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March 30th, 2011 | Interviews, Itoi, MOTHER 4

Yesterday/today a page was posted on Itoi’s site (see here) saying that the upcoming issue of “BRUTUS” magazine will include a four page discussion between him and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, the theme being MOTHER 4.

The page on Itoi’s site (which was written by the guy who came up with the article idea, not Itoi himself) says, “Just to be completely clear up front, there isn’t going to be a MOTHER 4.” The rest of the page basically says that there was originally going to be an article about Itoi in this BRUTUS magazine, but it eventually evolved into an article in which Itoi and Iwata talk about MOTHER 4, even though Itoi isn’t making one. It’ll be interesting to see what they have to say though!

I also liked the little images they used on that page:

The magazine article will supposedly have a lot of other art like that, all done by the art director for MOTHER 3.


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53 Comments to Itoi & Iwata to Discuss MOTHER 4

Nathalie said on Mar. 30, 2011

“Just to be completely clear up front, there isn’t going to be a MOTHER 4.”

… You know, you don’t have to break our hearts AGAIN, Itoi. ):

Sam said on Mar. 30, 2011

Cock tease.

Mato said on Mar. 30, 2011

To be fair, it wasn’t Itoi who wrote the text on that page, it was the guy who came up with the article idea and put it all together. Itoi himself basically said, “There’s not much new stuff to say that I haven’t already said about MOTHER 4.”

Christie said on Mar. 30, 2011

…oh… =[ My dreams have been crushed.

platinatina said on Mar. 30, 2011

Is it weird that I’m hoping that someone scans in the article, just so I can see those little pictures?

They are so cute and I love the Mother 3 sprites so much.

Skulryk said on Mar. 30, 2011

Man, after 15 years, this headline still had me all hyped up before sharply deflating me. Ahhh, memories…

also, if this came 2 days later, it would be an amazing April Fools’ prank…

Shayminguy7 said on Mar. 30, 2011

I always get all excited with these stories. I don’t mind if there isn’t going to be a Mother 4. I just like hearing that it’s not forgotten.

Poe said on Mar. 30, 2011

Is BRUTUS available to read online or will you import it? I’d like to know what it says ๐Ÿ™‚

Masterge77 said on Mar. 30, 2011

Personally, I’m wanting an EarthBound/EarthBound Zero Remake myself…..

meleemario said on Mar. 30, 2011

@Masterge77, I agree, that would be nice too! I wonder if it would be worth it to email Itoi and tell him we’d be interested in a remake of both games for the 3DS or something.

In any case, on the subject of this article, I can’t read Japanese at all, but through the wonders of Google, and sifting through it all (Alot of it came out garbled), but what I got from it is pretty much what we already know.

Sam (not the first one above) said on Mar. 30, 2011

Uh……could we just stop with this stuff? I really just can’t stand it being a westerner anymore…

NekoKnight said on Mar. 30, 2011

It would be nice to see at least ONE Mother game remade in full polygonal 3D. My vote would go for MOTHER 1. But if they remake all three, I’m not complaining! Do you think we should actually ask Nintendo if they would do a 3D remake? They DO listen, even if they don’t seem to act very often…

Queue said on Mar. 30, 2011

Mother 4 would be nice and all, but I’m completely happy with 2 + 3. If Itoi is done and feels there’s no need for a Mother 4, then so be it. He certainly went out on a high note.

pranavmeno said on Mar. 30, 2011

Mother was a ‘guaranteed masterpiece’:D
Mother 2 ‘stunk’ for kids, grownups, and even young women ๐Ÿ˜‰
Mother 3 was ‘strange, funny, and heartrending’.

…and Mother 4?

Why, it’s ‘The Heartbreak Train’!

But, seriously, it doesn’t matter whether or not they make a MOTHER 4. I’ll still have three awesome games to play whenever I feel I need a break from the monotony of today’s VG industry. M1,2, and 3 are well appreciated, Itoi-san, and I for one am not going to force you to do something you don’t want to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

pranavmeno said on Mar. 30, 2011

Of course, if, in another year or two, you decide that M4 is totally doable, consider my last post totally void and nonexistent! BRING ON THE STARMAN ARMY!

