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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 29th, 2011 | EarthBound 64, Events, Images

A few months ago the guys at 64DD.net scanned the booklet that was handed out at Space World 99. This was the same event where a playable demo of MOTHER 3 / EarthBound 64 was available, so there’s some related stuff in this booklet too. Here’s the main page for the game:

This is basically (though not 100%) the same as what Nintendo had for the official site, which you can see here. I remember this page was also used as the in-store poster when I preordered the game in 2000.

Anyway, there are a few other tiny little mentions of the game in the booklet. If you’re interested in checking out the whole thing, see here.

It looks like the game was still slated for a May 2000 release (and 50% done) as of this event , which I think was somewhere around August or September of 1999. Little did we know the game would be completely canceled instead.

Thanks to Stevesesy for the tip!


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4 Comments to EarthBound 64 in Space World 99 Booklet

skyrunner14 said on Jun. 29, 2011

Any chance you’d translate this? I’d love to actually understand what it says. Especially that part that says “Mahou” in Katakana, which means magic, which ofcourse isn’t in the final GBA game. It’s certainly an interesting poster!

? said on Jun. 29, 2011

Nintendo is great at making games, and even better at canning them.

Stevesesy said on Jun. 29, 2011


Zoom! said on Oct. 22, 2011

Wish this could be translated, most of the words come out as random words and symbols on for me, and the rest is of course Japanese. Still very nice!


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