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Tips for Buying EarthBound

July 15th, 2011 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, Videos

Here’s a really cool version of the Fourside music I just found:

I like this rendition a lot, very nice and relaxing!


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18 Comments to Fourside on Guitar

RedDekuScrub said on Jul. 15, 2011

That was nice.

MG said on Jul. 15, 2011

Wait, isn’t this “Because I Love You”? I don’t remember the Fourside theme sounding like this.

Poe said on Jul. 15, 2011

Holy crap, MG! You just made me realize that Fourside and “Because I Love You” have the same melody :O

Mato said on Jul. 15, 2011

Yeah, they’re basically the same song. Same with the hospital theme.

MG said on Jul. 15, 2011

Ohhhhhh now I see the similarities. This version seemed closer to “Because I Love You”, especially with the lute-like tremolos in the bridge/chorus.

Poe said on Jul. 15, 2011

Yeah, it sounds like a merging of the two 🙂

Seifer said on Jul. 15, 2011

Pretty relaxing, except for the sound of that guy’s fingers constantly sliding up and down the strings and making that high-pitched scraping noise.

Xi said on Jul. 15, 2011

Would get 5 stars if it wasn’t for the Che Guevara picture.

Paul said on Jul. 16, 2011

“Fourside” and “Because I Love You” aren’t exactly the same melody. One of the measures of “Fourside” goes D, C, B, D, G-sharp; the corresponding measure in “Because I Love You” goes D, C, B, D, G.

And this is “Because I Love You.”

Poe said on Jul. 16, 2011

Hmm, a very subtle difference. Thanks for teaching me something new, Paul! 🙂

Anonymous said on Jul. 16, 2011

Is it just me or is every MOTHER fan a musical genius?

Mato said on Jul. 16, 2011

I know how to bang some spoons together, but that’s about it for me.

LucasTizma said on Jul. 16, 2011

@Mato: Can we PLEASE hear/see this? 😛

ben said on Jul. 17, 2011

Mato does the whole 5:44 of Smiles And Tears on the spoons or this shit is a bunch of b/s

ben said on Jul. 17, 2011

site* sorry! no defecation! i love this site.

iwata kicks you know what said on Jul. 17, 2011

Well this is a beautiful piece on an acoustic guitar!

Jorpho said on Jul. 19, 2011

Sorry, they need to record this with a slightly better mic setup, at least.

And then they need to get the guy on the bongos together with a double bass and record That Battle Theme/The music from the DCMC’s room. 😉

saitoasis90 said on Jul. 24, 2011

Hey its really cool that the video made it here 😀 thanks everyone :3 at least now I know we did more than just a so-so job on the rendition!


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