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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 5th, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound

Over the past couple of days I’ve gotten a flurry of messages about a suspicious EarthBound cart on eBay:

Obviously this is isn’t a legit EarthBound cartridge, and the description certainly doesn’t help dispel any suspicion:

Item sold as is not tested item was a video game store returns clames what you see is item up for sell no returns or refunds sold as is as defective or untested game read before biding

This reproduction is obvious because of the crappy art, but there ARE some bootlegs out there that are meant to look like the real thing, as we learned here.

If you’re ever in doubt about your own EarthBound cartridge(s), you can tell if they’re legitimate or not by taking them apart and using this post and this post for reference.

Also, if you’re looking to buy a cartridge on eBay or elsewhere, use the tips here to make sure you get a real cartridge.

Anyway, I figure this sort of thing’s going to happen more and more, so if you find any weird carts, let me know and I’ll share it here!


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33 Comments to Fake EarthBound Cart for Sale

Satsy said on Jun. 5, 2012

You know what would be nice? Bootleg PAL versions. That’d be nifty, legal questions aside.

I shouldn’t really be saying that, should I?…

Dreamer said on Jun. 5, 2012

Where the heck did THAT artwork come from? It doesn’t look like a figure for starman that I have seen. Wonder what that cartridge does?

Earthbounder said on Jun. 5, 2012

This would be ok if it was cheap and worked. It may not be legal but considering the price of a legit cart I would pay for this. I kinda like the art but if it dont work and is expensive then it’s just a scam.

Puck Your Mother said on Jun. 5, 2012

I’ve seen that image before on the internet, so I know it’s fake.

NorthofOnett said on Jun. 5, 2012

I just want to know what this rip-off is being sold for… the link to the eBay page is dead.

Satsy said on Jun. 5, 2012

North: I saw it a couple days ago and it had 3 bids and was at $51.

eme said on Jun. 5, 2012

lol, i did that crappy artwork ages ago. let me see if i can find it…

obviously, no one asked me for permission or anything.

Puck Your Mother said on Jun. 5, 2012

I believe I’ve seen it as Fan art on Starmen.net. Pretty funny that they used it however 😀

Poe said on Jun. 5, 2012

eme – I’ve seen that same picture being sold as a poster on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Poster-Earthbound-from-SNES-/170838311765?pt=UK_VideoGames_Merchandise_RL&hash=item27c6c1c355#ht_1340wt_1194

If that’s not you selling it, please report that item because somebody is making money off of your artwork.

Anonymous said on Jun. 5, 2012

And right now on ebay, there’s a fake EB0 cart described as RARE(with what I believe to be fanart as the label) selling for $139.99. To make matters worse, I found it on the ebay section of this site

Schlupi said on Jun. 5, 2012

@ Satsy: They have most definitely had fake PAL carts floating around for the past few years.

Puck Your Mother said on Jun. 5, 2012

Good thing we know better. To think things like this could go on like nothing.

JeffMan said on Jun. 5, 2012

I dunno, is it necessarily a bootleg? It could be that the label peeled off and somebody put a new one on; it doesn’t say anything about the innards.

eme said on Jun. 5, 2012

nah, i can’t even find my own original image. i remember it being quite low-resolution, so it would look atrocious as an a3 poster.

it’s not worth the trouble. i really doubt they’re making that much money out of my work.

Halloween said on Jun. 5, 2012

Hahaha, someone put some work into that label. I mean, it looks like a legit SNES cart label if you didn’t know what Earthbound looked like.

The best part is the description though. And I guess the three people who want to buy it for up to $50??

pk_stan said on Jun. 5, 2012


That person has been selling that poster for quite awhile now, I bought one last year. It actually looks quite nice. You should at least contact the seller and tell them that you created the artwork and threaten legal action.

Puck Your Mother said on Jun. 5, 2012

This proves that You can sell anything on eBay and make more money than it’s worth.

tintinophile691 said on Jun. 5, 2012

Could’ve been someone reclothing this particular cart:


…But there’s nothing to suggest that’s the truth.

tintinophile691 said on Jun. 5, 2012

^I don’t even know if that cart sold.

Earthbounder said on Jun. 6, 2012

Yea I wouldn’t pay that much and if he sold the artwork I really wouldnt pay that. In fact I would be pretty mad and try to take some legal action.

Pigmask Private said on Jun. 6, 2012

psssst guys I know exactly where this label came from. It was put on the Cover Project by a guy who made it so fakes couldn’t be easily made, but someone could have a replacement label if there’s was torn or something.


Puck Your Mother said on Jun. 6, 2012

Thanks for pointing that out! It’s a peice of fan art on Starmen.net. I remember seeing it on google images and it lead to the site’s fan art page. I can’t go on because I am currently banned, but someone should check it out.

Pak-Man said on Jun. 7, 2012

It’s rated Kids to Adults! That would explain why I’m still playing it at 35. :^)

Schlupi said on Jun. 10, 2012

What the crap, this sold for more than 100 dollars despite the fact I know a lot of people reported it? I feel bad for the person buying it if they don’t know…

although they deserve it if they don’t realize it’s fake. Just simply being on Ebay and seeing every other label on the other carts should be enough.

Corey/segaboy7 said on Jun. 14, 2012

It would be interesting if we could get a hold of whoever bought it and have them send pics of the guts of the cart.

neonix said on Jun. 21, 2012

You know it’s fishy when the description says the game is sold “as is” and is “not tested” and reads with such poor grammar, NO PUNCTUATION whatsoever, typos, and words that don’t even exist…

“Item sold as is not tested item was a video game store returns clames what you see is item up for sell no returns or refunds sold as is as defective or untested game read before biding”

Lol, I would be interested if we could get a hold of whoever bought it and slap them in the face!

James said on Jul. 14, 2012

Since the buyer left feedback, it seems that gratitudenbliss had purchased it, and it was not eb/repro.

Spidey501 said on Jul. 30, 2012

WOW Thats surprising, but if its real why did they change the front cover? Maybe its a special version^

Radic said on Nov. 12, 2012

Was this item removed off of eBay? Did someone buy it? If so, was it bought off of anyone on this site.

xinsizionx said on Dec. 4, 2012


fake seen on ebay today.. look at the horrible label.

rockman said on Dec. 11, 2012

It’s insane that that obvious fake went for more that 150!

zen said on Jun. 14, 2013

rockman this item was sold for 150$! I feel bad for the idot who bought this…

Mario said on Aug. 14, 2013

Describing the game as rare doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake or suspicious, I bought an earthbound cart on ebay that said rare in the title and in the description, I took it apart when I got it and turned out to be legit. It’s just that some people think the game is rare.


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