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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 13th, 2012 | Fan Games, Videos

Over the past couple weeks there’s been a lot of talk about games being financed through Kickstarter – it seems like everyone and their dog has a Kickstarter game in the works 😛 Anyway, here are two EarthBound-y-ish ones that people have been discussing!

Boot Hill Heroes

First up is Boot Hill Heroes, which has already gotten a good amount of press. It’s described thusly:

Take one part Final Fantasy, one part Earthbound, and one part Chrono Trigger – then dip the whole thing in spicy Wild West sauce! Boot Hill Heroes is a true retro RPG set in the American Wild West. You’ll find all the trappings of a spaghetti western – gunslingers, saloons, Indians, ranches, spittoons, Mexican standoffs, heroism, villainy, and everything in between. Boot Hill Heroes has adventure, drama, and a fair helping of humor. It’s just like the classic RPGs you remember from yesteryear but with an inventive new spin!

Do You Remember ~An RPG from your childhood~

Next, here’s a project by Yui, meant to be “an EarthBound-inspired game with some modern twists to it”:

So there you go! It’s neat to see EarthBound fans growing up and working on games of their own 🙂


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14 Comments to EarthBound-like Kickstarter Games

Satsy said on May. 13, 2012

How much must I sit through to see gameplay footage of Do You Remember? I wound up losing interest just as it reached the first gameplay mechanic (RPG style room). Shame, really, it’s probably a fine game. But to have interest in a game, I kinda wanna see a game, not silly videos with bad lighting and a long drawn out explanation of what the game intends to have.

SU-Team8 said on May. 13, 2012

It’s like Mother 3 but with 50% more cowboys! :0

THM said on May. 13, 2012

Boot Hill Heroes looks like it has potential. Though it appears they may be using some tile sets from EarthBound games. Some look like straight rips others look like color edits. I would avoid doing that if I were them..

Halloween said on May. 13, 2012

Yeah when I first saw Boot Hill Heroes I thought “Mother-inspired” but the more I learned, it just seems like a straight ripoff of Mother 3.

Which could be good I guess (I like Zelda clones because I find the mechanics fun) but when you copy a game that much it’s not really gonna be anyone’s favorite game.

tintinophile691 said on May. 13, 2012

Sometimes I wonder if NOA even has the intention of keeping the rights of EarthBound. If they do want to, then I still think the fans are being messed with.

If they don’t want to, that would be exciting, wouldn’t it?

Magicxgame said on May. 13, 2012

Just posting to say that Boot Hill Heroes sounds AWESOME.

I really hope it’s not a clone like Halloween says, though.

Gray matter said on May. 13, 2012
Yomie said on May. 14, 2012

Wow we have to pay for ROM hacks now??? That sucks.

MightyYT said on May. 14, 2012

@Satsy: I completely agree with you. For what they’re trying to accomplish and what they’re asking of us, they made some poor choices in presenting their project. I realize they were trying to be unique and quirky, but it just came off as unprofessional. As I was also quickly losing interest, I skipped past the unnecessary intro to get to the real reason I was watching the video, to watch actual gameplay images and video (who’d-a-thunk?), and I was intrigued by some of their ideas.

I think both game projects have potential, but I do have to give the edge to Boot Hill Heroes. I love that they didn’t go the RPG Maker route and have actually programmed the thing from scratch using XNA and C#! From what I’m seeing in their video, it’s obvious that they’ve emphasized functionality over things like graphics, which is good and bad. Everything seems to be functioning quite well, which is most important, but they do need to replace the Mother 3 tile rips, etc, with more original art work. It also looks like they’ve composed a compelling story and interesting characters, which is the next most important aspect of a good game!

What I really found funny was that the BHH people borrowed Mother 3 graphics and put them in an XNA-made game, as I am doing the exact same thing in a current class project! I’m in one of my final 2D courses before I finish my degree, and when we needed a map to walk around in, I decided to recreate Modern Tazmilly, except without most of the buildings. That way it’s more wide-open for spawning enemies and pickups and testing enemy AI. I love experimenting with new features on that map, but don’t worry, we are strictly using it as a placeholder and will eventually replace it with original graphics. Hopefully, after graduation, our game could become a Kickstarter project too!

Arithmetick said on May. 14, 2012

@Gray matter
Thanks for the link for the Do you remember? demo, played about an hour of it and it really did bring back that nostalgic feeling, i’ll be backing them as their unique spin on the genre really interested me as well as the ‘not all is as it seems’ story. It did also feature a good (maybe overpowering?) soundtrack.

Chris said on May. 14, 2012

If you go to DYR’s kickstarter page, an intro-less video is there.

Piksel said on May. 18, 2012

I personally LOVED all of these games. I even backed them up on Kickstarter. I really see what others are saying, bout’ it being a slight copy, but I love Boot Hill Heroes and Do You Remember. And maybe do a Let’s Play. Both mechanics in them I loved, especially the AP thing in DYR and the Four Player in Boot Hill Heroes. Because, I, in fact, love ANYTHING that looks and plays
similar to anything in the MOTHER series. Like London Life, Ni No Kuni, and Fantasy Life. I would love to play all of them, because you can never get enough EARTHBOUND.

Flint said on May. 22, 2012

Boot Hill heros seems interesting, but these two proyects need to improve their art, they boot look quite amateourish.

Apple Kid said on Feb. 14, 2013

Too bad for DYR. Aw well, at least Boot Hill Hero’s made it through, can’t wait to play it.


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