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September 19th, 2011 | EarthBound, Merchandise

If you’re into decorative soaps, you’re going to love this:

You can buy scented soaps modeled after video game cartridges at an Etsy shop called “Digitalsoaps”. You can pick up the EarthBound one here for $12.

You know, I think this is the closest we’re going to get to an EarthBound re-release ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks to SuperBlooper057 for the tip!


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46 Comments to Vanilla EarthBound Soap Cartridge

luke said on Sep. 19, 2011

it would feel too weird to rub a video game cartridge overt my naked body.

luke said on Sep. 19, 2011

it would feel too weird to rub a video game cartridge overt my naked body.

LucasPSI said on Sep. 19, 2011

lol so this is what we get when A webiste hasnt updated in A while? Decorative soaps.

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

I will buy it, but never use it. ๐Ÿ™‚

DJ 2Sang said on Sep. 19, 2011

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty cool. $12 is a lot for a single bar, though.

G.Wicks said on Sep. 19, 2011

“..closest we’re gonna get to a re-release”.
That made me laugh. I can always rely on the bitter sarcasm of fellow MOTHER fans to brighten my day. Thanks for that, Mato ๐Ÿ™‚

Javi said on Sep. 19, 2011

“This soap stinks.” Oh god. xD

Leafy Sun said on Sep. 19, 2011

I’m gonna rub this all over myselfโ€ฆ

Anonymous said on Sep. 19, 2011

Its only a matter of time until ebayers get ahold of this and sell it like a regular EB Cart..

TBird said on Sep. 19, 2011

Yeah, but at hotels you only get those little Mother 3 soaps.

Anonymous said on Sep. 19, 2011

Part of me wishes it smelled like pizza

evan said on Sep. 19, 2011

Part of me wishes it smelled like pizza

LakituAl said on Sep. 19, 2011

I’ll buy one and never use it. In 10+ years it might sell for thousands on eBay.

Hukky said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Anonymous That would be hilarious. “Yay, now I finally own a legit copy of EarthBo- SOAP? WHAT THE HELL?”

Satsy said on Sep. 19, 2011

This would make a great joke present.

LucasTizma said on Sep. 19, 2011

This is so cool! I want a few. ๐Ÿ˜€

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Hukky I know the feeling. “Yay, EarthBound for ninety-nine cents! I can FINALLY afford the game! Whew, i’m tired, I’m gonna go to bed.” the next morning… “WHAT? 107 DOLLARS? WHO THE HELL BID THAT MUCH? IT WAS ONLY NINETY-NINE CENTS!” I’ve given up. I guess I gotta be content with emulators. Or… SOAP! I guess I’ll just buy this and hang it on the wall and pretend its a real cartridge. Sigh.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 19, 2011

Earthbound Soap? I WANT IT!!! Although the prces on ebay went up to $107 and that is not worth it. Still cool. But for twelve dollars isn’t bad. Though wish a real cartridge of EarthBound was that cheap SIGH!

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@RadicOmega I do to. Y’know, for such a “small” fanbase, there is one hell of a demand for EB cartridges. You’re getting outbid by several different people at the same time at all times. I also love how they’ll often bid so high that they’re losing money. They bid 107 bucks(I’m using that as an example because I was just outbid for a EB cart and thats how much they bid)when theres, say, a “buy it now” copy for less. It really annoys me, because I’m trying to get ahold of it and having a hell of a time.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Loidrage, Funny Thing is I bought a Mother 1+2 For half the price it was before. About $40, than when i clicked “Buy it now” They declined my offer and I had to pay $80. I know some Japenese so I didn’t mind buying a Jap EarthBound for $80 than to buy a English one for $300.

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@RadicOmega Unfortunately for me, I DON’T know any japanese, which sucks. I think I’d rather have a lot of trouble getting a game I can understand then easily get a game I can’t understand a word of.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 19, 2011

@ Loidrage, whatever floats your boat I guess. But It isn’t that hard to play Earthbound in Japenese if you have already played Earthbound. But if you havn’t and you don’t know Jap I don’t recomend getting a Japenese cartridge. Though English Earthbound prices have been lowering a bit, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get one right now. But I haven’t tried to buy one so don’t take my word for it

...! said on Sep. 19, 2011

What the hey is this?

