31, 2012

Also, I say they just play the Sky Runner music in reverse. lol

Mato said on Jul. 31, 2012

I pointed it out in the old topic, but Salvador Dali’s estate is apparently notorious for its legal action. I assume even if using the name “Dali” here would ultimately be okay, the NOA lawyers might be worried about the time/money it’d still waste the company.

Punky said on Jul. 31, 2012

That’s a good idea. Just have the songs play in reverse. As for the name, well just change the first letter. There now, release it in the U.S. -_-

Billy said on Aug. 13, 2012

I’m sorry, but these so called “similarities” aren’t enough to have Nintendo sued. That Who song has a similar sounding keyboard, but the notes are different, the rhythm is different, it’s panned and mixed completely different and I think that Nintendo probably knows this but they just don’t want to have to bother with lawyers at all regarding a 17 year old game that honestly won’t get them the kind of revenue they’re looking for. And I LOVE the fact that the Japanese creators of the game refused to have their art changed. There’s something truly honorable about that attitude.

There is similiarities in music all the time. Lady Gaga has songs that resemble pop songs in the past, and she gets away with it. During the pop punk era of the late 90’s, every punk band was using the same chord progression for every song… blink 182’s Dammit is a perfect example of the most common chord progression in rock and roll, and it’s used constantly, without lawsuits.

That sky runner / the who song is just not similar enough. Completely different melody. And why would Dali’s clock be a problem? Dali was a famous painter, it shouldn’t infringe copyrights to mention him any more than mentioning Benjamin Franklin (Mother 1) and the Beatles. Shouldn’t references to things in popular culture be protected under satire? Isn’t satire clearly what EB/M2 was going for? I’d imagine the guys at South Park would be sued a lot more for spoofing Mickey Mouse, the Ninja Turtles, Freddie Krueger, Crocodile Hunter, etc. if it was impossible to spoof pop cultue icnos (And I know they do get sued a lot… but still, they get away with a lot).

I think these things should be completely fine. Nintendo is just not committed enough to the game to want to rerelease it.

And that Chuck Berry song is 12 bar blues, one of the most common formula in blues and rock and roll. The specific melody of the guitar in EB is unique enough that it should be covered under satire. It’s clearly an imitation and a nod, but it’s not the same exact song. Different notes, different chords, it should be fine.

Nintendo is just making excuses.

Anonymous said on Aug. 13, 2012

Are you familar with the legal system enough to make such claims? Beside, NoA was just ready to release the game when those issues came up. NCL didn’t want changes made, so they couldn’t release it, making your statement incorrect.

Anonymous said on Aug. 13, 2012

Also, direct references to pop culture aren’t satire, so Dali’s clock wouldn’t be protected.

runnersdialzero said on Aug. 24, 2012

What Billy said.

Also, as much as I hate to deny a new generation easy access to Earthbound, I do not want to see this game come out compromised. I know most consider it minor stuff, but seriously – the New Age Retro Hippie or Frank without the 12 bar blues (not just Chuck Berry) music? The Sky Runner scene without the Sky Runner Theme? To Hades with that, I say.

These are important pieces of music to important scenes, to me – especially the Sky Runner stuff. It was like Daria finally coming out on DVD with almost none of the original music due to licensing issues – the show’s still great, but it’s missing something important. I don’t think that’s right, I don’t have interest in giving my money to companies that think it’s okay to give us something half-assed (out of necessity, I realize, but still), and I don’t have interest in purchasing or owning something so compromised.

Also, a thought – did the article created on this site contribute to the continued blocking of its release, perhaps? So many of these resemblances are trivial, especially two of the big three named here. Basic twelve bar blues does not warrant worry, the Sky Runner theme somewhat resembles the Who song but is likely different enough. The Dali situation is tough and I don’t know enough about this sort of thing to give an educated opinion, but still. I feel like a lot of these supposed “problems” weren’t much of a problem until some kids on the internet made a proper list of them. There was obviously some concern that prevented the initial release to be delayed, but a detailed list? Ouch.

No offense – it’s an interesting read, but it was just a thought.

So yeah. I’m honestly kind of surprised to see all these “JUST CHANGE IT ALREADY!” posts. I don’t agree. I don’t want to see a diluted version of something so important to my childhood become the “standard” edition and see the original version become forgotten or difficult to find a copy (be it an illegally downloaded ROM or a legit cartridge) of the original. No thanks.

runnersdialzero said on Aug. 24, 2012

One more “I sound like an old man” thought: Why can so many of these talentless hacks who call themselves “artists” nowadays steal entire hooks from other songs left and right, give credit and royalties to the original artist, but video games or television shows can’t do the same to a lesser extent? I wouldn’t mind in the least if the end credits were amended to include some kind of credit to The Who or Dali’s estate and the game was nine dollars in order to ensure those folks saw some royalties. It’s not ideal, but if it means Earthbound sees release uncompromised, it’d be cool.

Unfortunately, the music industry is a total joke, it seems, and thoughts like these just kind of end up being a waste. *cries forever*

Mato said on Aug. 24, 2012

runnersdialzero: Your thought about this list is indeed a thought I had when compiling the list, but the list had been based off of the Wikipedia article about EarthBound, so the info had already been out there for years.

runnersdialzero said on Aug. 24, 2012

Ah, I’d only seen it here. But yeah, I do have to wonder if, unfortunately, the Wiki list and articles about the subject contributed to these changes being deemed necessary.

