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Tips for Buying EarthBound

September 25th, 2011 | EarthBound, Images

Dean sent this in recently:

Heya. At school, my friend asked me to do some drawings from a manga girl book, and I found a picture that actually looks alot like Paula Polestar!

It’s from a Chris Harrt how to draw manga book. What do you think?

It looks pretty similar – what do you guys think? Is it her, or just a coincidence?

EDIT: Since there was a request for comparisons, here’s some Japanese fan art of her.


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24 Comments to How to Draw… Paula?

Zoom! said on Sep. 25, 2011

Looks like her exactly! 😯

Espyo said on Sep. 25, 2011

Meh, I’d say it’s just a coincidence. A blonde girl dressed in pink isn’t exactly a rare sight. At all.

Mark said on Sep. 25, 2011

A comparison photo would be nice (just for easy reference). 🙂

V-King said on Sep. 25, 2011

It’s very likely a coincidence. I mean, Paula is not the only fictional girl sporting blonde hair, a red ribbon and a pink dress.

ShirowWolf said on Sep. 25, 2011

It’s probably a coincidence. He was probably trying to think of something really girly-looking, so…a pink dress with ribbons! But you never know; maybe Hart did do it intentionally!

BigDream said on Sep. 25, 2011

Hey! Thanks for putting this up!!!!

Cyus said on Sep. 25, 2011

how to draw manga books

joeymartin64 said on Sep. 25, 2011

Eyes are the wrong color. And, like everyone else has said, the outfit’s not exactly unique.

Titus said on Sep. 25, 2011

I like to think it’s Paula.

Idesire said on Sep. 25, 2011

@Cyus The How To Draw Manga books are actually quite helpful, relatively well done, pretty comprehensive, and very good at teaching the style as well as it’s numerous examples at understanding the culture around it’s art in addition to just having really good at to model from and learn from, as well.

Besides, i’ve seen MUCH worse. Any trip to a book store will quickly show a deluge of similar copycat, rip-off books, quickly meant for a cash-grab featuring INCREDIBLY bad art and no-insight to the actual process, other than featuring languid examples that looks like it was lifted from 8-year olds on DeviantArt, with none of the helpful context or teaching methods that the HTDM-series provides.

Christie said on Sep. 25, 2011

Maybe Paula was an inspiration and the artist didn’t even realize it.

RandomGuardian said on Sep. 25, 2011

I am shure this is just coincidental but still pretty interesting coincidence.

MoonSide said on Sep. 25, 2011

Heck, its not the only rip-off I’ve seen from a how to manga book. I’ve seen the main character of Dragon Pink (verified by a friend of mine) and other characters from Manga and anime. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Paula.

Lumanare said on Sep. 25, 2011

I think hart was heavily inspired by EB and didnt even realize it.

What'sHerFace said on Sep. 26, 2011

Definitely a coincidence. As much as I love Paula and as much as I dislike Chris Hart, you have to admit, Paula’s character design is pretty generic.

@Cyus: While I agree that a lot of How to Draw Manga books are pretty awful, the actual “How to Draw Manga” series has some good info here and there about things like perspective, paneling and encourages things like looking at models to enforce proper anatomy or not trying to copy the style in the books exactly.

Chris Hart’s “How to Draw Manga” books are terrible, though. I had his “Manga Mania” book when was I a lot younger ; he didn’t draw a single illustration in it and boiled it down to the most generic of manga stereotypes. Like Idesire said, it’s mostly the authors that spit out a quick “lol manga characters have big eyes and sweatdrops” books that are detrimental to those who want to improve.

The Great Morgil said on Sep. 26, 2011

Dang, that is one cute drawing. And yeah, it does look a lot like Paula, IMO.

Leirin said on Sep. 26, 2011

I would probably think that too, but yeah, blonde hair with a ribbon and pink dress isn’t that unusual of a sight. I remember having something similar with a girl who looked nearly IDENTICAL to Ana, though…

Jason said on Sep. 26, 2011

I think it’s totally coincidence. Mother’s character designs are based on typical/archetypical kids from the late 80s and early 90s.

I’m around that age, and it’s hard to believe, but little girls used to actually wear skirts and hair ribbons to school sometimes.

Boys actually wore striped shirt and had baseball hats.

And for Jeff, bowl cuts were SUPER popular in british youth culture at the time. And when you think of britain you think of traditional all-boys boarding school, so he’s the same way except he’s a stereotypical british boy instead of american. Poo is the same way except the stereotype is even more stereotypical.

If Ness were designed today he might wear jeans, a graphic tee, and maybe a hoodie.

Titus said on Sep. 26, 2011

Totally agree with Jason. I think that was the perfect way to say it 🙂

Jason said on Sep. 26, 2011

@Cyus & What’sHerFace I think basically all those “learn how to draw!!” books aren’t very good. But you can’t make money selling one page books that say “do still lifes and figure drawings over and over, and eventually you’ll be able to draw things accurately from your imagination”. 😛

I used to get those books when I was younger and I remember there would be all kinds of elaborate geometric constructions (building people out of cylinders etc.), and a lot of step-by-step stuff (draw this line there, and then draw a line there, then an arc there)…

? said on Sep. 27, 2011

So how far into puberty does an anime girl have to be before I can draw her into my tentacle comics?

LucasTizma said on Sep. 29, 2011

First, @?, ew…

Second, I really like drawing of Paula holding Mr. Saturn! 😀

EarthboundKid1995 said on Sep. 29, 2011

This is pretty cool!

Nintendofan146 said on Oct. 2, 2011

Hmmm… After seeing the fan artwork, the resemblance is rather uncanny. Someone should investigate…


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