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Tips for Buying EarthBound

March 31st, 2012 | EarthBound, Merchandise

EarthBound prices have been crazy for a while now… but I think this is the craziest price I’ve seen! EarthBound for $19,995.50 at Amazon.com + 3.99 shipping… what a deal!

So, it’s pretty obvious no one is going to buy this, so what’s the deal? Why would someone put a price like that? Anyone here familiar with how Amazon stuff works who can shed light on this? Is it some sort of money laundering scheme maybe? Or some sort of pricing script gone crazy, ala the book about flies that was worth $23,000,000?


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43 Comments to EarthBound for $19,995.50

Satsy said on Mar. 31, 2012

I’m willing to bet it’s the price script thing.

Dave said on Mar. 31, 2012

There’s an option on the site to contact the seller. I considered sending a polite inquiry, but decided not to, just in case 200 other people had the same idea.

Dave said on Mar. 31, 2012

Aw, shucks, I went ahead and did it anyway. I’ll comment if I get a reply.

kal said on Mar. 31, 2012

I’ve been waiting for the right price to buy Earthbound, and i’ve definitely found it.

blahmoomoo said on Mar. 31, 2012

It’s just like people who put the listing price for new books at $999 even when there are other offers already at a much lower price. I have no idea why people do it. Maybe they’re just showcasing what they have?

Oh yeah, that price is set by somebody from Amazon Marketplace, which is the service where third parties can sell items on Amazon. The only reason why the price for Earthbound is that high on the product page is because there is only one person who is selling Earthbound new: the one who put a crazy price on it. It has nothing to do with automated scripts, since Amazon itself is not selling the item.

BigDream said on Mar. 31, 2012

20,000 dollars just to buy THAT?????

Jeez, People REALLY need money!

SporeGoar said on Mar. 31, 2012

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. That’s way to much money. Mars here I come.

Spock said on Mar. 31, 2012

Still holding out for it to be a script; I believe the case of the 23 million dollar book was due to a third party’s script (actually two of them, one which took the highest price besides itself, and put itself a certain percentage within it, and the other which made itself something like a dollar cheaper than the highest price).

Anonymous said on Mar. 31, 2012

Look at the prices for the used and collectible ones, they’re WAY lower

lessten said on Mar. 31, 2012

I look away for 2 seconds, and the price for earthbound goes up like 18000 dollars.

Tony said on Mar. 31, 2012

3.99 for shipping? What a Rip-off!!!

Anonymous2 said on Mar. 31, 2012

this is a weird coincedence, the seller that listed it for that much recently bought my players guide

Anonymous2 said on Mar. 31, 2012

im still waiting for the $ to be released

Dave said on Mar. 31, 2012

I inquired with the seller and instead of giving any insight whatsoever, all they did was ask where “said blog” is.

abc said on Mar. 31, 2012

Got a message back from the seller, They just use it to bring in sealed collectors. He says he doesnt want to sell it but would if it were an insane amount of money. Lame

DD said on Mar. 31, 2012

*sips drink*
*Looks at price*
I need to stop drinking so much caffeine.

I think it would be hilarious if someone actually sold Earthbound for that much. You’d have to be insane to pay that much for a copy of Earthbound, even if the cartridge is made of 24 karat gold.

Doug said on Mar. 31, 2012

I am so glad I still have my earthbound with the original box because these prices are outrangous!

Hououin Kyouma said on Mar. 31, 2012


That makes a little bit of sense, I mean might as well put it out there.

What if you had a copy of your favorite video game that you would never want to sell? What if someone actually paid you $20k for it? Pretty sure I’d sell any one thing I own for $20k.

He’s wasting everyone’s time and space but now we know his deal 😛

Pak-Man said on Mar. 31, 2012

There’s a lot of crazy prices for SNES games. Super Mario World for $899.95, Super Metroid for 699.95…

Ice Sage said on Mar. 31, 2012

I thought the most ridiculous price for any MOTHER related thing I’d seen was for those Franklin badges back in 2006 or so.

Whatever the reason, this is still hilarious.

Ness said on Mar. 31, 2012

I must be missing something here. Why would he post that for sale at an insane price?

Deraj626 said on Apr. 1, 2012

I think it could have something to do with April Fools Day.

