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Tips for Buying EarthBound

December 11th, 2011 | Images, Itoi

Here’s a picture of long-time EarthBound fans Chewy and Luna. Oh and some other guy, his name’s Shigesato Itoi I think.

Operation Steal EarthBound 64 Prototype is a go! Alpha team in position!


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63 Comments to An Itoi Blocked Your Way!

Poe said on Dec. 11, 2011

Can’t stop smiling at this picture 😀

Anonymous said on Dec. 11, 2011

Who’s that guy in the middle? 😀

omegashout said on Dec. 11, 2011

Greatest photograph in the history of the MOTHER fandom? Maybe!

Christian said on Dec. 11, 2011

Yay! Operation EB 64 is a go, 🙂

Pikachu said on Dec. 11, 2011

lol! XD

Nathalie said on Dec. 11, 2011

Jealous!! I’d do anything to meet that awesome man.

Anonymous said on Dec. 11, 2011


Im here! Beta team is in position! LETS DO THIS!!!

man said on Dec. 11, 2011

@2nd post: I think it’s Reggie?

kenisu said on Dec. 11, 2011

Um, story please?

Mel said on Dec. 11, 2011

Who’s that person in the middle?
Odd, he seems familiar.

Onion said on Dec. 11, 2011

Congrats Chewie!!!!! Too cool!

desu said on Dec. 11, 2011

I dub Chewie as one of the top five most dedicated Mother fans.

Brad.EXE said on Dec. 11, 2011

ugh, will someone get that guy in the middle out of the picture? He totally photobombed that picture.

What'sHerFace said on Dec. 11, 2011

D-Did they just run into him somewhere or what?! Give us some deets!

Zinco said on Dec. 11, 2011

I really want to hear more from Chewy and Luna about this encounter, because if nothing else Itoi must have found it unusual to meet non-Japanese fans.

Chewy said on Dec. 11, 2011

There’s not much of a story behind it. Itoi’s company collaborated with Cirque du Soleil to hold a special day in which Itoi, all his employees, and Hobo Nichi readers were the exclusive audience. At the end of the show, Itoi went on stage and said a few words of thanks. Then the lobby was filled with his crew taking pictures of everyone walking around, which will be uploaded on a password-protected site sometime this week. And this is the link for the event: http://www.1101.com/cirque_du_soleil/sayonara_zed/index.html
Me and Luna just waited in the lobby after the crowds all went home and caught Itoi on his way out, so we just said hi and got some pictures and fangirling in. He’s actually quite tall; he’s just crouching in this picture.

Onett Resident said on Dec. 11, 2011

You met Itoi……..SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!

Alex said on Dec. 11, 2011

Its nice to see fans of the mother series meet Itoi.

RandomGuardian said on Dec. 11, 2011

Seeing that picture is making my inner fangirl emerge and scream EEEEEEEEE! The worst part is I’m a guy.

Christian said on Dec. 11, 2011

Chewy was this the one in vegas?

Chewy said on Dec. 11, 2011

No this one’s next to Tokyo Disney Land. It was a farewell show because the Cirque du Soleil in Japan can’t go on after the disaster because no one wants to visit Japan anymore. *cry*

It’s really depressing that everyone sends Japan their prayers from afar but no one wants to set foot in the country anymore; there have been a lot of struggles from the sudden loss of major tourism, making recovery even harder than it should be.


Mato said on Dec. 11, 2011

I want to but plane ticket prices there don’t seem to have gone down, at least from the sites I’ve checked.

Saturnome said on Dec. 11, 2011

WOOAAH, amazing. Tell us more! How he walk, the things he said, in which pocket was the EB64 prototype? what scratch ‘n’ sniff card does he smell the most like I NEED TO KNOW
Is this the first encounter between western fans and Itoi? When will this happen again? Will I meet Itoi if I go to Japan? Why am I not in this picture?

Chewy said on Dec. 11, 2011

I can’t see plane tickets going down anymore, not with all the airline companies bankrupt and permanently raised gas prices. The days of $800 plane tickets are gone. 🙁 Your best bet is flying directly out of LA.

Sweet-Michiko said on Dec. 11, 2011

You guys are so lucky! Great photo!

Mato said on Dec. 11, 2011

Chewy: Man, I remember when tickets were $500. Dumb airplanes costing so much, and dumb inflation. And dumbledore.

SamuelTurn said on Dec. 11, 2011


ness151 said on Dec. 11, 2011

so Luna’s still alive eh? nice.

Luna said on Dec. 11, 2011

I can safely say I am very much in the living category.

Luna said on Dec. 11, 2011

P.S. celebrate 9 months from the earthquake by SMAAAASHing your piggybanks open and flying to Japan! If I haven’t grown an extra limb here in Fukushima, I can guarantee the rest of the country is A-Ok too. Less letters more visitors!

Also Itoi was really nice, but I was too shy to be like ILOVEYOURVIDYAGAEMWOW, so I told him how much I liked his short story collection he wrote with Murakami instead. But I think he probably knew.

DD said on Dec. 11, 2011

@Chewy: Wow, That’s really unfortunate. I had no idea they were going to close down the Cirque du Soleil show in Japan. That was actually on my “To Do” list because I was planning to eventually go on a trip to Japan, plus I’ve never seen a circus show before.

