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Tips for Buying EarthBound

April 25th, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise

Nightram of the always-amazing Video Game Memorabilia Museum sent word of an auction for various Nintendo promo trinkets… including an EarthBound pizza keychain!

I very, very faintly remember hearing rumors that such a thing existed and it sounds like the folks at the VGMM had too, but until now no one knew if it was real or not. But apparently it is!

(click for more pics/info)

(click for more pics/info)

The auction says that some of this stuff wasn’t meant for consumers, so I’m guessing it’s the kind of stuff you might get at trade shows or stuff given to retailers.

Anyway, I’m curious to know if the keychain smells or not (I doubt it), so if anyone here picks it up, let us know!


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31 Comments to EarthBound Pizza Keychain Found

man said on Apr. 25, 2012

Damn, it just looks so utterly naff. The other keychains are much better looking imo 😛

Poe said on Apr. 25, 2012

“EarthBound: A Scratch & Sniff Game”

Wow, that’s so completely misleading. Still, very awesome that this thing finally surfaced. I’d never heard of it until now!

NorthofOnett said on Apr. 25, 2012

I’m so getting this if the price stays reasonable 😀

ShadowX said on Apr. 25, 2012

Never heard of a pizza keychain before! I want to call fake, but it’s with a bunch of legit keychains. Hmmmm….

? said on Apr. 25, 2012

more expensive worthless stuff.

? said on Apr. 25, 2012

“I’m so getting this if the price stays reasonable :D”
$50 for a few keychains is far from reasonable.

Anonymous said on Apr. 25, 2012

It won’t be $50 because people are just going to bid early raising the price way higher than it’s worth like 6 days before it even ends.wish this was posted when it was 2 days before ending,still would raise it but not to unbelievable heights like the early bidders,who actually are hurting themselves by bidding way early

Pigmask Private said on Apr. 25, 2012

I’ve heard some rumors about this, specifically on VGMM. Excited to see it show up, I may go for it but I know I’m fighting with HEAVY contenders.

TeamMountainGaming said on Apr. 25, 2012

“more expensive worthless stuff.”

It is in the eye of the beholder my friend!

Stevesesy said on Apr. 25, 2012

I’m putting down 401 dollars.

Saturnome said on Apr. 25, 2012

What was the story of that keychain…? I’m not sure I recall hearing about it.

Pigmask Private said on Apr. 25, 2012

Evan you butt

Dr. Steve said on Apr. 26, 2012

I mean it’s rare but will anyone want to pay more than the price for a completed game? I would think it would be better if the guy contacted some billionares and had them fight over it. He’ll only get 10+ because it’s so rare it has no market value! It could be worth thousands, upon thousands, or just 50 cent! This is really something that should be in a museum.

Radic said on Apr. 27, 2012

? said on Apr. 25, 2012
““I’m so getting this if the price stays reasonable 😀 ”
$50 for a few keychains is far from reasonable.”

I’m going to say that you are the same guy who was commenting on the poster. $50 for rare MOTHER merchindise is pretty reasonable. That poster sold for like over 10,000. Yeah $50 dollars is still expensive, but it’s cheep in MOTHER’s world 😈

Anonymous said on Apr. 28, 2012

I actually think I seen this a long time ago. I can’t remember if it was a friend who had it or if it was an employee at funcoland, so I can’t say if it’s a press/retailer release only or if it was a promo give-away like the air freshener. I want to say it was a promotional thing for gamers though just for the sake of hoping there’s a ton of them still somewhere -_-

vid said on May. 1, 2012

This keychain is completely legit. When I was little, I received one from the local Nintendo representative… unfortunately, it has since been lost to time. I always hope that someday I’ll come across it again.

The keychain did NOT have a scent, but it came in a small plastic bag that DID had a scratch and sniff spot on it, that I assume was meant to smell like pizza, but instead smelled like burning fur that is also wet. So, basically like the rest of the Earthbound scratch and sniff products.

Pigmask Private said on May. 1, 2012

Well I just won the auction.

ShadowX said on May. 1, 2012

Tempted to try and win it, I had to watch this auction till the end. I’m glad I didn’t as I had no idea that this would quickly go from $205.00, to %225.86, to $501.50 and then end at $535.47 all in a matter of seconds!

Pigmask Private said on May. 1, 2012

I’ll be making a Gameswag page for it with all kinds of high res photos and the like, maybe a video.

