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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 7th, 2012 | Auctions

Yesterday I posted a couple rare pieces of EarthBound merchandise that hit eBay while I wasn’t looking – it turns out a bunch more stuff also sold without anyone realizing it!

Man, these items are a treasure trove 😯

Speaking of the in-store display stuff, there’s one for sale still:

It seems this is how the seller came across all these rare promo items:

Most of these items came directly from the company which designed Nintendo’s displays and boxes from the pre-NES days through the Gamecube days, when Nintendo decided to start designing items in-house. In 2009, I stumbled across the owner of the company in Seattle, Washington. His company was planning on moving locations, and he was cleaning out the company’s storage locker, full of displays and samples that he had saved through the years. Unfortunately, most of the items designed by the company were thrown in the trash as the company only had a limited storage area to keep items. Contained in the locker were one of a kind items, employee merchandise, and rare store displays. I offered to purchase the locker from him, and he agreed.

Talk about a collector’s dream!


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10 Comments to Some More Rare Items

Earth Saturn said on Mar. 7, 2012

So he just stumbled across the owner and he bought the merchandise off him? Amazing! That would be cool to have that rare merchandise.

otherhand said on Mar. 7, 2012

I remember stores that used to have those display cards from when I was younger… instead of having a bunch of display cases, you’d take the card up to the register and someone would grab your game from what was almost like a casino cashier’s desk, with bars and everything.

EB for $15, though? I’ll take a dozen!

KingDarian said on Mar. 7, 2012

Interesting. That looks like one of the two known EB Slides: http://starmen.net/merchandise/misc/ebslides.php
Didn’t someone from Starmen.Net own those slides? I got the box shot slide from reidman through a prize trade years back, but don’t remember where the other one went.

Poe said on Mar. 7, 2012

This kind of information makes me want to eat fried chicken.

neonix said on Mar. 8, 2012

@KingDarian, there’s actually four known slides. See this thread for the other two: http://earthboundcentral.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=154

Dosei-san said on Mar. 8, 2012

Damn! that guy is lucky to have all that earthbound merch.

Anonymous said on Mar. 9, 2012

I bought the items…the slide is my prized possession. Muah aaah aaah…take that, LucasTizma! *Flies away on jet pack*

Angi said on Mar. 10, 2012

Oh my god. I must be a nerd because I want/covet the Earthbound pogs. Even though the Pog obsession is long gone.

Manticore said on Mar. 10, 2012

Glad to see my items get posted :). Just for some clarification, only one of these items came from that lot purchase from the owner of the design company (the green variant vidpro card, pretty sure it’s one of a kind). The rest have been collected by me over the years. I was planning to do a video at some point showing all of my earthbound items, but never got around to it.

Manticore said on Mar. 10, 2012

I should also mention that i consider myself one of the original earthbound fans. I purchased the game at launch and prob played through it 20 times before smash bros came out. Earthbound is the game that got me into collecting, as I dropped 200 on the earthbound poster back in 2001 off of eBay when I got my first summer job.Oh and some additional info, I paid 500 for the slide in 2008. Also, I have another few earthbound items for sale, although none of them are the more well known items. Anyway, great job tomato on creating such a community around eb. Also a fan of your translation work :).


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