Zinco said on Dec. 12, 2011

Luna why don’t you visit someplace remotely near where I’ve ever lived instead

FlyingManCourage said on Dec. 12, 2011

Alright I must admit. I’m new to the scene and have been on a crash course of sorts trying to catch up with all the happenings of the EB community. I frequently come across this name Chewy. I know nothing about this girl except that she loves EB and every time her name is mentioned in relation to something my reactions is usually something along the lines of “WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!”. So yeah. The phenomenon of Chewy.

Sadly I haven’t heard of Luna before and I know not which is which in the picture, but I’m chalking this one up on the list of “Who is Chewy and Why is She So Awesome?”

Luna said on Dec. 12, 2011


Satsy said on Dec. 12, 2011

Chewy and Luna are both awesome because they are in Japan and get a lot of deets and stuff before we do and can go exclusive.

However I personally will remember Luna most for the bidding war many years back over one of the rare mangas. I followed that like an obsessed teen, because that’s what I was and outbidding Buzz Buzz was entertaining.

But I don’t need to regale you with stories gone, Chewy and Luna have both met Itoi!

I will visit one of these days, I really really want to. Heck I’d move out there if possible. Nuclear disasters or not I have no doubt it’d be better than living here.

Bread said on Dec. 12, 2011

why are japanese periods circles?

Mato said on Dec. 12, 2011

Holy moly I forgot about that さつまいも thing. It’s almost been twelve years. i r old

Onett Resident said on Dec. 12, 2011

@Mato How old are you?

Mato said on Dec. 12, 2011


BigDream said on Dec. 12, 2011

I would be excited too if I got to meet Itoi.

Tobias said on Dec. 12, 2011

soooooo good

Onett Resident said on Dec. 12, 2011

@Mato 11? I’m 14 I know feel old.

Christian said on Dec. 12, 2011

I wish he would come to Vegas. 🙁

SoreThumb said on Dec. 12, 2011

My friend has been complaining that the price of Yen is too high, too– Like, 75 yen to a dollar. Imagine if you were used to four quarters, and then only got three quarters for every buck! Oi vei.

Great photo, and thanks for sharing with us. 😀 I hope he didn’t mind the fan attention..!

Zinco said on Dec. 13, 2011

My understanding is that the unusually strong yen is a pretty bad situation for Japanese companies right now, because it means that they’re making substantially less money in foreign markets at the moment.

PlooKon09 said on Dec. 13, 2011

@Mato are you a boy or a girl? Because I’ve been looking for a girlfriend for some time 😉

Luna said on Dec. 13, 2011

He is definitely a girl.

Anonymous said on Dec. 13, 2011

Well, he’s technically a fruit, but legally he’s a vegetable.

Chewy said on Dec. 13, 2011

Lay off, you predators, he’s only a wee lass of eleven years old.

Bread said on Dec. 13, 2011

hey i’m 11!

EnnuiKing said on Dec. 13, 2011

He’s 11 years old in the same way we’d say a dog or cat is 11 years old. In Tomato years, he’s actually several millenia old; he’s still alive due to the magical youth-bringing energies that shoot out from the animes he translates. It’s like that common trope of that 12-year-old girl being possessed by a dead god as old as the universe itself.

He is also totally Princess Tomato of the Salad Kingdom.

Matteomax said on Dec. 15, 2011

@ Chewy: I really wanted to go to Japan for the Giant Mr.Saturn event there, but my parents said no. Darn it.

I dont know why it went from Itoi to ages, but im 13. Wow, I’m older than Mato!

FlyingManCourage said on Dec. 15, 2011

Ahh yes Princess Mato of the Salad Kingdom. That would be the Salad Kingdom frequently terrorized by the dastardly Dr. Crouton, isn’t it? Yes, that incorrigible Dr. Crouton and his anti-flavor Salad-Dressing-replacer-laser. It will be the dawn of Hell on Earth I tell you!

MEG said on Dec. 16, 2011

Mato, I love your sense of humor!

RadicOmega said on Dec. 17, 2011

@Bread, a simple statement is a 。When you are commanding it is a .. I think so, I still got some learning with Japanese. また、私はそれは彼らが糸井自身を満たすためになったかを超えて素晴らしいと思う。私はどちらか日本に行ったことがない。 🙁

2% Milk said on Dec. 18, 2011

why cant that happen to me

Lukumadustaney said on Dec. 24, 2011

i may be able to deduct some of the artwork and scripting from the scenes of the mother 64 commercial. maybe, i can make a prototype if i can find the story of it…

RadicOmega said on Dec. 24, 2011

@Lukumadustaney, That would be really hard. And practically impossible. Unlesss you had the detailed eviedence, you’d still only be able to complete half or parts of the game. Or you can invent your own MOTHER 64, which can be done.

SomeGuyThatThinksThatYouCantPullThisOff said on Dec. 29, 2011

I don’t think you can be able to “steal” EB64. It’s not like they keep it in a safe, protected. What if it’s gone forever?

RadicOmega said on Dec. 29, 2011

@(OH YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) That’s my point, the memory on the demo carts is gone, it is there for a short time, because of the little memory it has. But I’M not the one who’s doing it.

If Lukumadustany thinks he can do it, let him. DOn’t discurage him.

AltoMaximus said on Jan. 1, 2012

Like RadicOmega and SGTTTYCPTO said, most of the data is gone.
And I don’t think you can convert the videos online to make walking moving sprites on a ROM.
But I don’t know, I’m not a expirenced ROM hacker.

PsiReaper said on Jan. 8, 2012

*From Wayne’s World*


But congrats on meeting Itoi, Chewy and Luna! 🙂

Anonymous said on Jan. 10, 2012

I found the EB64 prototype! Then I woke up…


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