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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 26th, 2012 | EarthBound, MOTHER 1

In the past, EarthBound and MOTHER stuff always dominated Nintendo Power’s polls, so there hasn’t been any EarthBound stuff for years. But a couple fans recently e-mailed me to let me know that Nintendo Power’s latest online survey has EarthBound stuff again:

I have no doubt which answer will prevail there 😛

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing the full survey, see here!


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39 Comments to New Nintendo Power Survey

Satsy said on Apr. 26, 2012

That’s a curious addition to a poll in this day and age~!

Ah, that little child in me is acting excited again. I may have to grab a manga to keep her quiet for a while. 😉

Angryrider said on Apr. 26, 2012

Awesome, though I could go either way.

Mill said on Apr. 26, 2012

Someone remind me why Mother 1 hasn’t been put on Virtual Console yet? Earthbound and M3 I understand, but what about the first one? Is it just Nintendo not wanting to get people too interested in the latter?

PK Derp said on Apr. 26, 2012

@Mill Johnny B. Goode

Matthew said on Apr. 26, 2012

Maybe NOA wants to know which one we really want and maybe get a virtual console release or something like that.

Ebisa said on Apr. 26, 2012

I couldn’t decide which one I liked better. Mother is the original but somehow if I was telling someone that my favorite games are the Mother series…. It just sounds weird and slightly pervy.

resetsurvivor said on Apr. 26, 2012

Aah, no Mother 3? That’s kind of disappointing. I probably would have picked M3 over EarthBound.

Miles of SmashWiki said on Apr. 26, 2012

Are they asking which “title” we prefer as in which game, or as in what do we prefer as the title for the series?

Mesousa said on Apr. 26, 2012

It’s asking which title we like better, not the games themselves.

The Great Morgil said on Apr. 26, 2012

That’s actually kinda a hard one to decide. For the second game, i usually call it by the American name Earthbound, but for the other two games i usually call them by their Japanese names Mother and Mother 3. I’m not really sure which i like best.

Satsy said on Apr. 26, 2012

Mill: Mother 1 isn’t any better for copyrighted material. There’s more in that game than I even realised, and things that didn’t make it into the sequel.

MoonSide said on Apr. 26, 2012

Mmm… it would be interesting if they are thinking what the best name for it would be. Who knows, it might show up on our shores. I’m just more basing it being such a odd question.

lostaname said on Apr. 26, 2012

I smell TROLL

Erwin said on Apr. 26, 2012

Huh. Well, I guess I like the name “Mother” better. I was introduced to the series via that name, not “the EarthBound series.” That, and I think the title feels more appropriate. Eathbound kinda works in an 80s Sci-Fi way, but I think it’s too limiting. Mother can mean a lot more to a lot more people.

Erwin said on Apr. 26, 2012

@PK Derp Haha, maybe they can just say they were actually paying homage to Louis Jordan’s Ain`t That Just Like A Woman.

BB Gang Zombie said on Apr. 26, 2012

I love how one of the options for anticipated games for the 3DS is “Martha Stewart.”

kal said on Apr. 26, 2012

Martha Stewart was one of my choices totally. I also voted for the “top spin” under the MM3 category.

Jesus's cousin said on Apr. 26, 2012

I picked mother
Martha stewart is the only game i’m looking forward to and i don’t even have a 3DS 😛

was serious about mother lol

PKbleblah said on Apr. 26, 2012

?!?! no way. can this be the window of hope we’ve been looking for?… I took the survey and picked Mother :3

Anonymous said on Apr. 26, 2012

I’m glad I’m not the only one lookin forward to the Martha Stewart game, u guiz!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!!!!

SSBMaster11 said on Apr. 26, 2012

No Pikmin 3 for most looked-forward-to wii-u game? That’s the only wii-u game I’m looking forward to!

I refer to Mother 2 by “Earthbound”, but Mother 1 and 3 by “Mother 1” and “Mother 3”. As for which name I like better, I would go with Earthbound, since that’s my favorite of the three games.

Anonymous said on Apr. 27, 2012

Me and every other Mother/Earthbound fan would love to see the game get rereleased. But sadly thinking this survey is going to lead to that is just wishful thinking.

Leeaux said on Apr. 27, 2012

I think some people are confused, its not asking which game is better, its asking with title you prefer.

Doggieboy said on Apr. 27, 2012

@PK Derp Johny B. Goodie was the one song, why not change it?

Doggieboy said on Apr. 27, 2012

Johny B. Goodie was the one song, why not change it?

BB Gang Zombie said on Apr. 27, 2012

^ Also, sleeping at a hotel and the “Good Morning,” Big Ben Casey, Pippi Longstocking, Peanuts…

And by the way, even if you WERE to eliminate that one song, that leaves them with 2 battle themes throughout the entire game. And I’m sorry, but I don’t think that a lot of enemies fit either of the other two themes, and I doubt I’d welcome a new theme so soon.

Satsy said on Apr. 27, 2012

Also Rosemary’s Baby movie. Possibly also The Day The Earth Stood Still.

AnoukiAgentYellow said on Apr. 27, 2012

Picking Mother since all three games have subtle meanings to “Mother” while only the first two games have to do with alien invasion so the titles “Earthbound 2” has little relevance to Mother 3.

I would like “Earthbound” to be the subtitles of Mother2 though 🙂

liarxagerate said on Apr. 27, 2012


Radic said on Apr. 27, 2012

I’d go with both of them. They both give you the feel of the earth, and the point of the game. Literally you are bounding the earth, so i’d go with Earthbound 😎 . Also these results can be kind of neck and neck 😯

DD said on Apr. 28, 2012

Hmmm. Hard to choose between the two names.

I noticed they didn’t have Super Smash Brothers in the anticipated games. I bet it’s because most people might buy it anyways.

maskedsaturn said on Apr. 29, 2012

I know this is a bad place but this article was posted on my birthday

I also picked mother =)

johnr754 said on Apr. 30, 2012

I picked MOTHER. I was serious. EarthBound would be nice too.

Stuffgamer1 said on May. 2, 2012

I picked EarthBound, simply because that’s the title I grew up with. But if they WERE to release a compilation or something (which would make sense as a reason to ask this, of course), I’m not too sure I’d care which they called it. That said, they already labelled Mother 3 stuff as “EarthBound” in Smash Bros. Brawl, so I think uniformity in this country would be a good idea.

Banjo said on May. 7, 2012

MOTHER is what I picked.

Earthbounder said on May. 8, 2012

I like to call it Earthbound because Mother sounds hmm… pervy? I guess

Ness said on May. 9, 2012

Ohhh man! I’m getting my hopes up!! I shouldn’t be… I’ll be in for a massive disappointment… but Mother 3… on VC… I’M GETTING MY HOPES UP!!!

Paula Polestar said on May. 24, 2012

EarthBound is a way better title. I just don’t get why they named it MOTHER.

Username? What's that? said on May. 24, 2012

Itoi Named it after a popular John Lennon song.


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