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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 30th, 2011 | Auctions, EarthBound

Well, it had to begin sometime, so here’s an EarthBound repro cart that just hit eBay: EarthBound Reproduction Cartridge

Also, in the fine print of the description at the very bottom is this:

This auction is for a Reproduction Cartridge of “EarthBound” for Super Nintendo. It plays in Japanese, but works on a NTSC system.

I’m sure this sort of thing will start to spread as time goes on, so always be careful before bidding on an EarthBound cart!


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22 Comments to EarthBound Reproduction Cart

Dlakii said on Jun. 30, 2011

I love how it uses the Japanese version, considering how it’s dolled up to resemble the English release, for sale in an English-speaking country to English-speaking countries, and advertised as playable on an NTSC SNES. Come on, was finding an English EarthBound ROM to dump onto it /really/ that difficult? 😛

? said on Jun. 30, 2011

Sucks it’s the J version.

If an EB newbie is able to buy a cart for less than $100, i’m not exactly opposed to it.

Earthbound isn’t a rare game, just a popular one. I don’t think the new kids know that.

kmeisthax said on Jun. 30, 2011

Why don’t I trust these?

Oh wait, because of the whole “end of game antipiracy mucks with your save games” thing.

Carl said on Jun. 30, 2011

I, too, am having a hard time figuring out WHY they used the Japanese version of the game. If you’re just going to dump a ROM onto a reproduction cartridge, surely it’s no more difficult to do so with the English ROM than the Japanese one. As Dlakii points out, the cartridge replicates the English version of the game and is being sold to an English-speaking audience. So what’s the point of using the Japanese ROM?

Kafei2006 said on Jun. 30, 2011

I think it actually is a japanese cart board transfered into an american cart shell. If it really was a repro as in “cheap eeprom programmed with a rom dump found on the internet” I doubt they’d have bothered making a japanese version with an american exterior as this would likely interest far less people.

man said on Jun. 30, 2011

Trying to get a real copy of Earthbound introduced me to a whole new world of gaming that I probably wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I really hope that people get round to making some quality repo carts, so that more people can get round to playing authentic Earthbound without breaking their wallets.

@kmeisthax afaik that only occurs with a cartridge copier.

Schlupi said on Jun. 30, 2011

Can’t recall the last time one of these hit the Ebay.

Schlupi said on Jun. 30, 2011

Just to clear it up…

Doesn’t only happen with cart copier; fake carts give anti piracy stuff too

Yeah, I agree. I am almost POSITIVE it’s just the Japanese board in the NTSC shell.

KingDarian said on Jun. 30, 2011

This is ridiculous, but so is the price of used copies of EarthBound these days. I remember when you could buy boxed “new” copies on eBay for the going price of loose carts today.

Deraj626 said on Jul. 1, 2011

Unless if somethings wrong with my computer or the link it looks like its been removed.

PK Rockin said on Jul. 1, 2011

It was removed.

Qiezei said on Jul. 1, 2011

Yup, it got removed. Like everyone else, why is it the Japanese version? Mother 2 is like the cheapest piece of EB merchandise to ever exist (like $20-$25 complete), and the problem is getting a cheap copy that’s in a language we can understand. If all Americans knew Japanese, half the problem would be solved already.

Linkdude said on Jul. 3, 2011

I bet it WAS the Japanese cart board thing. I did the same thing for Mother 1. In fact, I put it on eBay as well, but it was removed thanks to stupid people. >_<

Captain said on Jul. 4, 2011

Linkdude, it was removed because what you’re doing is wrong and morally unethical.

Those “stupid people” that removed your repro, they were doing the right thing. And you… You should be deeply ashamed of yourself.

Saturnome said on Jul. 9, 2011

Have the technology improved, or reproductions still stop working after a few years?

Linkdude said on Jul. 10, 2011

WHAT!?!? It was NOT(!!!) a reproduction! It was the ACTUAL Japanese game; the ACTUAL cart (well, what’s inside the plastic casing)!

RedDekuScrub said on Jul. 10, 2011

I’m seeing a lot of these on ebay and sellers aren’t saying that they are reproductions!

Derek said on Jul. 11, 2011

i’m 13 and i know that! Hell, i have a commodore 64 I still play on a regular basis! 😉

RadicOmega said on Nov. 6, 2011

@Captain Copy right issues are more tolerable than you think. Those “stupid people” that removed is M1 thing weren’t trying to protect people. Nor are they trying to protect law suits. Police only care if someone is downloading music or something. The guy who got his M1 thing taken off was because it was in Japenese.

GiegueFanboy said on Feb. 9, 2012

Too bad the anti-piracy measures will make it unenjoyably unplayable. :/

Dialga Thunderstar said on Apr. 2, 2012

I hate EB antipiracy. (shudders at bad memories of trying to get the game to work)


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