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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 2nd, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound, Merchandise

Once a month I update the EarthBound price info on buyearthbound.com so fans can get the best deals and avoid getting ripped off. Here are the latest numbers if you’re interested:

Average Prices:

  • EarthBound cart: $151 (up from $138, lowest: $110 / highest: $189.99)
  • EarthBound guide: $90 (up from $77, lowest: $55 / highest: $127.50)
  • EarthBound complete set: $632 (up from $493, lowest: $250 / highest: $1705)

Even the price of the guide went up this past month, ack! As always, there’s lots of buying tips and info on buyearthbound.com, so check it out if you’re planning to buy any of the above anytime soon – you could save a ton of money!

Oh man I sound like a car insurance commercial


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12 Comments to EarthBound Price Update (Mar. 2012)

Poe said on Mar. 2, 2012

I’m a little shocked at these prices, since I always figured February would be when they’d start going down, not up.

NewAgeRetroLuffy said on Mar. 2, 2012

My cartridge I bought it here in Mexico, in “mercadolibre”. It costs $1500MX (like 170 dollars). My MOTHER 3, cost me $1800MX (200 dollars)and it was new, but it was so expensive, because the original owner bought it in Play asia.

Miles of SmashWiki said on Mar. 2, 2012

I should talk to Nintendo’s accounting branch. Even if they don’t re-release the game, it might be smart of them financially to start investing in it again. It’s a limited commodity, to be sure.

resetsurvivor said on Mar. 2, 2012

…and to think, I bought my copy (Cart, Box, Guide) for only $25 back in ’99! I’m hanging on to this for my retirement.

DoseiSan said on Mar. 2, 2012

Holy–I thought I was crazy when I paid 50 bucks for a cart about five years back. That’s just insane.

AustBound said on Mar. 3, 2012

Interesting read here — http://blog.pricecharting.com/2009/07/greatest-video-game-garage-sale-ever.html — I wonder if this is how Earthbound for NES was ‘leaked’.

Zeph101 said on Mar. 3, 2012

Just wow.
And here I was, five years ago, thinking I had been ripped off when I bought the complete game for $200 in fairly good condition. It’s increased in more than double that value now 0_0
I wonder if the recent article on Kotaku had anything to do with the price increases. More people realising that the only way to ever play Earthbound is by rom or the actual snes cartridge.

Anonymous said on Mar. 5, 2012

I bought my copy of EB on ebay for $70 bucks about 2-3 years ago. at the time, I thought I was getting ripped off but I just wanted the game. Now, I am happy I pulled the trigger on buying earthbound when I did.

I think it’s becoming so expensive now because so many fans are snagging a copy that they will never plan on selling. In other words, less copies are floating around at this point.

Anonymous said on Mar. 6, 2012

And what do I see in the auction list? “EARTHBOUND ULTRA RARE” for $179 🙁

Jordy van Eijndhoven said on Mar. 17, 2012

Oh fuck… First time looking up the prices for Earthbound-sets… My brother actually still owns one, cart in mint and the box in good condition (However written a price at the top of it). He imported it all the way from America to the Netherlands back when it came out… It had everything, the game, the guide, áll of the manuals, but me being an asshole as a kid, broke his guidebook by making it wet or something… So he throwed it away. Bummer.

benito said on Apr. 7, 2013

I’m a garbage man and I found my copy of earthboun in the trash ad cleaned it its basically like brand new


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