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September 17th, 2011 | EarthBound, Manga

EBrent has translated another batch of MOTHER 2 manga, this is again from “Shounen Oh Comics – Game Comic Vol. 2”.

I love that cookie one for some reason 😯

Anyway, it sounds like all the MOTHER 2 manga from this book is nearly translated now, just a few more pages left!


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46 Comments to MOTHER Manga Translation Part 4

someone said on Sep. 17, 2011

The middle finger doesn’t feel right in that last one. Totally appropriate though.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 17, 2011

Horn of life O_O

blahmoomoo said on Sep. 17, 2011


That is all.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 17, 2011

@blahmoomoo What?

TalonKhan said on Sep. 17, 2011

I approve of the flipping off of Paula Ness. :U

Leirin said on Sep. 17, 2011

LOL at Ness ‘popping pills’

Anonymous said on Sep. 17, 2011

…Wait, did Tracy make cookies out of her own poop? I think this one went over my head.

Douglas said on Sep. 17, 2011

I don’t understand the cookie joke either

Strawberry Tofu said on Sep. 17, 2011

There are 2 chapters that haven’t been posted here. One is being worked on by EBrent, the other one I’ve already finished: http://www.mediafire.com/?xvgd6c64uamdrad

Just thought you’d like to know~

RadicOmega said on Sep. 17, 2011

@Douglas I’m pretty sure that Anonymous is right. Or she is using the toilet to make the cookies.

LakituAl said on Sep. 17, 2011

I can’t believe how crude the jokes are, relatively speaking. That doesn’t mean they’re not funny, though, they are hysterical.

If there’s one thing I like is a joke at the Photographer’s expense >w<.

Halloween said on Sep. 17, 2011

Yeah, these are kind of weird. The horn of life was pretty funny for some reason though.

But I’m happy to read them! Thanks to EBrent for doing a great job translating!

EBrent said on Sep. 17, 2011

Sure, no problem, Halloween. I’m working on the last section now. Once it’s all finished, I plan to repackage all the segments as one and released it on the forum here:


I will also put it here (the page has no index yet, but I intend to add a “comics” section to my site in the future):


And I totally understand your reactions. I also was surprised by the relative vulgarity of this section. For a while, I wasn’t sure if Tomato would even post these. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he hadn’t.

Regarding the middle finger: one should keep in mind that, in general, Japanese people don’t understand how offensive Western obscenities really are. In fact, in another section I translated (“Kid Stuff”), Jeff drops an F-bomb completely out of the blue. I chose to translate the sentiment, but I changed the words. My impression is that the authors were simply trying to enhance the “American-ness” of the comics, given their setting.

This was probably my least favorite section.

Mato said on Sep. 17, 2011

Yeah, that happens a lot in my personal experience, I think they hear all the swearing and see all the gestures in movies and such so they want to emulate it themselves, without really understanding how strong it can be. It’s actually kind of funny and charming at first, but another side of me wants to tell them, “You know, if you say/do that in America, you might get seriously hurt :X”

LucasTizma said on Sep. 17, 2011

Er… I have something already up on my server for Satsy. I don’t really feel like fishing around for various pages here and there, so if someone could put together an archive on Mediafire or something, I’ll grab it and host it (along with the other manga recently translated) permanently on my FTP server.

LucasTizma said on Sep. 17, 2011

Also, I have quite a few MOTHER manga that I’ve amassed over the years if any of you fine translators are looking for one in particular to be scanned. <3

DD said on Sep. 17, 2011

These are hilarious. I can’t believe I laughed so hard.
It was really nice of EBrent to translate these.

The Great Morgil said on Sep. 18, 2011

This was my least favorite of the ones translated so far. Especially the cookie one. That one was just… gross, to put it bluntly.

Uvaz said on Sep. 18, 2011

Wow, this is one of the most unfunny things I have seen in my life. And I have visited 4chan.

What the heck, world?

Idesire said on Sep. 18, 2011

Agreed with the post above. I was amazed by these.

That is to say, amazed by how incredibly inappropriate, offensive, disgusting, blatantly stupid and thoroughly unfunny and completly lacking in any sense of dignity, creativity, humor or wit these were.

I don’t often throw around terms like “This ruins Earthbound forever” or anything, but I have to say with all objectivity and in all fairness, these come really, REALLY… REALLY close.

And people say that the North American marketing for Eathbound was terrible.

These hideous affronts to decency, make “This Game Stinks” look positively masterful and dignified by comparison.

Badly drawn, badly written, humorless, ill-conceived, disgusting, appalling, un-clever, and horribly offensive, only begins to scratch the surface.

Idesire said on Sep. 18, 2011

P.S: I give these a Triple Decker Super F Minus, on a scale of 1 to passable. Quite possibly the worst Earthbound related thing I may have ever seen.

