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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 18th, 2011 | EarthBound, Images, Merchandise

When EarthBound was released it came in a jumbo-sized box because it also contained the big player’s guide. But there were actually regular-size boxes for EarthBound made that were used as in-store displays! jeet was nice enough to let me have some scans of the box, which you can see here:

These actually tend to go for a lot on eBay, in fact there’s one on there right now with a buy-it-now for like $125. I really wouldn’t say it’s worth THAT much though 😯

byuu (of bsnes fame) has been working on an interesting Super NES preservation project here, and during it he sent me some very high-quality scans of this display box. Each one is 40 MB in size and needs a lot of image manipulation prowess before it’s in a good enough state for me to give out. So if anyone here is good at cleaning up high quality scans of box art, send me an e-mail. The extent of my skills is: resize, then sharpen.

And, while I’m here, if you’re into EarthBound / MOTHER merchandise, this shameless plug might interest you, if you haven’t checked it out already!


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7 Comments to EarthBound Display Boxes

maskedsaturn said on May. 18, 2011

Thats pretty intresting, now I obiously wont buy it but if I save up, 😀

Saturnome said on May. 18, 2011

I’m glad my video club didn’t used one, because the huge box is exactly what attracted me. Then I rented it so often my parents eventually bought it.

? said on May. 19, 2011

I almost bought one for $100, but my common sense stopped me.

It’s just a dang box after all is said and done. We’re getting to be like Star Wars fans.

Rafael R120 said on May. 19, 2011

It certainly looks nice, but as Mato said, it isn’t worth THAT much. I think a $65 is good enough 😀 .

Pickle said on May. 19, 2011

Hmm… if we get high enough image scans I could easily turn that into a papercraft. Then we could print out our own for free!

Charles said on May. 19, 2011

Wow. 40 MB. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a guy like byuu. He really takes everything seriously.

weedman said on Feb. 8, 2012

I just bought one for 40 bucks on ebay.its def worth way more than that.


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