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Tips for Buying EarthBound

February 4th, 2012 | EarthBound

Jesse sent this in recently:

Hey, thought this might be of interest, It’s an EarthBound Feature length Fan-Film!

My buddy and I are currently trying to fund it (we’re going to shoot it regardless of if we hit the goal but it never hurts, am I right? haha) We have an IndieGoGo set up (http://www.indiegogo.com/EarthBound-Fan-Film) and I was hoping you guys could post about it? We want this to be really community based. There is a video on the page showing that we’re not just come dudes but pretty capable of doing this haha.

Anyways, hope you find this rad and post worthy!

The description for their EarthBound film is:

The film is titled “I Believe in Make Believe: The untold conclusion to EarthBound” The film takes place between EarthBound and Mother 3 as we follow Ness, Jeff, Paula, and Poo whom are now grown up.

If this sounds rad to you, please spread the word and donate if you can! We’ll constantly be updating our youtube, Facebook, and website with stuff as we get em!

And here’s a demo reel showcasing stuff from previous projects, so you can see they aren’t just some guys with a $10 webcam 😛

For even more reference, one of the past projects was this popular Left 4 Dead film.

All in all, it sounds like this could be a pretty cool project 😀 If you have a few dollars to spare, you can donate to their fundraiser here and get some cool perks doing so, like early downloads of stuff, a DVD copy, a signed poster, and more!


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36 Comments to EarthBound Fan Film Fundraiser

DD said on Feb. 4, 2012

Their reel is really goofy. In a good way. I’ll definitely keep watch on these guys.

Anne Noise said on Feb. 5, 2012

Trying not to be too critical, but this looks like poo. The terrible dubstep remix is doing them no favors. No thank you.

Tenma said on Feb. 5, 2012

I don’t like the idea too much if you ask me, no offense but sorry…

Tenma said on Feb. 5, 2012

plus not wanting to sound like an a**hole but looks more like a way to get easy money rather than a true fan film, I am sorry but this just turns me down

Alan Horne said on Feb. 5, 2012

What I said to Spielberg I say to you: you get no dough until I read the script, and I want a exec producer credit.

Bionic said on Feb. 5, 2012

I really liked the dub step remix and loved the high production quality…but it doesn’t seem to stay true to the flavor of Earthbound. It looks too serious, more like an action movie and not silly enough…plus I was confused if the main actor was supposed to be Ness or Jeff?

I do think it was a great trailer they put together though, so impressive!

DD said on Feb. 5, 2012

@Bionic_I agree about it looking a little too serious. Maybe they should change the lighting and costumes to make them look more like the bright, cheery color palette in Earthbound.

SonicUnderground said on Feb. 5, 2012

Well uh… that wasnt good… no offence to anyone…

MrNessEagleofOnett said on Feb. 5, 2012

@Bionic: I dont think that was the earthbound footage, only some of their past work.

@makers of video: give us a snipet of the earthbound film before we make any decisions. Great cinematography though.

AbC said on Feb. 5, 2012

Some guys who DONT use just a 10$ camera? Yeah right! To me it looks like a bunch teenagers looking for an easy way to make money. Their not getting any of my money! :I

Mark said on Feb. 5, 2012

The stupidity of some people hurts my head.

Mato said on Feb. 5, 2012

Note: for those who didn’t read the post all the way:

“here’s a demo reel showcasing stuff from previous projects”

TonyJ said on Feb. 5, 2012

I’d put my money to getting EarthBound saga back rollin’ lol.

MoonSide said on Feb. 5, 2012

Admittedly, show us a bit of what they could do. With that video, I wouldn’t/couldnt watch it if they make out Earthbound to be *that*.
Lol, I agree with TonyJ.

emobook101 said on Feb. 5, 2012

if anyone is curious the mr.saturn remix is by ZMIX on youtube. I don’t know about this, a lot of the footage i found rather corny. lol @ Alan Wake is gay tho. XD

EByay said on Feb. 5, 2012

Wow. You people are stupid.

1. This is a demo reel of past work. It says this. Adurr.

2. This is high quality work. You should be supporting this. Go support this. You fools.

3. Your hateful, elitist musical tastes should have no bearing on anything here. If your evaluating factor with this is “EWWW Y U HAVE DUBSTEP?” please go shoot yourself in the head.

