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Tips for Buying EarthBound

January 12th, 2012 | Auctions, EarthBound

I got married a couple weeks back, and a big part of the process has been decluttering the house and listing some of the more interesting stuff on eBay.

A few days ago I was digging through a closet and came across an extra copy of the EarthBound Anthology that I don’t need, so I decided to toss it up on eBay. You can already see the entire Anthology here, but if anyone out there wants the actual print copy (plus 2 discs with stuff unknown to me) then see here.

Here are some pics:

Anyway, even if you’re not interested in the print copy, I recommend checking out the online version if you haven’t already!


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26 Comments to EarthBound Anthology for Sale

Satsy said on Jan. 12, 2012

I don’t think I ever checked out the EB Anthology. I’ll have to do that tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

I may also look into buying that copy, perhaps, if I’m not sniped by our enthusiastic collectors. 😉

Mato said on Jan. 12, 2012

I’m actually surprised at how quickly it’s taken off since it’s already fully available online – but if it turns out it does go for a lot I’ll probably donate part of the money to a charity, just haven’t chosen one yet. I’m thinking an astronomy one.

west_haven said on Jan. 12, 2012

This looks really awesome and I had never heard of it myself till now so thank you for the link to the online version. I’ll keep an eye on the print one too 🙂

Chewy said on Jan. 12, 2012

Oh neat! I’d love to have one of these gorgeous books. Unfortunately I’m still trying to declutter myself, heh. Already have a really obnoxious yet growing collection of retro magazines that I hope I can sell after translating. >_>

Mato said on Jan. 12, 2012

Haha yeah, I got a whole bunch of old Famitsus and stuff here too. I wanna read through them someday for kanji/vocab practice but I doubt I’ll ever have the time.

asdf said on Jan. 12, 2012

I really wish Fangamer would make some sort of reprint of this. I’m sure there’s some reason why this can’t happen, but it would be really awesome to have.

Darien said on Jan. 12, 2012

Grats on the getting married, Mato. Sadly, the book’s already out of my price range, but I’d totally buy a reprint if one ever happened.

pk_stan said on Jan. 12, 2012

You’re married now!? Holy poop! I just got married a few months back, it’s a great thing, I’m happy for you, Mato! Congrats!!!

air chrysalis said on Jan. 12, 2012


MEG said on Jan. 13, 2012

Congratulations to you and Mrs. Tomato!! 😀

Schlupi said on Jan. 13, 2012

Congrats to ya! =P

Oh man… I wish I had a copy. I would bid if I had the monies. ;O;

This is gonna be worth so much… my estimate, as of now?

…. at LEAST 500 dollars. That’s my guess.

neonix said on Jan. 13, 2012

Mato, you make me really wish I had extra money to blow right now!

Crav said on Jan. 13, 2012

First off, congratulations to you. I hope many years of happiness await you

Second, you sorta made me sad here. Don’t you have any idea how badly SO MANY fans wanted a copy of this book?
I don’t even collect swag and I spent days drooling over the images of this thing, wishing I could get a copy and yet knowing it could never be.
Even if I had disposable income (which I don’t, poor college student here) I’d never be able to afford it. I’m betting that book is worth more than my computer…

Carl said on Jan. 13, 2012

Congratulations on your marriage!

FlyingManCourage said on Jan. 13, 2012

This book really is an amazing collector’s piece. Congratulations to the lucky fan who gets to this one.

Congratulations Mato.

TMMDI said on Jan. 13, 2012


mrstaplez said on Jan. 13, 2012

I nearly fainted when I saw this, I’m a huge fan of fangamer and you starmen.net folks. I really doubt I’ll be able to win this auction with the demand for these things, but still its really cool.

Also, congratulations on the marriage Mato! =D

Matteomax said on Jan. 17, 2012

Looks pretty cool, but, wow, you got married! congrats! 😀

AltoMaximus said on Jan. 17, 2012

Congrats on your marrige, here is a wedding cake:

, , , , ,
# # # # #
{_` ` ` ` `_}
{_ H A P P Y _}
( `”””””””””””””””””””””` )
For the record I completely copied this from a post in the Forum.
But congrats Mato!

AltoMaximus said on Jan. 17, 2012

Man, the EarthBound Central’s typing system is weird! It messed up my cake!

TheMrSaturnGuy said on Jan. 17, 2012

Oh No! The cake is falling!
Nice booklet. It looks awesome!

mrstaplez said on Jan. 17, 2012

Yep, didnt have 800 dollars. I dooooo however have sweet free disney tickets. How about it Mato? Wanna forget about that measly 800 dollars and trade that artbook for a trip to see Mickey Mouse? It’d be a great wedding gift for the new Mrs! I’ll also include lunch! With a salad containing extra tomatos and fuzzy pickles! There’s also my firstborn child, of course.

Sasquatch said on Feb. 18, 2012

I’m thinking of putting my copy up on Ebay this weekend.

Sasquatch said on Apr. 22, 2012

I relisted my copy as it didn’t sell the last time.

francochan said on May. 2, 2012

Hello Sasquatch! Did you sell your book already? I haven’t found it on ebay…

Nitwit said on Jun. 30, 2012

I’ve been checking periodically to see if this book is ever listed online and low and behold… I missed it by months! Dang it! I too would love to see this book reprinted, as the digital copy just doesn’t satisfy the desire of holding a nice book in your hands.


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