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Tips for Buying EarthBound

August 18th, 2011 | EarthBound, Manga

After my recent post with some translated MOTHER 2 manga, superfan Satsy started up a site where she posts scans of MOTHER 2 manga, in the hopes that other translators might want to translate them too sometime.

You can check the site out here, and even if you can’t/don’t want to translate, you can still look at the pretty pictures 🙂

A long while ago I also posted a full raw set of one of my own mangas, you can check it out and download that here.

I’d love to put up an archive of all known translated manga, so if any more translations are made, let me know and I’ll set something up!


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9 Comments to MOTHER Manga Scans

kenisu said on Aug. 18, 2011


I’ve been wanting to put the Benimaru Itoh manga, “Ness’s Adventure Memoir”, behind me for years. I have a notebook in which I wrote down my full translation for it about four years ago, but it’s at my dad’s place in another state right now and I’m sort of stuck where I’m at.

I do have the manga itself with me, though, so perhaps I can type out the script and somebody else can scan it in and edit the images.

Back then, I fully intended to scan the whole book in and edit the scans in English, but it proved a daunting task and I got caught up in something else.

I don’t have an image editor right now that’s anywhere near decent. I have to use somebody else’s computer for everything, and I’m not allowed to download anything on it. I’ve really been wanting to help out with the scans you’ve already put up, but that’s my situation. If you can provide images large enough to read, so that I wouldn’t have to manually download anything, I can perhaps at least write up the English translation, for anyone who wants to edit the images.

I hope you get more people reading this blog because it SUCKS doing all this work when it feels like you’re posting it into oblivion… or to be “absorbed by the darkness”, take your pick 😉

Satsy said on Aug. 18, 2011

Keinsu: Thanks, I’ll be sure to keep doing this — on the forum topic I wrote out a good reason to be doing this in the first place, then realised it was actually a very good reason! 😛 Keeps ’em better protected once scanned. Even if nobody else sees them, or if nobody else realises I’ve done this, so long as people wanting to translate them come across them and decide “hey these aren’t all that bad!!” then my work’s done.

‘Cause then I get to find out what these things are saying! And that’s good enough for me. 😉

Anyway I can scan the Benimaru Itoh manga if you want, and if you think of a good place I can upload the images so I’m not just filling a .zip (some sort of directory would be better than, say, Photobucket), here or the forum topic or the tumblr or an e-mail — be sure to lemme know!

In the meantime I’ll also be asking my brother. Web designer guy and all would know what to do (though he’s a busy guy).

Nesskid said on Aug. 20, 2011

Is that Goemon from Mystical Ninjas on the right?

Nesskid said on Aug. 20, 2011

eeerrrr, the left.

Mato said on Aug. 20, 2011

Yeah, it is.

EBrent said on Aug. 21, 2011


I translated this page:


It was way more work than I would have ever imagined. But it’s good practice, I think.

Here’s the original for comparison:


What do you think, Tomato?

Mato said on Aug. 21, 2011

Ooh, good job 😀 I’ll post it in an update in the near future.

EBrent said on Aug. 21, 2011

For reasons that are only obvious to me, I moved those files into a subfolder:


I also added another page, and corrected the name of the author on page 97.

Satsy said on Aug. 22, 2011

Haha, nice, EBrent! 😀


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