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April 14th, 2012 | Hacking, Images

I was browsing the EarthBound Zero remake hack thread earlier and saw that H.S recently posted a new map – this time for Ellay/Valentine, which is the final town in the game. Here’s what it looks like:

(click for full size)

For reference, here’s what it looks like in the original NES/Famicom version:

(click for full size)

I’ll never stop saying it – EarthBound map hacking is HARD HARD HARD. I’m amazed every time I see these new maps 😯

If you’ve missed older remake maps, see here!


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17 Comments to EB0 Remake: Ellay/Valentine Map

Skye said on Apr. 14, 2012

It reminds me of Onett. A lot.

R.- said on Apr. 14, 2012


Ness1985 said on Apr. 14, 2012

Pretty awesome stuff!! Does anyone know when this remake will be finished? It looks like its almost done if its at this stage.

gBev said on Apr. 14, 2012

Using the Onett map as a base for this is probably what made hacking the whole map in possible. It ends up working quite well, too.

BB Gang Zombie said on Apr. 14, 2012

Man, H.S is incredibly talented.

@Ness1985 It’s not even close. They’re still getting all their resources ready– maps, sprites, enemies, tilesets, battle actions, enemy groups, etc.

TheMrSaturnGuy said on Apr. 14, 2012

I really want to help, but I know nothing about hacking. 🙂

Ness1985 said on Apr. 14, 2012

I’m really excited for this, Nwhehehehe!!

@BB Gang Zombie Thanks for telling me, that’s fine. Take all the time you need guys to make it special…I’m a patient man 🙂

Long Live the MOTHER series!! *Pigmask Salute*

Ninten=ness said on Apr. 14, 2012

This is amazing. I wouldn’t say mother 1 is the best, but it has amazing character development, and i love dangerous foe, and playing this before mother 1( or at least knowing giegue’s story) adds to the emotional value of mother 2’s final battle.

earthboundzerofanboy678 said on Apr. 14, 2012

I wish I could map edit that good!

Halloween said on Apr. 14, 2012

I like all the useless houses in Mother though!

Seppucrow said on Apr. 15, 2012

Honestly I don’t like how the new map is smaller and bunched up; it should be bigger.

BB Gang Zombie said on Apr. 16, 2012

^ You obviously haven’t tried to hack EarthBound before, then. The maps have to be smaller because the map system actually has less space; Mother 1’s map is bigger.(by a LOT, actually.) So, they need to compress it down to a manageable size.

Besides, with no run button, do you REALLY want it bigger? 😛 So much walking…

blan said on Apr. 16, 2012

^ there is actually a run button patch that, in my experience, is largely compatible with other patches

i agree though, i rather like the new “smaller” map. in mother it seemed akin to a guy wearing platform shoes in order to look taller; this new map imbues valentine with the big city feel it deserves without trying to dress up how mostly empty it really is, from the player’s perspective. as much as i enjoyed mother’s unnecessarily large map, valentine was one of the few areas where it felt jarring and pompous.

H.S said on Apr. 18, 2012

More specifically, Mother 2 has about 1/3 as much map space as Mother 1.

MightyYT said on Apr. 22, 2012

First off, I want to commend H.S. for his map work which continues to amaze! It’s nothing short of incredible the time and effort he pours in to these map remakes, which is readily apparent by how high quality and professional they turn out (excellent job condensing the map while retaining the sense that you’re in an expansive town with plenty to explore). Since our fan community, wants this remake to be the absolute best it can be, I just wanted to address a few minor design choices that bugged me.

– I’m confused by the choice of putting a whirlpool sign/icon above the View Tower’s entrance in the remake map, since in the original, it looks to actually be an eye (possibly a gleaming eye) , which makes more sense because of the name of the tower. It’s possible though that there’s more meaning behind the whirlpool image than I understand.

– The font and color choices for some of the stores/buildings are difficult to read, especially the Burger Shop and Hospital which use red lettering with black outline. In those cases, the names look like a dark blur. If you want to keep the red color, either drop the black outline altogether or replace it with a light gray to make the letters’ shape more readable. The top sign at the Live House may have a decent text color, but: 1. it unnecessarily reiterates the fact that what’s going on inside is Live, when we already know that from the name of the club, and 2. it’s very cluttered with 3 lines of text, so the 2nd/middle line should be left blank or filled with bullet points, like in Twoson. Although I can read Police fine, the text and the building’s color are too similar, it comes off a little bland and probably should contrast a little more. I like the contrast of the green Dept Store text to the white building, but the black outline is slightly interfering with its readability. When it comes to the font outline, consider doing what the Twoson font did and just leave it out, giving the letters a little more room to breathe, and thus, they’ll display more prominently.

Just so it’s understood, I mean no disrespect to H.S.’s choices with my constructive criticism, because as a burgeoning game designer/programmer, I understand all too well how he labored over this and greatly appreciate his contributions to this community project.

H.S said on Apr. 22, 2012

I didn’t know what the design on the view tower was supposed to be, so before I began work on it I asked for opinions about the design in the project thread. The most common responses were some kind of spiral galaxy thing, and a whirlpool thing, so I went with something resembling those. However, now that I look at it closely, I can see that the design is just the 16×8 wave tile from the water, duplicated and rotated 180 degrees.


Not sure if this was just the designers re-using tileset elements for efficiency, or if it was supposed to represent a whirlpool/waves.

As for the letters on the buildings, you bring up some good points. I’ll look into those again when I work on the tileset some more later down the line.

MightyYT said on Apr. 23, 2012

Good eye, catching the use of those same tiles in the water. At first I saw what you were saying about the duplication and rotation, but upon closer examination of your example picture, I noticed that actually it’s not just the bottom two 8×8 tiles duplicated and rotated 180 degrees. The top-right and bottom-left tiles of the symbol are identical, besides the rotation, but the top-left and bottom-right have a slight difference. If you take the top-right one and rotate it to match the bottom-left, you’ll see the minute discrepancy. I also added to your picture the original symbol recolored to demonstrate what I see when I look at it.


You suggested that the wave tiles from the water were reused, which is one possibility. The reverse could also be true, where the symbol was designed first and then someone figured the bottom two 8×8 tiles by themselves looked like a water ripple/wave and added it to the water to give its texture a little more variety.

Thanks for hearing me out and taking my suggestions into consideration. These are obviously not major issues, but just things to be addressed in the future, during the polish phase.


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