4. Why aren’t you supporting the creativity of an obviously creative bunch of Earthbound fans that just showed you how good their work is? You’re awful Earthbound fans. Not just fans, as people. Selfish, self-centered, stupid people.

EByay said on Feb. 5, 2012

Aaaaan, now, the video is already being trolled with downvotes.

And i’m willing to bet all the troll downvotes came from this site.

Great job. And since you probably can’t tell on your own, that was sarcasm. You people disgust me.

EByay said on Feb. 5, 2012

So…. as sad as it is to say, here’s what’s happened, already….

These people want to do something for the Earthbound community and put together a fan film.

Then, Mato sees the intention and the love of this idea and concept and posts it to Earthbound Central in the hopes of promoting it along with their work to get the word out and increase the support they rightfully deserve.

And then you ignorant, selfish, self-centered, stupid, negative, people start working on bashing, insulting, wrecking, downvoting, trolling and hating and hurting this production all because you’re too stupid to see past the level of a 4-year old child, and lack the decent respect and the social graces it takes look past the length of your own noses.

Mato posts this, to gain support for a great cause.

Instead, you all attempt to tear down a good thing and “intelligently” respond with the equivalent of:

“wot da fk iz dis!! dis dont look nuffin liek earfbound huh huh!! suks dis suks!! wahhhh i hate dis”


“ewwwwww duuuubstep i hat dis musik and of courze dis is gonna suk cuz itz gonna all be liek dis and i hat musik liek dis and wahhhh is horribe horrible horrible horrible wahhh”

This is sickening. It’s sickening to see you people act this way towards a fan project. It’s sickening to see how stupid you are. And it’s sickening to see how disrespectful you all are. And it sickens me to see how horrible of fans you are to destroy something like this because of your own ignorance and pigheaded, hateful assumptions.

If you don’t want to give them money, don’t give them money. But don’t sit here and start screaming about how horrible this is like it’s the worst thing ever made and start tearing it down, just because of idiotic elitism over the genre of music in the trailer, or your own massive failings of being able to figure out why it doesn’t look like Earthbound enough for you. Maybe try reading. Maybe try using 2% of your own brain. Maybe try having some respect for some people trying to do a good thing.

No, with people like you, it’s all just that typical internet trolling and ignorant, baseless hatred. It’s hate hate hate bash bash bash, “this is the worst ever” and “no, just no dis iz awful wahhh it causes me pain becuz som1 else wants to make something”

So you’re hurting their project by bashing it, being elitist and stupid towards it by downvoting it, after this effort of Mato trying to do something positive and help these guys make something good.

Be ashamed. All of you. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I would ask how all of you could sleep tonight after trying to destroy someone else’s dreams because of your own ignorance…. but I know you’ll all sleep like babies. Lord knows you apparently all have the intellect and values of one.

DD said on Feb. 5, 2012

@EByay_I doubt all the down-votes came from people reading about it on Earthbound Central. Some people are naturally grumpy and down-vote something they watch.

Like I said earlier, I did like some things I saw in their reel. I hope they get enough help they need with their project. Making good costumes, props, and getting proper lighting equipment can be costly. They’ll need a little extra boost to make it a good Fan-Film.

FlyingManCourage said on Feb. 5, 2012

@Ebyay, this is for you:

On topic, this doesn’t strike my fancy, either. Doesn’t look at all like something I would enjoy. Do I still have the right to decide that for myself? I’m probably just being ignorant, selfish, self-centered, stupid, and negative. I must be in for a real struggle to sleep tonight since I decided not to spend my money on some kids’ playtime whilst providing an explanation for my decision.

After seeing Ebyay’s comments, I think we all have a great idea of the maturity level of this operation, as if the whole “please-give-us-money!” video wasn’t evidence enough.

Johnny said on Feb. 5, 2012

Hey guys my name is Johnny and I am the director of this film and I just wanted to say I don’t mind the negative criticism It will help us make a better product if we get a decent view of what works and what doesn’t work. That being said I realized the “Give us money” Joke hasn’t been translating to well. Rest assured it is just a joke we will be making this film even if we only get some change because we love film making and we love earthbound/Mother series.

As for the reel my partner Jesse worked in a group that made various videos for youtube under the name Gelfbury so most of the footage is from their. Note this is not a trailer. We will try to get some screen shots and footage up soon. We are still in the pre production stages.

