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May 19th, 2012 | Hacking, MOTHER 1

H.S has put together another map for the EarthBound Zero remake hack, this time it’s the area north of Reindeer, which includes the house with the old man’s dentures nearby.

Here’s a look at what H.S has:

Because EarthBound maps have to be much smaller than EarthBound Zero maps, some simplifying and streamlining is always necessary. For reference, here’s the same area in the NES version:

Again, there’s still a LOT of work left to do until this hack is functional. Also, if you’ve missed them, check out previous updates about the project here!


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12 Comments to EB0 Remake: North Reindeer Map

Michael (The World Is Square) said on May. 19, 2012

As someone who has done a buttload of map editing, I just want to point out how much work has to go into each and every area/tileset. H.S. is a PK Hacking machine!

H.S said on May. 19, 2012

I should mention that this is basically the first draft of the map. Later, I plan on making some changes, like adding a longer path around the back leading to the dentures.

Clockwork64 said on May. 19, 2012

That is Super awsome He/
she Must be Preety good at PK hacking Keep it up

BB Gang Zombie said on May. 19, 2012

Awesome work as always, H.S!
I love seeing what you come up with!

MrKoopan said on May. 19, 2012

looks really good so far

man said on May. 19, 2012

If this actually comes to fruition I honestly believe it will be more enjoyable than the NES original ever was.

OM said on May. 19, 2012

Is there any way to get involved with helping test this hack out? Like, proofreading text or anything like that. I’d be up for that.

BB Gang Zombie said on May. 19, 2012

^ They’re still at a pre-production phase, so there’s not much text to speak of. It’s more-or-less making tiles and maps. 😛

The only way to help out at the moment would be to either make maps/sprites/tiles or to give input on the ones they have; things you see that are a bit ‘off’ so to speak, are nice to point out when need-be. Another thing would be to redo enemies that didn’t turn out as good and see if they like the new ones better. The hack isn’t even close to being completed, so there’s not much to test yet, haha.

Jason said on May. 20, 2012

This may be a stupid question.. but why do Earthbound maps have to be much smaller than Earthbound Zero maps? o_O It’s mentioned just as something obvious here, but I’m curious if there are any fundamental differences (or if it’s just because of the memory and storage issues).

Mato said on May. 20, 2012

Yes, it’s due to memory stuff – EarthBound Zero’s supermap was designed to be 16384×14384 pixels while EarthBound’s only has 8192×10240, which means only one third of EarthBound Zero’s map could fit into EarthBound’s map.

Christian said on May. 20, 2012

This makes me feel like this project won’t end up like most fan remakes and end up dead. Keep up the great work. I just wish we could see the how Ninten, Ana, LLyod, and Teddy will look in the remake.

Username? What's That? said on May. 21, 2012

It is good to see how this project is showing results. The maps looks great. Keep it up!


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