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Tips for Buying EarthBound

May 10th, 2011 | EarthBound, Fan Games

I think it’s a rite of passage for most high-schoolers to figure out how to play or make games on their graphing calculators (well, if your math classes ever require one) – I remember making a ton of games using TI BASIC (on my TI-80) and eventually managed to hack my TI-85 and get homebrew apps like Sokoban on it (which led to me making Tomato Boxes).

Anyway, it looks like that spirit is still alive and kicking, as Abaddon started an EarthBound-ish game for his calculator a long while back, and it sounds like work is picking up on it again:

More info here

I’m not really sure how fancy the newfangled calculators are these days, but I hope something comes of this! Are there any other EarthBound calculator games/apps out there, I wonder?


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22 Comments to EarthBound Calculator Edition

pranavmeno said on May. 10, 2011


Suddenly, math class looks a lot more interesting!

Poe said on May. 10, 2011

I remember being jealous of the people who had that Zelda game on their calculator. My lame ol’ Casio couldn’t pull cool stuff like that off 🙁

LordKarnov42 said on May. 10, 2011

Well, that would be two of my three favorite RPGs on calculators!


Now if someone ports Morrowind…

neonix said on May. 10, 2011


Labrynian Rebel said on May. 10, 2011

I remember someone putting Link’s Awakening on a calculator, awesome.

Komaru said on May. 10, 2011

I remember programming an Earthbound point an click for a monochrome Macintosh computer- I should see if I can dig it up!

Christie said on May. 10, 2011

Oh shiznet, I don’t think I’ll be passing AP Stat with that calculator.

Abaddon said on May. 10, 2011

Oh my god, my heart skipped a beat and I immediately picked up the phone to tell my friends when I saw that my little project somehow managed to end up here.

Thank you Mato, my personal hero!

shibaru said on May. 10, 2011

All I know how to do on mine is draw mr saturns and type stuff XD

MG said on May. 10, 2011


They’ve put the actual Doom in a calculator too.

DJMankiwitz said on May. 11, 2011

Unfortunately, graphing calculators really haven’t improved at all since the 90’s. What’s the deal Texas Instruments?

It’s all right here in this pamphlet.


unnoticedninja said on May. 11, 2011

My TI83+ didn’t come with the usb cord, so I never put any games on it and don’t know how to make games for it either.

Abaddon said on May. 11, 2011

You can just use a regular mini-usb cord like the ones used for the blackberry or most other cellphones. Even ps3 controllers.

Sam said on May. 11, 2011

I’ve seen some pretty high tech calculators out there–I’m sure it’s possible to make an Earthbound game for them (the later ones especially).

The Great Morgil said on May. 11, 2011

I remember in high school programming a bunch of simple text-based games on my calculator. I didn’t know how to make graphical games, but i had a few that were passed around. I remember one program i made was a text based battle game based off of Earthbound’s battles. I wonder what ever happened to that calculator.

RandomGuardian said on May. 11, 2011

You know at first I thought “Oh god a severly watered down port of Earthbound” but then I thought hard about it and that would be the best damn idea ever. Think of playing some pocket Earthbound that only takes 5 hours to beat but would still be satisfyingly awesome.

Hibike said on May. 11, 2011

This makes me want to buy a graphing calculator. I just wish they weren’t so expensive…

StrayOddity said on May. 11, 2011

I remember my friend had a Megaman game on his TI-82 and it had ProfanityMan as one of the robot masters. He would say a string of curse words and they would fly off his speech bubble and fly towards Megaman. Some of those calculator games are alright.

tintinophile691 said on May. 15, 2011

It’d be pretty cool if there was a Casio ClassPad version released, too.

tintinophile691 said on May. 15, 2011

^ Although it’d have to be cut down drastically.

Droginator said on May. 17, 2011

I’m pretty sure someone ported Cave Story to a TI-83, which is pretty cool.

Dal said on Oct. 13, 2011

Thanks to whoever made this. Now Algebra 2/Trig will be a little less soul-crushing.


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