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Tips for Buying EarthBound

June 11th, 2011 | Audio Stuff, EarthBound, Videos

By this point, Amazing Brand0 needs no introduction, so I’ll get right to the video 😛

Absolutely awawesome! You can download the MP3 from his site here!


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15 Comments to Amazing Brand0 Hotel Remix

Poe said on Jun. 11, 2011

Me gusta!

M1997 said on Jun. 11, 2011

Nice! I really liked this remix + lyrics.

Takeshi the Medic said on Jun. 11, 2011

I love the ALGATR part! XD;
So, T-Bone steaks aren’t the only thing Ness eats…

Ra said on Jun. 11, 2011

Moola… Merecería estar en la recopilacion Rock Candy

LucasPSI said on Jun. 11, 2011

lmao He tried to make it were noone could comment on his video… ;D But who’s laughing now! jk jk!

I love this! If you are watchign this! Please please please! Do mother 3 A song!!!!!!!! Please!!!

JAMESGHOST said on Jun. 11, 2011

Make me some more ALGATAR!

Spam Man Deluxe said on Jun. 11, 2011

Does this mean he’s started the whole Earthbound project up again?

Miche said on Jun. 12, 2011

Damn, that is awawesome! I wish more people would write (and sing!) vocal versions of MOTHER series songs.

MEG said on Jun. 12, 2011

:0 Allow me to self plug! MEGHAPSEY on
Youtube. I have eight different lyricized songs up right now!

DD said on Jun. 13, 2011

That’s a fun remix. The lyrics made me laugh too.

Link the SwordMage said on Jun. 13, 2011

I really liked that remix and the short part were ness is dressed as batman, great.

Miche said on Jun. 13, 2011

I’ve already seen/heard those, and have downloaded several of them. (I particularly like your lyrics to “Because I Love You” and “Venus Live.”) I was just talking in general, because I’ve seen maybe only twenty different videos of people singing fanmade lyrics (not counting lyrics written by Shigesato Itoi himself or their English fan translations, the songs on the MOTHER vocal album) to MOTHER series songs. (Course, I could write my own to some of my favorites and sing them, too.)

eb fan said on Jun. 13, 2011

brando didnt do anything to the video itself he changed his account settings to private so noone could comment… for some strange reason….

Droginator said on Jun. 14, 2011

@Spam Man Deluxe: He said that he’s going to, but he’s trying to finish the Zelda 3 and Super Metroid projects first.

@eb fan: It was probably because some people only subscribed to him to vote down his videos and leave bad comments.

Starman 99 said on Jun. 14, 2011

Sweet, I was wondering when we’d hear of this again. Last I checked his LttP saga was well on its way, so maybe we’ll be hearing more EB lyrics in the near future.


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