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April 29th, 2012 | MOTHER 3, Videos

RyukaValis recently posted on the Starmen.Net forums a cheat code for MOTHER 3 that causes some interesting things to happen:

If you enter 32004860 00:30 you’ll somehow make sprites randomly appear every time you enter a new area or go to Goods/Status/PSI, but the interesting thing is, you can find a LOT of unused sprites and items as well as dummy characters AND fully playable characters(who have wrong sprites.) That is not in the game. Also the key items that you get cannot use becomes usable in goods depending on which sprite/placeholder you get.

You can see it in action here!

It’s surprising how well some of these sprite sets work properly! And the ones that don’t… they’re at least really weird and cool to watch 😛


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11 Comments to MOTHER 3 Sprite Modifier Fun

Radic said on Apr. 29, 2012


RyukaValis said on Apr. 29, 2012

Oh cool, I did not know this video would come to this site this quick! 🙂

LakituAl said on Apr. 29, 2012

A… Memory Snake? I don’t recall that… Oh well, maybe I forgot, ne?

Also, I find it pretty funny that the apple and bird do seem to move rather smoothly. Playable apple? Impossible, I know, but sounds rather fun if you think about it.

RandomGuardian said on Apr. 29, 2012

Memory snake and, I think, rope snake DX are unused items so of course you don’t remember them 😛

NecrosaroIII said on Apr. 29, 2012

It seems that there is an unusually high amount of dummied out content in Mother 3. I wonder why

Remote said on Apr. 30, 2012

Yaaay she upload a second part! me very happy!

RyukaValis said on May. 2, 2012

@Remote ^_^ Glad you looked forward to it.

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 8, 2012

Sorry but I’m VERY new to cheating/ROM stuff. Is this cheat on VBA cheats or Gameshark?

jinxkatty7 said on Jul. 8, 2012

Nevermind. Sorry. took me 20 minutes to figure it out. Major derp there… LOL I’m a happy box!Now Im a magypsy (stupid face forgot the name) that has all status inflictions! This is so cool!

Steve said on Sep. 17, 2013

Where do I enter it?

Mato said on Sep. 18, 2013

In the cheats section of your emulator. Although not every emulator has cheat stuff included, so you might need to try different emulators.


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