Mato said on Sep. 18, 2011

The funny thing is that this sort of humor is actually extremely common in official manga, even Mother manga. I guess I’m just used to it after all this time, I can definitely see how it’d be upsetting/off-putting/not funny at all though.

RadicOmega said on Sep. 18, 2011

@Idesire, Their are other Mangas based on video games, and their just as bad as these ones. I beleive their is a Mario Manga.

Foffano said on Sep. 18, 2011

I like the Photographer’s comic. All the other ones are boring.

Anonymous said on Sep. 18, 2011

I don’t mind humour being crude or vulgar, but I just think this is sort of bland. Except maybe the cookie one, the cute art style is a set-up.

Zoom! said on Sep. 18, 2011

The translation=Awesome The manga=Not-so-awesome 😀

DD said on Sep. 18, 2011

The cookie one was quite odd.

I admit though that I’ve seen cruder humor on T.V. and other comics. *scratches chin* Hmm.

BOX said on Sep. 18, 2011

I agree with IDesire’s rating. It’s almost torture reading this, and yet I come back time and time again, as I usually enjoy anything that Mato finds worthy of posting.

The crude humor was also very off-putting, in a sort of “what the hell was the purpose of that?” way.

rumikumatora said on Sep. 18, 2011

Ness fliping the bird? THATS WIN
I didn’t understand the cookie one

rumikumatora said on Sep. 18, 2011

Ness fliping the bird? THATS WIN
I didn’t understand the cookie one…

Loidrage said on Sep. 18, 2011

@Rumikumatora You don’t WANT to understand the cookie one. The… The cookies are crap. At least, thats what I think. Just… No.

Satsy said on Sep. 19, 2011

I know the jokes are crude, but I’m genuinely surprised that its getting such seething reactions. These can’t really ‘ruin’ EarthBound unless you let them. Maybe I’m just desensitized since I was raised on things like Ren and Stimpy and Cow and Chicken (and to a degree South Park). That, and I know I’ve seen worse from the EB community.

MoonSide said on Sep. 19, 2011

These were kind of bad but, it still doesn’t “ruin” Earthbound for me.
I just found it out of Ness’s character to be flipping the bird.

BigDream said on Sep. 19, 2011

So far… These are so stupid. The other ones are waaay funnier. These are just too offensive.

kenisu said on Sep. 19, 2011

Yeesh, guys, back up the trolley. As a translator myself, I can’t tell you how discouraging it is to work your tail end off breaking the language barrier on something, only to find out the source material isn’t as great as you originally thought it was; then to have the readers cry for blood, even if they aren’t necessarily blaming the middleman.

Assuming it’s just the four pages displayed above that everyone’s talking about, I’ll admit the cookie one is pretty gross, and I still don’t entirely get why Ness is interrogating Buzz-Buzz; but I don’t see anything wrong with the “pill popping” one, and really, the middle finger is seen a lot more in manga than you’d think. On the title page of a chapter of DragonBall, no less than four of the Z-Warriors (Kuririn, Trunks, Yamucha and Tenshinhan) are seen giving Cell the “International ‘Hi’ Sign”.

Would it surprise you to know that in the *official* MOTHER 2 manga by Benimaru Itoh, a random NPC woman flips the bird to seemingly no one in particular, while explaining to Ness that a Runaway Five member married her as a scam?

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

@Uvaz No one escapes 4chan 😯

EBrent said on Sep. 19, 2011

Thank you very much for the sentiment, kenisu. But I’m not taking it personally.

The next (and final) section should more than make up for this one. It is *brilliant*. And it’s almost done. I’ll probably have it out by the end of tomorrow. I hope I can do it justice.

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

@EBrent I thought you did a wondeeful translation, regardless of comic quality.

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

Dang..wrong link

Zoom! said on Sep. 19, 2011

Fixed my link. And @Idesire, thats some really strong wording.

EBrent said on Sep. 20, 2011

Thank you, Zoom. I know everyone meant well.

I just posted the final section (“GOLDEN MOTHER”) on the manga translation thread. It is *soooo* much better than “Super Street Friends.” Here’s a link:


Zoom! said on Sep. 20, 2011

@EBrent Awesome!

Gooptek said on Dec. 13, 2011

Yeah, to agree with kenisu, I’ve seen, in the DBZ manga, Yamcha pulling out the middle finger to Tenshinhan when they were still enemies, at the martial arts tournament…

Anonymous said on Dec. 23, 2011

ness. the only person who could flip paula of a still look cute.

Cloud said on Dec. 23, 2011

i may never be able to eat a cookie again. 🙁

Piksel said on Jun. 11, 2012

Well, the photographer and trash can thing were slightly funny….at least.


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