Randomguardian said on Mar. 30, 2011

I dont care if a MOTHER4 comes out but I hope it will just to show NOA that we are still here!

Onion said on Mar. 30, 2011

I still would really love a compilation of all three Mother games on a single cart/disc even if it’s Japan only. Considering how simple it was for Nintendo to simply dump ROMs onto a disc for Super Mario All-Stars I don’t see why it would be a problem.

FuzzyPicklez said on Mar. 30, 2011

I’d prefer a comprehensive remake for all three; like the Zenithian Trilogy DS was for Dragon Quest.

This would ensure that unlike MOTHER 1+2, it wouldn’t be a terrible port, and would also increase the chances of localization.

Linkzcap said on Mar. 30, 2011


PlooKon09 said on Mar. 30, 2011

The whole Mother Trilogy with 3DS graphics!

Ross said on Mar. 30, 2011

There’s no hope for M1+2+3 3DS… Even if it happened in Japan, our fanbase is still too small for NOA. Seeing as the 3DS is region-locked, a Japanese release wouldn’t help us, either… ๐Ÿ™

Pigmask Private said on Mar. 30, 2011

I’d buy a japanese 3DS just for M1+2+3 3DS

Anon1 said on Mar. 30, 2011

“But, seriously, it doesnโ€™t matter whether or not they make a MOTHER 4. Iโ€™ll still have three awesome games to play whenever I feel I need a break from the monotony of todayโ€™s VG industry. M1,2, and 3 are well appreciated, Itoi-san, and I for one am not going to force you to do something you donโ€™t want to do! ”

Seriously, I’m so so SO greatful for what we have: 3 masterpieces, each unique in its own way. If there were a M4, that’d be nice, but honestly I think 3 ended the series perfectly and there’s no point complaining that there won’t be a Mother 4, we should just appreciate what we have. (Especially after Mother3’s production mess)

Frank said on Mar. 30, 2011

I knew it was not a mother 4, for me i would care more about a M1+M2+M3 3ds, plus maybe some revamps for M1 graphics as well. But i know this is going to be something good coming soon, especially near E3.

NekoKnight said on Mar. 30, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS does play japanese DS games, but I don’t know about japanese 3DS games.

50m3GuyWh01-14t35M0th3r3 said on Mar. 30, 2011

I blame mother 3 for the cancel of mother 4

PK-Gaming said on Mar. 30, 2011

True, but it’s region-locked, you can play Japanese DS Games on a American 3DS but You won’t be able to play Japanese 3DS Games on a American 3DS.

DarklingDragon said on Mar. 31, 2011

Hmm…When I read the title I automatically assumed it to be an April fools joke. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kind of reads like one too.

Sounds like this will be an interesting discussion.

/b/ said on Mar. 31, 2011

If you make a “Mother 4 is released!” post tomorrow as a joke, i WILL have to kill you.

Dlakii said on Mar. 31, 2011

I can’t help but find it amusing that they’re discussing something which has been confirmed to not come to be. ๐Ÿ˜› Either way, I’m fine; I’m sure a MOTHER 4 would be amazing, but the trilogy as it stands feels so neatly completed that the lack of continuation doesn’t bother me at all.

tintinophile691 said on Mar. 31, 2011

I think I’d prefer a re-release of the entire MOTHER trilogy.

I’d like to see the original pixellated sprites on top of 3D backgrounds, like in BoF3. (Except in BoF3, the sprites aren’t exactly pixellated)

Mrstaplez said on Mar. 31, 2011

I saw the post title and nearly wet myself! That ain’t cool Mato! ๐Ÿ˜‰

TeamMountainGaming said on Mar. 31, 2011

yeah this would have been a great April’s fool’s joke!! ๐Ÿ™ i hope they read the Mother 3 Fan Handbook together and drink tea

bahooney said on Mar. 31, 2011

Honestly, I just want Itoi to make a new rpg.

doppel said on Mar. 31, 2011

I almost die of exitement with the title of this post..

Then I read… and now I am crying…

I’m not kiding..

Qiezei said on Mar. 31, 2011

I think they wrote it like this just to tease Mother fans. The instant the words “Mother 4” are mentioned, fans around the globe go ballistic.

