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May 23rd, 2012 | MOTHER 3, Uncommon Knowledge, Videos

Using the walk through walls code, RyukaValis found some unused lines in MOTHER 3:

For reference, the first one here is from after Tazmily turns modern, the second one is from before it turns modern.

While working on the translation, I always wondered where the heck those lines fit into the game. You can see them in the script here and here.

My guess was that it was some kind of gift box with a sign next to it, but it looks like there’s no gift box here. So I really have no idea now 😛

Now if only there were some way to see details about this!


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9 Comments to Hidden Signs in Tazmily

RyukaValis said on May. 23, 2012

If I find anything else I will post a topic about it, if you don’t mind. ^.^

Piksel said on May. 23, 2012

That’s pretty awesome how RyukaValis found this. Would have never thought of that myself.

Oh yeah, and something completely different:
“I’ll take a potato chip….AND EAT IT!!!”

dwiese1998 said on May. 23, 2012

Im eating dill pickle potato chips now

BigDream said on May. 23, 2012


Kett said on May. 24, 2012

There’s more unused Map Stuff, right at the beginning of the game, on the Drago Pleatu with Claus, go to the right bottom. You see nothing but a few trees? Well, walk trou the Cliff with a Walk trou code and you see 2 Plants and 1 bush never used anywhere else in the game.

It’s nothing special, i know but thought i let you guys know~

flintsdoorknob said on May. 31, 2012

Is 14 a quote from Mother 2? When Your Dad calls you when you’ve been playing the game too long, or a phone call…I’m remembering it wrong most definitively.

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 8, 2012

Hmmmmm… Ive used the walk through walls code to explore stuff in the game. The second the game starts(lucas in pajamas) I went to Tazmilly. Interestingly enough, it was daytime! The bell was ringing but there was no fire! Also everyone thinks your FLint. Its quite funny. Lady: I bet Lucas is somewhere crying. Lucas: IM RIGHT HERE!!!

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