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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 29th, 2011 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge

I’ve updated the MOTHER 2 vs. EarthBound section again with just a couple tiny pages:

Nothing really major this time, but maybe some stuff hardcore fans will find interesting.

Also, if there are any lines in the game that I might have skipped or any lines that you think I should look for in upcoming updates, let me know here!


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14 Comments to M2 vs. EB: Dalaam 2 & Summers 3

Satsy said on Jun. 29, 2011

I’m getting a redirect loop problem. Got the first page to load once, now neither of them will. What’s going on?…

MG said on Jun. 29, 2011

I’m getting the same problem too. It doesn’t do that if you go to those pages from the M2 vs EB Homepage, though.

Mato said on Jun. 29, 2011

Blech. WordPress sites seem to do that sometimes for no real reason. It goes away after a while, the sucky thing is that it doesn’t affect everyone at the same time, just random people at random times 🙁

FuzzyPicklez said on Jun. 29, 2011

It does do that for me no matter how I go there.

TonyJ said on Jun. 29, 2011

I love these, keep em’ up. 🙂

tapioca said on Jun. 29, 2011

now half of the links on your page take me to dalaam-2 o_o

DJMankiwitz said on Jun. 29, 2011

The “it could only cost you your life, and you got that for free” line reminds me of Final Fantasy 6. In the newer translation on the GBA, when he joins your team he says “Nothing to lose but my life… and I got that for free!”. I had actually forgotten about that line in Earthbound, but now it’s quite interesting to see it used twice.

DJMankiwitz said on Jun. 29, 2011

Oh, thought I’d mention one other thing for those who haven’t played FF6, Setzer is a gambler by nature, so the line really fits him.

RandomGuardian said on Jun. 29, 2011

Setzer is just a suicidal man in general. Didn’t he say he “had nothing to lose or else I wouldn’t be a gambler.”
I was just passed that part yesterday in the FF6 remake and boy did that line in earthbound hit me like a snowball in July! Wich one came out first? Perhaps it’s not coincident.

RandomGuardian said on Jun. 29, 2011

To continue the trend on double posting on games that are not Earthbound, my qoute was totally off. He said something along the lines of “Bah! If things were important to me I couldn’t gamble” when talked to before organizing your party.
To keep things from de-railing I shall state that what poos master said was funny because I always felt things got easier. I thought that’s how it was supposed to go because if you think about it – less friends equal tougher challenges. It makes a great moral, dose it not? That’s why it’s hard at the beginning when you only have Ness but get all four together and your unstoppable.

steinmitz said on Jun. 29, 2011

I always thought it was strange that the boat captain, who had much more dialog than most other NPCs and played a significant role in the game’s progress, wasn’t in the Cast section at the end. I mean, the Scaraba Noble Warrior, or whatever he’s called,is in the Cast credits but not the captain?!

Thanks for this stuff, too. It’s very interesting.

Mato said on Jun. 29, 2011

That’s a good point, I never thought about that.

When hacking Mother 3, it looked like they had some alternate ideas for which characters to include and/or what to call them, if anything. It’s possible some similar unused/early data exists in the EB ROM too, like that early and unused intro data we found a while back.

RandomGuardian said on Jun. 30, 2011

Please tell us if you do find something Mato! I just love stuff like betas, unused content, stuff like that. Mother 3 is a gold mine but EB… Not so much /:(

thisguy said on Jul. 3, 2011

i wish i knew Japanese so ii could play through Japanese versions of games and understand what’s being said. that way i could pllay the reall game and not the nerfed, child-friendly version NoA regurgitates. however, i do love that sailor quote and have actuallly used it in real life.


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