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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 23rd, 2012 | Auctions

I have a couple neat and rare EarthBound items to highlight today!

Rare Nintendo Binder from 1995

First up is this Nintendo binder/folder from 1995, which was never for sale and only given to retail stores like Toys R Us for internal use. As far as EarthBound merch goes, it’s probably one of the most unknown items – Poe and I forgot we even had this until we were digging around in a closet the other day! I really have no idea what it’s worth though, so I put it up for auction starting at 99 cents.

(click to see more pics and the other Nintendo characters!)

Mach Pizza Air Freshener

Someone’s selling one of those Mach Pizza Air Freshener on eBay. These sometimes cost a lot, but it looks like this seller is taking offers, so maybe someone can get a decent deal on it. I still lament the fact I didn’t enter the official contest to win one of these back in 1995 🙁

(I wonder if it still smells or not)

EarthBound In-Store Display Card

One of those rare-ish EarthBound in-store display cards is also up for sale right now. Regular readers will remember that one showed up a few years ago and sold for $305. It looks like this particular seller has it at a much higher price, but is also taking offers. It’s strange to see a display with a price tag of $14.96 on it being sold for like 30 times that amount 😛

I don’t keep up with eBay stuff as much as I should, so if you come across any cool or rare EarthBound/MOTHER stuff on eBay or elsewhere, let me know!


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14 Comments to Merch Watch for Mar. 23, 2012

Griffin said on Mar. 23, 2012

I need that air freshener 😀

CloakBass said on Mar. 23, 2012

The weird Kirby on the spine is from a cancelled SNES game called Kid Kirby: http://www.unseen64.net/2008/11/15/kid-kirby-snes-cancelled/

I guess that should add some value 🙂

Griffin said on Mar. 23, 2012

Yeah I just noticed that, thanks for pointing that out 😀

CloakBass said on Mar. 23, 2012

Y’know I don’t think I’ve seen those Kid Kirby enemy renders before. This might be the first time they’ve been posted online! :O

CloakBass said on Mar. 23, 2012

(internet/Nintendo detectives feel free to prove me wrong)

Ness said on Mar. 23, 2012

Woow that binder is pretty cool I think in going to bid

Sword of kings said on Mar. 23, 2012

Good luck, I am also

Mortiis said on Mar. 23, 2012

299 for the air freshener, wow… I have one, and sadly it stopped smelling quite a long time ago.

DD said on Mar. 23, 2012

Binders are one of those fun things people collect. It would be interesting if Club Nintendo made some new binder packs featuring other game characters. I won’t hold my breath though.

I had to get that Star messenger bag and the quality isn’t so great.

YellowYoshi398 said on Mar. 23, 2012

No one’s bidding on that binder?! Man, I might have to swoop in. Maybe I’m just young and dumb but I didn’t know there were any existing images of Kid Kirby at all.

NorthofOnett said on Mar. 23, 2012

~Mato opened the closet. There was an Insignificant Binder in it! Mato sold the Insignificant Binder.~

lol :DD

Stevesesy said on Mar. 24, 2012

Is that a Kirby Jr.! IT IS!!!

dlaESP said on Mar. 25, 2012

I wonder if those air fresheners still smell like pizza 😀 I’d love to find out.

Dialga Thunderstar said on Mar. 30, 2012

MUST SNIFF AIR FRESHENER!!! I wonder who came up with the idea of making those air fresheners?


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