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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 8th, 2012 | EarthBound, EarthBound 64

A Swedish EarthBound fan by the name of Anders recently sent me a big ol’ PDF file containing scans of magazines that covered EarthBound and EarthBound-related stuff. Here’s what Anders says:

The first two pages contain a (US import) review of Earthbound from the magazine Super POWER, #11 1995. […] A two-reviewer system was used and, as can be seen in the two boxes left of the final verdict, the two reviewers were not in agreement.

The first reviewer complains that the game is too childish and that its ‘hamburger-and-coca-cola theme prevents the right feeling of commitment for the mission at hand’ (score 67). The second reviewer mainly commends the game for its bold step away from the classic RPG themes with dragons and ‘malevolent gnomes’, and its humor (score 90).

I noted that this review is, both regarding layout and text content, near-identical to the finnish Super POWER review you have posted before (link), but the reviewers’ scores are different – which is strange, because it’s the same reviewers!?!

The third page contains a clipping from Super PLAY (the successor to Super POWER) #13, March 1997. It says that Mother 3 has officially been assigned the subtitle ‘Forest of Chimera’, and that the game will arrive ‘a few months’ after the release of the 64DD.

The fourth page is a page from Super PLAY #23, January 1998. It’s part of the coverage of Space World trade show, and there is a comment about how ‘Mother 3 and Super Mario RPG 2 [Paper Mario] will hopefully silence all those who say that there aren’t any proper RPGs for the N64’. A picture can also be seen in the lower left, with a caption saying that the game will probably be named Earthbound 64 in Europe.

You can check out the file here!

I find it funny how the reviewers’ scores changed between the two versions. I’m not sure why that would’ve happened – anyone got any ideas?

Anyway, I always love seeing old magazine scans featuring EarthBound stuff, so if you know of any that haven’t posted yet, let me know!


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7 Comments to EarthBound Scans from Sweden

2Sang said on May. 8, 2012


Mato, you should make a site where you have all the scans from every eb-related magazine article, that’d be very informative

Mato said on May. 8, 2012

It sorely needs updating, but check out the “Articles/Info” thing on the topbar menu for other magazines and such.

September said on May. 8, 2012

Yeah, go Sweden! *fistpump*

NorthofOnett said on May. 8, 2012

I hadn’t seen some of those EB 64 shots before; very cool!

Sun Braid said on May. 8, 2012

Additional Swedish Mother fan enters the comment section! We appear to be a pretty endangered species. Have yet to meet one in real life.

Captain Bozo said on May. 8, 2012

Chuck is the best name for Ness

Ailure said on May. 8, 2012

Another Swede here. I love how Starman Jr is misidentified as Chuck in the caption (what the reviewer used as name for Ness).

I find it amusing they criticize the amount of dialogue the game have, as that’s most of the charm of the game.

I have a feeling the Swedish version is the orginal and the Finnish magazine is a translation of the what the Swedish reviewers wrote. It was very common at the time that magazines was distributed all over in Scandinavia, and just localized for each nation. Maybe someone thought the scores in the finnish version was too contrasting?

I miss Super Power and similar magazines of the time, I really liked the second opinion columns they always had.


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