One last thing. I would like to talk about is the films tone. A lot of people are saying it’s not “Earthbound-y enough” I totally understand. We are trying our best to have a lot of earthbound aura but we also want to play with the characters and do a bunch of cool stuff, but believe me there are some silly moments in this film that should make you guys proud. I know I can’t please everyone so I hope you guys enjoy the product we put out and or give us decent criticism so we can make a better product next time!

Mato said on Feb. 5, 2012

I wouldn’t worry about the “not EarthBound-y enough” criticism, I think that’s just from people not realizing what your demo reel was. I think they were expecting it to be some early test shots of the EarthBound stuff, which is a little bit understandable since the video starts off with EarthBound-related text.

I hope it works out for you guys, and just lemme know if you ever need anything else, like info, suggestions, another post, etc.!

Bionic said on Feb. 5, 2012

@EByay I think that’s a bit of an extreme reaction…no one is hating on them or putting down their project. And it was somewhat confusing because it was labeled as an Earthbound trailer with Earthbound font, but none of the scenes were related to Earthbound. It’s obvious that they put a lot of thought, heart, and talent into their work, but people are free to say what they think of it. This is a forum. No one is obligated to like or give money to anything. You say “if only people used 2% of their brain” and yet when people have, you throw a tantrum because it doesn’t line up with your own opinion of the work.

If the production team had put together an Earthbound related reel, it probably would have gotten more votes because then it would have been related to the actual project.

Bionic said on Feb. 5, 2012


Now see, that was a nice post, and way more mature than that other douchebag. Thanks for clarifying. Hmm…if the final product is going to be more in the actual tone of Earthbound, I think I’ll donate! 🙂

2sang said on Feb. 5, 2012

Ill be sending 25 so I can get a dvd
Also, when will you guys be filming?

JesseGouldsbury said on Feb. 5, 2012

Hey! Thanks everyone for the comments (both positive and negative)!

Thanks 🙂 and we start shooting on Friday!

Once we have a some footage we’ll upload a teaser trailer and then continue to just upload behind the scenes stuff so everyone can see what we’re doing with the project.

-Jesse (co-director/producer)

LucasPSI said on Feb. 5, 2012

Another earthbound fan film?… no thanks. Why cant anyone give mother 1 or 2 any love. 🙁

LucasPSI said on Feb. 5, 2012

^^^ I mean 1 or 3 😛

Eggs said on Feb. 6, 2012

I might not be able to donate right now but I’m always open to Mother fan videos! I truly hope that you guys are able to pull this together as I’m quite anxious to see it. I can see a lot of time and effort went into your teaser trailer. I wish you guys the best of luck and I can’t wait to see your spin on the series.

And thanks to Mato for spreading the word. Mother fans are a dedicated bunch and it’s this kind of thing that keeps the series alive.

FlyingManCourage said on Feb. 6, 2012

Now Johnny that impresses me. After reading your post, I am actually considering supporting you guys. Not a lot of support mind you, but I might actually throw you a few bones now that I can see some maturity out of this outfit.

I’ll keep an eye on you guys through YouTube…and maybe I’ll throw you guys some lunch. Good luck, Johnny.

Ezlo said on Feb. 6, 2012

@Johnny and Jesse

Just gave you guys a shoutout on our site. I doubt it’ll help much with promotion, but I’ll also mention it in our next episode.

Ur said on Feb. 8, 2012

I’d donate if I had the cash, as their talents are very apparent from the demo-reel.

I hope they reach that goal!

Lillie Joe said on Feb. 8, 2012

I liked the remix song personnaly
But I don’t think the video they choose to show their work are a good example of what they will do with earthbound, I don’t think I’ll even think to give any money before seeing some video of the movie itself
I’m not against the idea just the video gives a bad feeling of what’s coming next
Also their video look well made so for that it’s a good thing

qpringle1 said on Feb. 9, 2012

This sounds pretty cool. The demo reel was pretty nice, and I can’t wait for the movie. Good luck.

AltoMaximus said on Feb. 27, 2012

Great video, I can’t wait until the video is completed!

RadicOmega said on Feb. 28, 2012

@EByay, I think you should look a little closer look at some of the comments. Also, I find the only one freaking out is you. Don’t make the same mistake I did, for you own sake 😐


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