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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 4th, 2012 | Images, Itoi

Fellow EarthBound fan and world trekker Luna recently stumbled upon an autograph board signed by Shigesato Itoi (including a Mr. Saturn drawing!) in a random restaurant in Japan the other day:

The Mr. Saturn is saying something like, “Was yum.”

Here’s what Luna has to say about it:

Found at my fave hiroshima-style okonomi joint on the second floor of ASSE (thanks japan) department complex, which is built into Hiroshima station. To get to it, access from the stairs next to the Quickly bubbletea joint, or just walk through on the second floor. The restaurant is called 第二麗ちゃん、 link to a vague mall webpage summary here

Luna was also living in the vicinity when the big quake hit last year, so she also says:

tell everyone to donate to fukushima because i said so and if they don’t i’ll cover them in radiation wa ha ha

That’s okay because I already eat radiation for breakfast. Still, I don’t know of any good places to link to for that, though – I did some searches and many looked kind of iffy and scammy. So if anyone knows of any good donation links let me know!


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6 Comments to Mr. Saturn Itoi Autograph Spotted

Poe said on Apr. 4, 2012

The “official” Mr. Saturns drawn by Mr. Itoi always look so lumpy and weird. And they have an incorrect amount of whiskers 😉 Still, I’d like to try the food at any restaurant that Mr. Saturn proclaimed “was yum.”

LucasPSI said on Apr. 4, 2012

Is mr. Saturn says it was yum, then I must eat there.

DD said on Apr. 4, 2012

Someone should make a Mr.Saturn’s guide to restaurants in Japan.

Kind of a like those little touring pamphlets for local restaurants.

RandomGuardian said on Apr. 4, 2012

Hey, I draw Mr. Saturn with three whiskers too! I am closer to Mr.Itoi than I think! :p

Soulier said on Apr. 5, 2012

I wonder how long it’s been there. I was there in 2010, but I didn’t eat there.

SU-Team8 said on Apr. 5, 2012

lol I always thought he had 3 whiskers to! xD


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