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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 12th, 2012 | MOTHER 1, Videos

At the recent PAX East, there was a thing called Retrogame Roadshow, which I guess was kind of like Antiques Roadshow except the panelists priced and discussed old and rare games. Good ol’ Roo was there with his Earth Bound NES prototype, to the surprise of many!

You can check out the whole panel here, jump to 34:11 to see the Earth Bound stuff though:

In case you missed it, Roo did some videos about his prototype NES Earth Bound cartridge, see them here!

I have a new mission for you, Mr. Roo! Seek out and destroy document an EarthBound SNES prototype cart too! Then your training will be complete.


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15 Comments to EarthBound Zero at PAX East 2012

Craigs0r said on Apr. 12, 2012

I was in the audience there and the entire time my jaw was dropped. It was so unexpected, and so fantastic.

It was also really hard not to bum-rush the stage, grab it, and make a break for it.

Mato said on Apr. 12, 2012

The use of the Jaws box definitely helped make it a surprise 😛

Stevesesy said on Apr. 12, 2012

Lol, that’s me in the audience that yells out I’ll give you $2000. He says no, you offered that last time.

Schlupi said on Apr. 12, 2012

Oh gawd, it’s so beautiful. ;O;

I loved the gasps when it came out of that damned Jaws box (how clever) and everybody in the room seemed stunned. I totally am jelly.

Erwin said on Apr. 12, 2012

Oh man, I only learned the story of Bio Force APE recently, and it’s a great story. Pretty amusingly bad game, but a great finders story. That next to Earthbound? Hot DAMN, there’s a lot of money on the table.

earthboundzerofanboy678 said on Apr. 12, 2012

Dam, I wish I was thier to see the Earthboundzero prototype. Still Thats pretty cool.

Roo said on Apr. 12, 2012

Ha, I’ll keep an eye out at garage sales for the SNES EB prototype, Mato – though I’m still holding out hope of finding the EB64 proto out there.

I’m Glad people enjoyed seeing it – I’ve somewhat arbitrarily been bringing it to certain events where I thought people might be interested in seeing it in person – I displayed it at the RetrowareTV booth at MAGfest this year, for example.

The funny thing about that Jaws box – that was a last minute substitution before I flew up to PAX East. Initially, I kept it in a Dragon Warrior 4 box, but was rightly castigated by fellow collectors for using such a rare container. 🙂

dwiese1998 said on Apr. 13, 2012


Mato said on Apr. 13, 2012

Wow, you must REALLY hate garage sale goers 😛

Ninten=ness said on Apr. 13, 2012

Man i wish i got to go. Both an earthbound zero, and the runaway guys….. SIGH…

Poe said on Apr. 14, 2012

Roo, I will make it to a PAX some year. I want to get my picture taken with that cartridge. Is that cool with you?

Anonymous said on Apr. 17, 2012

Do we know where all three prototypes are?

Ninten=ness said on Apr. 17, 2012

A Earthbound 64 proto? That would be worth, oh i don’t know, lets say, a few hundred million. But i must comment Roo, IF there is such a thing, then buy a safe, no an entire bank complete with sprinklers, and state of the art security, a couple dozen guards, and a cardboard box to keep it safe. Heck maybe even an armed high tech assassin robot complete with cup-holders.
But a plain old cardboard box with duct tape, and a plastic bag is so over dramatic.

EBchamp said on Apr. 17, 2012

Sorry Roo, I was the one who pushed the price of your prototype that high… 😛
I did see it at MAGfest on display which was cool, but you weren’t at the booth. We did catch you in the hall and got to chat with you for a little though (this is Chris from Team Mountain Gaming btw).

I can’t believe they referenced the Earthbound Ruler too. I was the dope who payed that much for a ruler lol, but I’m glad I got it!

Apple Kid said on Sep. 23, 2012

I hate legal issues, they are the only thing keeping me from playing this.
Curse you strongly enforced U.S. law system.
And curse you too Nintendo for refusing to release this on VC.
The only way I can think of playing this legally is A. Wait until 2064 when the copyright expires or B. Create a game system with things for hardcore and casual gamers make ( insert ludicrous amount of money here) buy the copyright for “Mother ” and put it on the system. But if Roo finds an Earthbound 64 cart, DUMP THE ROM PLEASE. If you don’t I’ll be pretty sad :(. Still I wish I was there to see it.


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