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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 24th, 2012 | EarthBound, Hacking, Videos

I’m starting to finish up my program to generate random (but playable) EarthBound hacks, and here are some random things from my tests last night!

Each build gets a random name assigned, and I was already amused with the very first name it popped out:

I think I’d crap my pants if this happened in real life to me:

Item names can be randomized too (if you want):

I found this random enemy name especially amusing:

And here’s a memorable trip to the library!

I hope to have this program done in a few days, once I release it anybody will be able to make a hack that gives a new spin on EarthBound. Seriously, every time Poe and I play a new build it’s been nothing but fun! Stay tuned 🙂


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25 Comments to Dungeon Man’s Bathroom Break

krawky398 said on May. 24, 2012

Oh wow, this looks like it’ll be a load of fun. I can’t wait for this to be finished!

Username? What's that? said on May. 24, 2012

That ancient alien looks Kick-ass!
And the name change in food should provide plenty of amusement!

LakituAl said on May. 24, 2012

Indeed, ‘Ancient Alien’ sounds great. Sounds like something the Earthbound localization team would have made themselves!

As for Dungeon Man’s break… There is NO way in Earth that could be funnier. Also goes to show he really needs maintenance once in a while.

Alex Foffano said on May. 24, 2012

Does it also randomize the enemies stats? Because it could be dangerous…

Mato said on May. 24, 2012

It does, but it’s optional. It only randomizes them relative to the original stats, so you won’t get anything like a 1000 HP enemy at the start of the game.

Dadalama said on May. 24, 2012

Earthbound as made by Giorgio A Tsoukolas

Username? What's that? said on May. 24, 2012

Does it do the same thing to EX?

Mato said on May. 24, 2012

EX? If you mean experience, then yes.

Username? What's that? said on May. 24, 2012

I would think you of all people should know that 🙂

resetsurvivor said on May. 24, 2012

This looks like how I wish game genie codes worked. I can’t wait to play this! So do you start the game in a random location as well?

Mato said on May. 24, 2012

No, the game’s flow is basically the same, it’s everything else around it that gets changed. Although I suppose that’s a future thing I could add.

steinmitz said on May. 24, 2012

David Childress – “Is it possible that this pixelated figure is a representation of some kind of extraterrestrial gawd?”

Onion said on May. 24, 2012

I love this. SO much.

I wish there was a way everything could be random all of the time. Like every time you visit a town, the people are all swapped out with new sprites. Every time you go to a restaurant or item shop it’s all new stuff. Would be mental.

H.S said on May. 24, 2012

One thing I think would be neat is if you could shuffle the text pointers around for non-essential NPCs. You’d have to make sure it didn’t affect NPCs that set flags though, or else it would disrupt game flow.

Mato said on May. 24, 2012

Yeah, I considered it, but didn’t want to wade through all the TPT entries trying to classify which ones were okay and which weren’t.

I’ve actually been toying with the idea of wiping the slate clean and then randomly generating a bunch of maps (obviously very simple, ugly ones), procedurally connecting them, adding in randomly generated NPCs, NPC text, events, mini-quests, and such too. It sounds really interesting but it would take more time than I’m probably willing to spend on it so it’ll probably just stay an idea 😛

eb freak said on May. 24, 2012

I dont understand at all what you are programing mato?
What does it do?

Mato said on May. 24, 2012

I’m making a program you can download, one that makes EarthBound hacks of its own. These hacks are strange, funny, and heartrending. They’re perfect if you’ve played EarthBound to death and want to try something new.

BusterTheFox said on May. 24, 2012

Does it randomly generate music, too? Not as in brand new music, but setting different music for different locations.

Looks like it’ll be a lot of fun to play around with. Can’t wait to try it out!

Mato said on May. 24, 2012

Yep, in fact in the video you can hear a different song playing than normal 🙂

Rasen said on May. 24, 2012

This looks hype. We’re planning a LH playthrough :0

meleemario said on May. 24, 2012

This is going to be so awesome! I can’t wait to fiddle with this!! \m/

eb freak said on May. 24, 2012

So just random stuff that can change each time?

Nyx said on May. 25, 2012

Would you have to do some typing? Or do a random string of numbers? Or would you just have to press a button?

Mato said on May. 25, 2012

eb freak: Basically, yes.

Nyx: Just press a button, although there’ll be some options that you can check or uncheck.

Dialga Thunderstar said on May. 31, 2012

‘Powdery spud’?


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