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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 4th, 2012 | EarthBound, Events, Itoi, Uncommon Knowledge

Just before MOTHER 2’s release in Japan in 1994, a special celebratory event was held for all of the staff members who worked on the game. Chewy’s translated an article about it and included lots of scans of pictures from the event, check it all out here!

The event hall

The official figures were displayed

My favorite quote is probably this part of Miyamoto’s speech:

“These five years passed in the blink of an eye. (laughs) After all, my children were in preschool when we first started working on the game, and now they’re already old enough to understand it.”

Go read more here!

Also, Chewy’s recently updated some of her past MOTHER series article translations with scans! See here for details! Exclamation!


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8 Comments to Official MOTHER 2 Pre-release Party

Earth Saturn said on Mar. 4, 2012

Seems like there were a lot of people there, I wonder how many people were involved in the development of Mother 2?

Nessu said on Mar. 4, 2012

I wish i was there. 🙁

Bionic said on Mar. 4, 2012

The pic shows a few figures I’ve never seen before (Mach Pizza, Carpainter.) Were those ever for sale?

Nessu said on Mar. 4, 2012

There is also a tony,everdred, and more, although i dont think any of those character we for sale.
If im right the only one’s that were sold were
starman DX
mr. saturn
Although i could be wrong here.

Satsy said on Mar. 4, 2012

Bionic and Nessu: The figures pictured here were the original promo figures for the game — the figures the Banpresto toys were modeled off of. So there will be quite a few you probably never saw before. These ones never went on sale. I mean Trillionage Sprout can be seen back there and we know he never hit the UFO machines. 😉

Masta pimp said on Mar. 4, 2012

How well did mother 2 sell over seas?

Mato said on Mar. 4, 2012
Youkai said on Mar. 5, 2012

I want those figures! D:


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