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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 16th, 2012 | EarthBound, Videos

Over on Revision3 Games they did a Top 5 video game dads, since Father’s Day is coming up. Since I watch most of their stuff daily I thought I’d share this here, since EarthBound is featured in it 😛

I was kind of surprised how they gave Ness’s dad a positive look, it’s always been my experience that people tend to call him a deadbeat, workaholic dad who’s never there for his family and pays his son for bashing living things.


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17 Comments to The Top 5 Video Game Dads

Alex Foffano said on Jun. 16, 2012

King of All Cosmos is not a bad dad. He suffered a lot to be where he is. He loves his son and just wants him to be the best. After all, the Prince is going to be the next King of All Cosmos.

Oh, wait. It’s not a Katamari Damacy blog…

Someone said on Jun. 16, 2012

Why the heck did they put the “& GBA” for Earthbound’s consoles.
Only us fans would know about Mother 1 & 2. Any other person would pull their hair out trying to find Earthbound for the GBA.

What'sHerFace said on Jun. 16, 2012

I kind of like this view on Ness’s dad. Sure he works all the time and rarely ever actually SEES his son, but he is concerned about Ness. He even calls to remind him to take breaks and not push himself too much. 🙂

@someone: Maybe that’s their way of encouraging people to play Mother 3?

Furball200x said on Jun. 16, 2012

Come to think of Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Pokey all have bad father figures, and they’re the only characters I can think of with dads.

SomeUser said on Jun. 16, 2012

I always liked to think Ness’s dad has to be away for his job, not because he wants to. Makes him look a little less like he doesn’t care about Ness.

Mesousa said on Jun. 16, 2012

I started watching, then I heard the horrible mispronunciation of Katamari Damacy, then I stopped.

Poe said on Jun. 16, 2012

Mesousa – please start forgiving people who mispronounce foreign words. Give them a chance, they’re good guys.

Earthbounder said on Jun. 16, 2012

Why would they list earthbound on the gba. The mother series on it but not earthbound. Either way this was a cool countdown.

JRokujuushi said on Jun. 16, 2012

Needs more Ethan Mars. I like their take on Ness’ dad, though.

Chris Highwind said on Jun. 17, 2012

@Earthbounder: If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you should know by now that Mother 2 = Earthbound. I’m guessing they put it up for GBA since it is technically out on the GBA, just Japan only (and probably the only Mother game that hasn’t had a GBA English Fan Translation)

maskedsaturn said on Jun. 17, 2012

What about Ethan from Heavy Rain? He killed a guy for his son.

PK Derp said on Jun. 17, 2012

@maskedsaturn Correction, YOUR Ethan killed a guy for his son. Ethan is only a good father if you make him a good father. Also i agree with Chris Highwind, Mother 2 and Earthbound are 99.9% the same game so it is technically on GBA.

Skulryk said on Jun. 18, 2012

I don’t know if I read this from a theory or just thought of it one day, but I always thought the possibility that Ness’s parents were divorced or separated would kind of make sense. It explains why Ness’s dad is never really around, despite the fact that he seems to want to be there, and I don’t know if they ever explicitly state that his parents are still together. Plus, since Earthbound is from a kid’s point of view, it could be that his parents don’t want to break it to Ness or he doesn’t understand the possibility of divorce.

Of course this kind of overanalysis is kind of getting into ‘giygas fetus theory’ territory, but I thought it might be a neat interpretation.

Poe said on Jun. 18, 2012

That’s an interesting way of looking at it, Skulryk!

DJMankiewicz said on Jun. 18, 2012

It is, and further it fits into Itoi’s desire to let the characters and their motives be more open to player interpretation.

Apple Kid said on Oct. 7, 2012

@ Furball200x How is Paula’s dad bad. Sure he keeps his daughter locked in her room but he does it to protect her. And when he finds out she is gone he does everything he can to find her.
@ Skulryk pretty good interpretation/theory and you backed it up with evidence. After all it would explain why he is so rich (won money in court or alimony check) and the game never says that he is always at work, just that he is not around often.

Apple Kid said on Oct. 7, 2012

(To my above post) I forgot about the loan from the Minches. But it is possible to get over 100,000 dollars (assuming Mr. Minch was telling the truth)


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