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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 6th, 2012 | Images, Merchandise

Pigmask Private recently posted this collection photo!

Right there in the center on the top is that EarthBound pizza keychain that he recently won on eBay.

Anyway, does anyone else display their collection in a fancy way like this? Personally I have all my stuff scattered across multiple closets, I’m a terrible fan šŸ˜›


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23 Comments to An Amazing EarthBound Display

Satsy said on May. 6, 2012

My figures are all out on display, but not in a fancy-pants way. They’re in view for me to stare at for several minutes when I go through a mental slump. šŸ˜‰ In return, I feel many pairs of small eyes on my back when I act weird.

Clockwork64 said on May. 6, 2012

Cool if you have all the figures and info you can open a silent Earthbound museum

Ness1985 said on May. 6, 2012

Nice, I’ll also get to having all the Mother figures.

Anthony said on May. 6, 2012

That Master Belch plush looks awesome!

NorthofOnett said on May. 6, 2012

That EarthBound box doesn’t look big enough to be the real one.. Is it like one of those display box kind of things?

MostStrange said on May. 6, 2012

I have a rather large collection and I keep them nicely- some on custom stands I made. I should snap the rest of the collection…


2sang said on May. 6, 2012

Ok you may have spent 535 bucks on a keychain, but at least you are making the effort to make a nice display out. Of it.

Pigmask Private said on May. 6, 2012

NorthofOnett, the box I currently have is a reproduction box that’s made to be the size of normal Super Nintendo game boxes. I’m currently trying to find a mint condition normal size box.

Nightram said on May. 6, 2012

Wow, it’s really coming along there Pigmask!
Hope you can get your hands on some of those displays and that poster you’re looking for.
Nice display of the pizza!

SSBMaster11 said on May. 6, 2012

Unfortunately, the only Mother related things I have are the Earthbound cartridge, and an Earthbound NES reproduction cartridge. But they are displayed in the most prominent place in my video game collection. (when they’re not in my (S)NES (which is rare))

KingMike said on May. 7, 2012

That Famicom Mother doesn’t look right, or is just a light reflection?

I’m also a bad fan and put my Mother cart in its box another storage chest with my other boxed Famicom games (and a ton of loose games), but checking ebay, shouldn’t it have a red label just like the plastic?

(I also let my EB cart live with all my other SNES carts in another plastic chest. and my boxed Mother 1+2 and Mother 3 are on a shelf with my other boxed GBA games.)

Pigmask Private said on May. 7, 2012

The MOTHER Famicart has a sunbleached label. up close you can see it’s got some red left from where it faded.

September said on May. 7, 2012

I’ve got two Mr. Saturns; a tiny one hiding in a trash can and the little plush with a strap on its head. šŸ™‚ (And a “fake” EarthBound cartridge which is really soap, but… shhh!)

What is a username? Anybody??? said on May. 8, 2012

I’m just giddy over that Starman figurine =D

Fuzzy Pickles said on May. 9, 2012

I been organizing my set recently, just got done moving so I actually have my own room I dedicate to my earthbound and game merch in general.once I have it the way I like I’ll post a pic too.I got an earthbound poster framed professionally with uv protective glass,call it over kill but I love it! Good new for you there pigmask private,since that’s one less person going after the poster display,since someone said you were after the displays. Bad news is I actually collect displays for multiple games hardcore so if that stand pops up it’s on my top to get list over any item. Other than that it’s all you šŸ™‚ lol. Pretty nice collection you have going.

As for looking for a mint copy of the game,they had them posted up recently.I saw one that was gold rated by the videogame grader or whatever,think gold is either 90 or 95 rating could be wrong about the number. The only one listed i think now is 80,silver. If you’re looking for one under 3k then I think you are out of luck for years to come with the way bids and demand are going. Hey maybe in a couple of years interest will die out and it will be bargain bin prices again…doubtful though thankfully lol

one thing I couldn’t figure out is the different mr.Saturn figures on the bottom.so is that two incognito mr.saturns? One with a scarf and one without? I see the ball and chain one a mrsaturn strap and a PVC mr.Saturn, but then there’s another one that looks different.is that the trash can mr.Saturn without the trashcan?

Pigmask Private said on May. 9, 2012

The other plush Mr. Saturn is one from the MOTHER1+2 artbook.

To be honest, if one of the cardboard displays ever showed up, I’d probably not go for it. It looks neat, but I’d much rather have just the poster. Also, I’m absolutely against the VGA, so I’m really just looking for a good condition outer box for EarthBound to display, while my cartridge stays in an archival Universal Game Case.

Fuzzy Pickles said on May. 9, 2012

Oh I was talking about the bigger mr.Saturn plush.the one behind the art book mr.Saturn and in between the PVC one and belch plush.can’t put my finger on which one that is though. You can tell it’s a different mr.Saturn altogether though since the fabric color and eyebrows are different than the others

As for the VGA grading, yeah I personally wouldn’t buy a game graded by them since everyone who sells graded games end up charging an extra 300-500 for the same quality game that isn’t graded but listed as well. Guess some people like it though since they do sell.I’ll see one factory sealed game for like 400,let’s say for example, then a graded one for like 1000. Too much upmark for me lol.

I will admit the poster is way better of an item compared to the cardboard stand display,but as I said earlier I collect displays so it would go perfect with my Mario rpg one and others. Too bad they didn’t make a banner like super Mario rpg,that would be so awesome that’s for sure!

Pigmask Private said on May. 9, 2012

The large one in-between the PVC Saturn and the Belch plush IS the art-book Mr. Saturn.

From left to right:
Belch, Art Book Saturn, Mini Saturn Keychain, PVC Saturn, Ball and Chain Saturn, stacked MOTHER3 Incognito Saturns (1 with Bandanna)

Fuzzy Pickles said on May. 9, 2012

Oh wow that’s surprising, I thought the art book one was smaller from the pictures I have seen, hard to tell size from the limited photos I seen.that’s still one item I don’t have yet so haven’t seen it in person. For some reason I thought the artbook one was like the same size as the keychain one. Thanks for the clarification though. Now it actualy makes me want the artbook even more now that I know the figure is actually big lol. Been hesitant since the price lately been pretty high on those.

Pigmask Private said on May. 10, 2012

The art book plush is probably my favorite, since it’s very accurate to the sprites of Mr. Saturn in EarthBound. My only issue is they come vaccuum sealed so they’re rather wrinkly and you can’t do much other than deal with it. I actually got this plush by itself, so I’m also in the market for just the art book D:

Chuggaaconroy jr said on May. 12, 2012

The lucky ones i have to make my own merchandise

Chuggaaconroy jr said on May. 12, 2012

Your lucky like from the runaway 5


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