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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 7th, 2012 | Images, MOTHER 1

ChrisHighwind sent this in recently:

So I’m flipping through my latest issue of Game Informer, and then come to their top 10, which is about babies. Suddenly I see #8, which is the Garrickson Baby from Earthbound Zero (though the magazine just calls it “Earthbound”) It talks about how if you use Telepathy on the baby, he’ll teach you the PSI move Teleport. I thought this was a very interesting find!

(click for bigger version)

I can totally see “psychics who talk to babies” being a new fad on cheesy afternoon talk shows now 😛


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24 Comments to EarthBound Zero in Game Informer

Mill said on Jun. 7, 2012

Even more interesting since it’s technically an unreleased game over here.

lostaname said on Jun. 7, 2012

I can totally see “psychics who talk to babies” being a new fad on cheesy afternoon talk shows now 😛

Oh god, no more Derrek Ogilvie references please.

Radiostorm said on Jun. 7, 2012

Ha, I see in the corner that baby Yoshi made the list too.

Chris Highwind said on Jun. 7, 2012

I was so surprised when I found that in my issue of Game Informer. Mill’s right, EB0 is an unreleased game, so either Nintendo’s cooking up something, or someone at GI knows how to work an emulator.

Ness1985 said on Jun. 7, 2012

This is definitely one of the more interesting parts of the game for me.

Earthbounder said on Jun. 7, 2012

Wow pretty cool, if I wasn’t so dumb and I knew how to use an emulator my life would be so much happier. Well, atleast I have a repo cart.

Puck Your Mother said on Jun. 7, 2012

Game Informer has always been the best!

2Sang said on Jun. 7, 2012

Nice to see something eb-related in a gaming magazine

cherryw17 said on Jun. 7, 2012

I’ve beat the game but whare the crap is it in the game

linkdude20002001 said on Jun. 8, 2012

In the west part of Easter.

Stuffgamer1 said on Jun. 8, 2012

I was definitely surprised to see this in the magazine. It was my understanding that as a general rule, gaming publications that want to stay on the good side of game publishers (so as to continue to receive review copies, game previews, and whatnot) refused to acknowledge emulation. So it seems like Game Informer is walking on the wild side with this one, as I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that THIS would be the only hint Nintendo allowed to be released that some game release was imminent, especially with E3 just come and gone.

Pokey Means Buisness said on Jun. 8, 2012

This is why I don’t like GI. They don’t get there facts right and always forget about Nintendo. 😛

Pokey Means Buisness said on Jun. 8, 2012

Yuck, I meant to say “their”. XD

Sonictheawesomesauce said on Jun. 8, 2012

Hmm. Even though he isn’t technically a baby, I’m just surprised they didn’t have either Giegue or Giygas. The evil baby villain wants attention too!

Zer0boy said on Jun. 21, 2012

EB 0 never existed as anything but a rom. Mother was called Mother, period. When the emulation scene translated the rom of Mother they called it Earthbound 0. Eartbound 0 was never a concept for the game’s name even when it was planned on being released stateside. The title was simply Mother. So when GI called it Earthbound they were doing it right.

Furball200x said on Jun. 22, 2012

^ Mother 1’s US release was going to be titled “Earth Bound'” with 2 words So if you want to get in specifics, they got it wrong . I know it’s no big deal; I’m just sayin’.

Zer0boy said on Jun. 22, 2012

No Earthbound as a game title did not exist till Mother 2 came stateside. Mother was never called anything other than Mother period.

OKeijiDragon said on Jun. 22, 2012

Actually Zer0boy, it technically did. Did as in past-tense, as the official trademark for it died in 1992.

I’m just gonna link the trademark here: http://tarr.uspto.gov/servlet/tarr?regser=serial&entry=74089113

Goods and Services : (ABANDONED) IC 028. US 022 038. G & S: toys, namely video game machines and electronic game programs
Mark Drawing Code : (1) TYPED DRAWING
Serial Number : 74089113
Filing Date : August 16, 1990
Current Basis : 1B
Original Filing Basis : 1B
Published for Opposition : May 14, 1991
Owner : (APPLICANT) Nintendo of America Inc. CORPORATION WASHINGTON 4820 – 150th Avenue Northeast Redmond WASHINGTON 98052
Attorney of Record : Jerald E. Nagae
Type of Mark : TRADEMARK
Register : PRINCIPAL
Live/Dead Indicator : DEAD
Abandonment Date : July 13, 1992

OKeijiDragon said on Jun. 22, 2012

Hey Tomato. Also, what are you gonna do with the EarthBound SNES review scan I made for you?
http://twitpic.com/9vk7bf It’s got some interesting

OKeijiDragon said on Jun. 22, 2012

…bits of rudimentary localization in it.

Mato said on Jun. 23, 2012

Ah, is that what that magazine review was? It looks like it’s the same as this one: http://earthboundcentral.com/2009/04/vgces-earthbound-review/

Minifig2401 said on Jun. 25, 2012

I find it odd, that they’d show earthbound zero.. I mean the only ways to play the game are A: use emulators, or get a reproduction cart,or B: Have a Japanese cartridge. Either game informer broke some rules, or there’s a 0.00000000000000000001% chance of a wii u virtual console re-release.. Still, highly unlikely.

Douche Mcallister said on May. 28, 2013

Wow, I know this topic is WAY old now but reading some of the comments on this boils my piss as a MOTHER nerd. (Teehee)
MOTHER is MOTHER in Japan. It was going to be “Earth Bound” (two words) in the states on the NES, but it was never released. AND IT WAS translated by Nintendo OFFICIALLY. It bugs me when people say it’s a fan translation because IT’S NOT. The only thing Demiforce changed about it was they added “zero” to the title screen to avoid confusion with the already out “Earthbound” on SNES.
Get it straight nigga!

Pengo said on May. 28, 2013

…I have Earthbound (MOTHER 1) Beta…


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