Pigmask Private said on May. 1, 2012

Oh man, ShadowX, I assume you were the bidder at like seven seconds?

ShadowX said on May. 1, 2012

Heh nope. My blood isn’t that rich anymore! Congrats on the win!

neonix said on May. 3, 2012

Nice one PP! Good to see you won this thing! That Mario keychain and the Gamecube one are pretty nifty too IMO :p

2Sang said on May. 3, 2012

$535 is beyond ridiculous. I love EB a lot, but that’s a stupid way to spend your money unless you are making some sort of museum or special display or something else like that.

Pigmask Private said on May. 4, 2012

Naw man I’m just gonna like, put it on my keyring and keep it in my jeans pocket all day until all the color rubs off.

neonix said on May. 4, 2012

Hahaha, considering this is the very first one of these to ever show up, you’re really lucky to have grabbed it. If I had seen this post sooner, I may have been really tempted to throw some bids at it.

2Sang said on May. 4, 2012

But $535? You can buy 3 copies of earthbound and still have $100 left over. I just don’t get that logic. It’s dumb.

neonix said on May. 4, 2012

It may seem dumb to you (and you’re completely entitled to that opinion), but maybe not to others.

Here’s how I see it:

There are hundreds or more copies of Earthbound out there in the wild and on ebay every day.

In the 17 years since the game’s release, not one of these keychains have shown up until this very one. Until now, they were pretty much an urban legend with no proof of their existence.

It’s much rarer than a copy of EarthBound, and it’s a cool piece of memorabilia that is basically now one-of-a-kind until another one surfaces, if it ever does.

2Sang said on May. 4, 2012

I know it’s your money and you can do what you want, but think of what you could have spent it on instead. You could have dozens of families or even donated to Starmen. From an economic standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense to buy something like this for such a large amount of money. Also, this is what I (and near all sane people) would say constitutes someone who is obsessed in an unhealthy way with this game. It’s fun to play and go online and whatnot, but spending more than half of a thousand dollars on a keychain, a mere piece of plastic, there’s a serious problem.

2Sang said on May. 4, 2012

Unless you’re filthy rich of course, but if you were that rich, you’d make a new mother game I’m sure.

Anonymous said on May. 5, 2012

I dont believe in all the years this game has been out this hasn’t shown up once.wishful thinking there. Even though it’s rare it was still mass produced for retailers so that means they still have a lot of them out there,I mean how many funcolands where there back when this game came out? Well triple that number and you’ll have probably how many were produced.now granted most are either lost through aging or people who won’t let go of it,but it was still made in huge quantities for retailers to promote business for the game.remember that earthbound spent a million apparently on advertisements? People wondered where the million went.well they had the ads in magazines,the ruler, keychain, and may have even had a promo pizza box. So all these things were mass produced at one point. Which means there are still tons of the keychains either in storage or in employee hands but just not anyone selling. Now if you were to say the pizza box hasn’t shown in 17 years I’d believe that but not the keychain.I seen these myself way before this one was listed and will see more to come. This is just the first time everyone knew about it from here is a more appropriate saying than it hasn’t been for sale in 17 years. Comments like that are why prices are so high on earthbound merch,everyone over exaggerates the rarity.I don’t consider any item that they made over a thousand really rare. Doesn’t mean it’s not a good item,just not really rare. Now the games like the Majoras mask limited edition or even dead space ultra limited editions are rare.1000 produced total and most were opened.that trumps a keychain that had thousands upon thousands made for employees and media. Still it’s fun to see the item though 🙂

Pigmask Private said on May. 5, 2012

See here’s the thing about promos. For the most part, if some weren’t given away, they were thrown away. See a lot of people have this idea that everything ever made is in storage somewhere.

Also, this IS the first time one has shown up on ebay, at least it’s the first time anybody can remember. Until now, most people didn’t even know what this keychain looked like, aside from two or so users on different forums mentioning that they remember owning one of these. It’s a different story with the pizza boxes, because they probably never made it past the prototype stage.

Also it isn’t exactly fair to say that thousands upon thousands of these were made because we honestly DON’T know how many were made. We don’t know how they were distributed. There may have been thousands produced, but I find it hard to imagine that they’re all either in collector’s hands or in “storage.” Gamestop does the same thing nowadays. A little promo item or whatever doesn’t get given away, it gets trashed if no employees wanted it. And in the case of the keychain, many probably trashed it after realizing the keychain itself doesn’t actually smell.


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