Thanks for the clarification 🙂

Mato said on Aug. 24, 2012

I would be shocked if the Wikipedia list HADN’T been the main reason. Without it, most of the references probably would’ve gone over everyone’s heads – I definitely didn’t know about most of the references until then and I’m a crazy EarthBound guy 😛

Anonymous said on Aug. 25, 2012

I guess Reggie’s body isn’t ready for this!

Apple Kid said on Sep. 26, 2012

Here’s what I say, I guess that this won’t matter to much because its my opinion but the Chuck Berry battle theme (the opening of Johnny B. Goode parody) is actually very different from the actual song but I guess it is in the “cuttin’ it close/ grey legal” areas. The sky runner’s theme wasn’t my favorite song anyway. I guess it really matters though Nintendo has made it pretty clear this isn’t happening anytime soon.

Anonymous said on Oct. 1, 2012

I paid three dollars for my copy of Earthbound at a pawn shop. I also got bubble bobble 2 for free.

Anonymous said on Oct. 1, 2012

^ Completely off topic, but who cares? Yo momma, that’s who.

Krazy Kopter said on Oct. 11, 2012

^ Wish I was that lucky.

I’m surprised that it only boiled down to three things considering the obvious samples. I can live with a new name for the clock (Time Twister maybe?) and replacing the Skyrunner theme, I’d miss the New Age Retro Hippie theme. Didn’t Chuck Berry or someone associated with him actually slam Nintendo for this one? Weird since as many pointed out, there are far more blatant examples like Rockin’ K.K. in Animal Crossing.

Apple Kid said on Oct. 15, 2012

I found proof as to as why the Johnny B. Goode theme might not have to change. My grandmother and I went out for steak when we were in there I heard the “Chuck Berry” theme but it wasn’t even a Chuck Berry song so it may just be a generic guitar solo (but knowing Mr. Itoi it is possible that this is where the song opening came from) as for Dali’s clock just change it to Tears of Time (if you change the “melted” part to a blueish white it would look like a tear and you would avoid getting sued for a melted clock in your game) to bad NOJ won’t allow the changes to take place. Oh well.

Matthewtheman said on Oct. 17, 2012

Hmm, I see. S they only had 3 problems that’s a relief. Indeed the New Age Retro Hippie Theme could be changed to another song such as “Battle against an unsettling opponent” or “battle against a weak opponent” or something, and the Dali’s clock could simply be changed to its Japanese name. However, of all things, it’s the freaking SKY RUNNER THEME they’re hung up over?! I can’t believe them. They could easily just make the bus theme play instead. I personally would like to see them make an EarthBound version of “Bein’ Friends” and use that for the new sky runner theme, since that’s always been my favorite EarthBound song.

Apple Kid said on Oct. 23, 2012

Wait! According to wikipedia the opening of Jonny B. Goode is a note- for- note recreation of the opening of Ain’t That Just Like a Woman. So I think that means it could be just a generic guitar solo in the public domain.

Nick said on Nov. 5, 2012

Holy shit, who fucking cares if the goddamn thing gets released for the VC or not? It’s not like you have no way to play Earthbound. Just download the ROMs. Nintendo obviously doesn’t want to go through the effort to make this available for us to buy it on the VC, so just be content that you can play Earthbound on pretty much every platform (PCs, cell phones, hacked consoles, etc.) through emulation, ok?!

OKeijiDragon said on Mar. 19, 2013

BREAKING: MOTHER 2 is largely untouched in the Japanese WiiU Virtual Console. The copyright-sensitive-to-USA Sky Runner theme still plays in the sequence.

David B. said on Mar. 19, 2013

To Nick: Some of us would pay for this game. If I had a Japanese Wii U (and could understand the language), I’d buy it, no questions asked.

Rocks4Free said on Mar. 31, 2013

Maybe starmen.net should start a fundraiser for earthbound on VC.

Anonymous said on Apr. 5, 2013

Hell yeah! I like Rocks4Free’s idea. Maybe we could get a lot of money donated and use it to make a difference. Instead of just Earthbound though I’d like to see MOTHER and MOTHER 3 here… If that seems like too much of a “giant step” though, re-releasing Earthbound is a pretty good start. I bet this would have more potential than “bombarding” Nintendo with more useless petitions… (seriously… no more petitions)

Kaabii said on Apr. 16, 2013

Whatever happened to Fair Use…?

Rocks4Free said on Apr. 16, 2013

It died

Kaabii said on Apr. 16, 2013

@Rocks4free: I know right!?

Pigmask No. 725886 said on Apr. 21, 2013

It’s funny going back and seeing everyone be all pessimistic and “Earthbound’s never being released, let’s just give up and emulate it.” Look what happened now.

Rocks4Free said on Apr. 21, 2013

Just name the clock “Melted minutes,” use the mother 3 white box theme for the sky runner, and make 1 song for the chuck berry battle music. Done.

Rocks4Free said on Apr. 29, 2013

Earthbound on Wii U VC this year! WOO!!

??? said on Jul. 24, 2013

Well, then. Turns out they were able to release EarthBound on the VC in both NA and Europe without any edits. That starmen.net page should probably be updated, lol. This is very interesting. I have to wonder why but I doubt we will ever find out.

Now the big question is, why hasn’t the original MOTHER been released on Japan’s VC all these years? There aren’t any other legal issues I can think of besides the mention of Dragon Quest, which I’m sure they could edit out like in later versions of the game, and the hippie music by itself probably wouldn’t be enough to get the game in legal trouble especially in Japan. The only answer I can think of is, maybe they don’t have a copy of the altered FC version of the game that was used for rereleases, and Itoi isn’t comfortable with releasing the “1.0” version without the enhancements made in the translation and GBA port.


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