Though honestly, I wish they made RPGs as interesting as Earthbound…

MoonSide said on Mar. 31, 2011

I spit out my drink, almost screamed, and spun around in a chair just to be told that it’s not happening. :C Bad title page especially after the ‘Itoi visiting Nintendo news’ and all.
Now I’m just flaming angry……

Niya said on Mar. 31, 2011

I read this already from kotaku, needless to say, I knew that it must have been mentioned here too. Man, it’s hard being Mother fan, getting all jumpy whenever that “Mother” word came out from games blog.

Mark said on Mar. 31, 2011

What can you discuss about a game that’s not being made? Aside from why it’s not being made?

Hukky said on Mar. 31, 2011

Maybe they’re discussing some concepts and ideas Itoi made before deciding to not make MOTHER4?

Also, am I the only one who didn’t overreact after seeing the title of this post? I just thought something among the lines of “Oh, Itoi might be making MOTHER4? That’s cool.”

Mrstaplez said on Mar. 31, 2011


What do you make of this Mato? I seriously doubt its authenticity, but it looks like the old Mother 1 + 2 commercials.

Mrstaplez said on Mar. 31, 2011

Nvm, that was just my friend trying to trick me.

Floridian said on Mar. 31, 2011

Mother 4, to me, most likely won’t be coming out. But! Didn’t Itoi say that M3 wasn’t coming out either? Or was that my imagination?

Raffael said on Mar. 31, 2011


Mato said on Mar. 31, 2011

Floridian: No, I don’t think he ever said “there won’t be a Mother 3”. He did say stuff like, “up until now it’s only up to Mother 2”. I actually wrote an article about it like ten years ago, not long after the N64 game was canceled: http://classic.fobby.net/articles/qt/485.php

Anonymous said on Mar. 31, 2011

So they had a discussion about a game/concept that they admit will never exist? So, this means the article could be aboit various ideas Itoi had for games that didn’t get included into 1-3? I can see him and Iwata just hanging out and chatting about different story ideas and stuff, just for fun.

But you know, Mother 3 was resurrected when Miyamoto suggested to Itoi (in a cab, supposedly) that Mother 3 could be a GBA game… So who knows? Maybe Itoi will get some inspiration and want to make a fourth. I’m guessing the main deterrent wpuld be the fact that all three games were supposedly programming nightmares, or so I assumed.

There were times during the fan translation of mother 3 when I seriously expected Tomato to post an update that said “Still hacking evil game. I tore all my hair out today.”

neonix said on Apr. 1, 2011

Oh the agony! This headline actually tricked me. After all immunity I’ve built up over excitement about MOTHER-related news, this actually got me! I think it was the cute little sprite pictures that made it so convincing. Even though if the game were just getting announced, no images would be ready yet… Oh well, nice to see it being discussed. Maybe it’ll help out the guys making the fan version MOTHER 4 incorporate Itoi’s ideas and keep true to his vision.

theskillz69 said on May. 30, 2011

IM DUSTER and mother 4 IS A FANGAME COMMING OUT SOON just waitand a remake of mother 1 is comming too

Poe said on May. 30, 2011

theskillz69 – a lot of us already know about the two projects you keep mentioning. There’s no need to post about them in random blog posts.

BooFan01 said on Jun. 25, 2011

The Fangame is #1 on my awaiting stuff(Tied with SMBZ)But it is quiet sad that they told us that it is for certain not coming. At least it is not forgotten.I’m going to see if I can atleast get a reply post from Itawa concerning the post.Mother is a classic masterpiece that I will always love.The story is always touching and I think that sometime in the near future, there will be some news concerning the mystery that is Itoi’s choice to not continue the series.

Nate said on Mar. 8, 2012

Personally I’m perfectly happy with just keeping the three great mother games we’v got; making more sequels just increases the chances of a possible misstep, especially if Itoi doesn’t really want to make one.
and as long as we’re discussing the Mother Trilogy on 3ds, I was thinking that it would be cool if they kept the 2D style and two-thirds camera angle, but update the pixelated sprites into 2D cutouts on 3d backgrounds, like Paper Mario. It would be the perfect style for the Mother games.

berdi cristh niman said on Apr. 25, 2012

i hope MR.itoi fast the make game i can not wait for game ๐Ÿ™‚


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