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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 30th, 2012 | EarthBound

I still get lots of messages from fans who’ve discovered that EarthBound is on the ESRB website if you do a search for it:

This is very old news though – it’s been that way since 2007. Lots of us were watching the ESRB site for EarthBound after the Wii was released, especially because Iwata had specifically mentioned EarthBound on the Virtual Console beforehand:

You can read more about the EarthBound on Virtual Console debacle here, which discusses the ESRB thing a little bit too.


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11 Comments to EarthBound on ESRB Site

Satsy said on Jun. 30, 2012

I still feel the sadness sometimes.

But I wouldn’t really want to see it on VC anyway. I rarely use my Wii, and haven’t since 2008/9. I simply don’t sit down to home consoles as-is. The few times I do, I’d rather have one controller, rather than a controller with a wiimote attached like a ball-and-chain.

Methinks they’d be able to do more with it, and get better acceptance over changes, if they weren’t trying to plonk it (or any of the games) on the Wii’s classic-game emulator. The point of VC was to change things as little as possible. I’d think they could do far more if they weren’t tied to that one ideal.

2Sang said on Jun. 30, 2012

Read the title
Read the description

KA Gamer said on Jun. 30, 2012

I think the only reason why Iwata mentioned EarthBound is because it’s popular in the country he’s from. He may not have known about the marketing dept.’s mistakes with the game.

Buster The Fox said on Jun. 30, 2012

Especially considering the Wii rating pictured, I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo did have plans to put EB on the VC. But the legal stuff must’ve cut them off from it. It’s such a sad story for us fans…

I like the way Iwata says “Earthbound”. “Earffbound”. Haha. Yeah, I’m tired right now…

TheDreaminghawk said on Jun. 30, 2012

Ya know… I kinda wish someone could make a campaign similar to operation rainfall to convince NCL to let NOA make the changes. They probably have it there, so WHY ARE NCL BEING IGNORANT?!?

Ninten=ness said on Jun. 30, 2012

If they had to change every single thing that might get them into legal trouble, I’d gladly go with it, Nothing beats seeing an awesome 8/16 bit game on the TV, but i don’t think that will happen. Judging by how much money NOA lost from earthbound, and their current sales right now, especially considering the fact that the 3DS had a price cut and might have another one, we might just have to hold our breath longer. For every little hint we get, our hope rises like Ness’s boost at Magicant, but for every hint squashed like Starman Jr’s chances of winning, we feel more sadness..

Ness1985 said on Jun. 30, 2012

I wouldn’t expect any changes, I’m a purist 😛

Ness1985 said on Jun. 30, 2012


nem said on Jul. 1, 2012

Well, they already changed the english release some when it first came out, so are you purist for the original american version, or the japanese?

Zuppermati97 said on Jul. 3, 2012

Earthbound on Wii U virtual console!!!

Anonymous said on Aug. 16, 2012

@KA Gamer Actually, Iwata himself was the lead programmer of EarthBound


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