Dialga Thunderstar said on Apr. 1, 2012

You gotta be kidding me! How odd in the head is that guy?

Anonymous said on Apr. 1, 2012

The joke is on him…

… I am about to list my copy for $19,994.50.

Hypotenuse Man said on Apr. 1, 2012

$3.99 shipping?! What a deal!

PK Derp said on Apr. 1, 2012

@Hypotenuse Man, i never laughed so much in my life xD

My guess is it’s a April Fools Joke 🙂

Karadom said on Apr. 1, 2012

A few years back I saw a used copy of Bad Company 2 on eBay for $28,000,000. What a steal.

Elec said on Apr. 1, 2012

Maybe it’s adjusted for Eagleland’s inflation. Burgers go for 14 bucks there. Or at least they did in the 90s

Cost of a Big Mac in our world in 1995 was 1.99
Cost of a single Hamburger in Eagleland in 1995 which was when it came out in the states was 14 bucks

So it can be roughly assumed that the prices are 7 times higher than they are in America if you base it on the price of a burger alone. Of course some baseball bats are 1000 dollars or more so there might be some kind of graduate

Now let’s look at the average price of an Earthbound game. It’s about 135 bucks on average. That means that nowadays it would be 945 bucks in Eagleland. But it would be 1,890 in Summers since things are twice as pricey there.

Of course it could also be that inflation is much worse in Eagleland nowadays.

…..Or it could just be a glitch or an April Fools joke. 😛

ChronoMoogle said on Apr. 1, 2012

Big yawn for the price crazyness.
Anyway, I want to give you something exciting, so sorry for going offtopic with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dHXO0PgeHM
Gokinjo Boukentai!
I am wondering why this game was never featured on a english Mother fansite, I am currently playing this (got a mint copy from Akihabara… its a freaking pricey game because of the low production number and a solid fanbase in Japan) and its simply awesome from the presentation to the gameplay. It is the closest game to mother imo, from the fightsystem to the setting, goofy humor and colorfull but simple graphics.
I really want it to be recognised by the mother community because I simply know they will love it!

Mato said on Apr. 1, 2012

I always thought it was interesting, but was waiting for KingMike (I think it was him?) to finish the ROM translation for it first before saying anything.

cool_boy_mew said on Apr. 1, 2012

That cat logo at the beginning of Gokinjo Boukentai makes me think of this

While we got the reply from the seller and his stupid reason, it seems that most people are selling stuff at a super inflated prices lately, I’ve been searching for MP3 players to install rockbox on them and most old MP3 players are overpriced as hell (pretty muich the same with everything on ebay really). There’s some new ones priced at like 99$…

Bucky said on Apr. 2, 2012

Guys, the “19,995” is a NEW copy. While I think it’s ridiculous too, over 100 bucks for a used copy is just as stupid.

nessforsale said on Apr. 3, 2012

come on why would pay for that price.

Stealthborn said on Apr. 5, 2012

I’ve seen crazy prices on Amazon before and this is no exception. As crazy as that is, I once saw MvC2 on there for $999,999. But back to Earthbound, not even a new sealed copy with the VGA grading goes for that much.

Earthboundzerofanboy678 said on Apr. 5, 2012

@nessforsale I would!

Onett Resident said on Apr. 6, 2012

I’ll keep my Mother 1 + 2 cartridge and emulator thank you very much!

RadicOmega said on Apr. 8, 2012

😆 who would buy that? There are plenty of other EB carts that are expensive but not that expensive. However the person who buys that must have won the lottery!

Hawk EB said on Apr. 16, 2012

Who can buy that it’s ridiculous. A new sealed copy cost 5,000$ no way I will pay that much!!! You are f*** crazy.

GiegueFanboy said on Apr. 24, 2012

It’s worth every penny.

you can not grasp the true form of my username said on Apr. 27, 2012

first of WTF

you can not grasp the true form of my username said on Apr. 27, 2012

second of amazon is rediculous like new age retro hippe

Kaabii said on Apr. 28, 2013

I wonder if anyone will ever buy it…

Kaabii said on Apr. 28, 2013

…wait, forget that!

I wonder if the anti-piracy features activate when playing (either the Serious Crime message or the enemies everywhere) or if it’s a reproduction cart with MOTHER 2 on it instead…


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