This is amazing. xD
I already have all the games… but SOAP!!

Poe said on Sep. 19, 2011

I need this.

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@RadicOmega Well, I’ve played EB several times. I’ve attempted to play MOTHER 2 in japanese and… Well, failed epicly. Besides, the point of the MOTHER series is kinda the jokes, y’know? Its kinda pointless to play a MOTHER game if you don’t understand any of it.

someone said on Sep. 19, 2011

Now all I need is a soap TV to attach my soap SNES with soap Earthbound cartridge combo to.
You would not believe the clarity of those LSD (Liquid Soap Display) screens.

Halloween said on Sep. 19, 2011

Here’s my chance to buy an EarthBound cart!

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

Didn’t think this would be that big..

RadicOmega said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Loidrage,True dat,I agree, but there are other things that make me love MOTHER besides the jokes, the battle system is the most orgainised on Earth. and other stuff that are awesome. But yeah, the jokes are the best. I’d play an English EarthBound any time than a Japenese. You are correct. (The Yesterday joke wasn’t in the Japenese one D:)

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@RadicOmega And besides, I don’t have a SNES. But yeah, it always amazes me how much of a demand there is for EB cartridges. Sure, I could learn japanese, and i’m actually attempting to do so, but… It just wouldn’t be the same. My GBA is dying, too. But yeah, I’ll probably give in and buy MOTHER 1+2 eventually. If not… Well, SNES9X works like a dream, I suppose.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Loidrage, If you want to learn Japenese I recomend Rosata Stone! That’s what I’m doing and it really pays off. Although it’s pretty pricy. Although you can probobly use that SNES9X which I asume is a emulator. I haven’t used a emulator because I can’t get it going! And you know they still sell DS-lights so you can use that for MOTHER 1+2!

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

Digitalsoap sounds stupid. :/

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@RadicOmega Not use SNES9X, continue to use SNES9X. How do you think I played EB in the first place? What can I say, emulators are free. And I think I’ll pass on a DS Lite, all things considered. I’d pay less for a copy of EB. My Gamestop is still selling it for, like, 120 dollars. Then, adding that to the 40 or so dollars i’d pay for MOTHER 1+2, and getting EB seems a bit more practical.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Loidrage, Whoops! Typo.though I was actually thinking about that, but if you have a emulator why do you need to buy Earthbound, By the way, is that SNES9X a good emulator, I haven’t tried it yet. The way you say it’s probobly good. I’ll try it I guess! Anyways Good Night ๐Ÿ˜€

Loidrage said on Sep. 19, 2011

@RadicOmega Well, why does ANYBODY buy games? They can emulate them all. And yes, SNES9X is a good emulator. Of course, its pretty hard for a SNES emulator to be bad. It functions on the same level as an SNES. I just kinda want to own the game.

DD said on Sep. 20, 2011

Hey that’s pretty cool. I’d buy that, but like Zoom! I probably won’t use it.:p

Or would I?

RadicOmega said on Sep. 20, 2011

@Loidrage agreed

neonix said on Sep. 20, 2011


MoonSide said on Sep. 21, 2011

This game doesn’t stink. ^_^

EarthBounder13 said on Sep. 25, 2011

Now i can trick my friends by spraying water on it

TheMr.SaturnGuy said on Sep. 26, 2011

They have a wide variety of game soaps, I can’t wait to get them all! Thanks for the post, Mato!

Daniel said on Oct. 1, 2011

I can now shower with star man ๐Ÿ™‚

Poe said on Oct. 13, 2011


Shorty said on Dec. 13, 2011

If your articles are always this hlpeful, “I’ll be back.”

Ness is the best said on Aug. 31, 2012

I’d love to see a Mother soap cartridge or a Mother 3 cartridge.

Apple Kid said on Sep. 1, 2012

It’s decorative so… I’ll decorate my house with Earthbound!!!


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