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Tips for Buying EarthBound

November 1st, 2011 | Misc.

Rich sent me an e-mail the other day with this link:

I never knew earthboundcentral.com had ever been taken before, I’m glad it was available when I chose it back in 2008! As I recall, EarthBound Central wasn’t even the original name I was going to go with, I just wound up choosing it sort of at the last minute. I wish I could find the list with all my old site name ideas.


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17 Comments to Ye Olde EarthBound Central

Poe said on Nov. 1, 2011

I really love crappy old website designs. ♥

JAMESGHOST said on Nov. 1, 2011

didn’t know people used adobe dreamweaver back then

Big A2 said on Nov. 1, 2011

I wonder if they still have any of that King Henry VIII combat armour.

Zoom! said on Nov. 1, 2011

Hey cool the Wayback machine.

kaialone said on Nov. 1, 2011

I still have the links to the old starman.net forums from around 2003 and its fun to read what everybody was expecting in Mother 3 and what their reactions were. 😀

EarthBound015 said on Nov. 1, 2011

You win, Dorkus, you win.

Poe said on Nov. 1, 2011

rofl Nice one, Dorkus.

Otter said on Nov. 1, 2011

That internet wayback machine has, in recent time, replaced Google Earth as my new time-waster on the internet. I love that thing.

Otter said on Nov. 1, 2011

By the way, Dorkus… That is amazing.

Kraig said on Nov. 1, 2011

I just 90’s and early 2000’s webpages!

LakituAl said on Nov. 1, 2011

Dorkus, I gotta say: that’s so funny it must be illegal in some states, I tell you what. Comic Sans as stylistic suck? GENIUS.

RadicOmega said on Nov. 1, 2011

@Dorkus1218 How the heck did you find that?

YellowYoshi398 said on Nov. 1, 2011


“There are temporal wormholes localized only within one particular shop in North Carolina. Using these wormholes, you can jump to any point in time you want. This must be the shop he’s talking about.”

Oh, Mato, you haven’t changed a bit.

RadicOmega said on Nov. 2, 2011

@YellowYoshi398 thank you for that link. I love how every one is freaking out about the stuff. And one guy said. “IT IS GOING TO BE ON THE 64 I KNOW IT IS! MY FRIEND PLAYED A DEMO!” Well there really is a demo of it and is probobly worth more than a EB Zero prototype.

Zoom! said on Nov. 15, 2011

Pokémon in EB64? ROFL


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